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Elendil's Heir

Welcome to my user page!

My username is an homage to Elendil, a great King of Men in the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm a graduate of Oberlin College and Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and now serve as a magistrate of a big-city Ohio municipal court. I'm particularly interested in the American Civil War and American Revolution; American, British and military history generally; contemporary American justice, politics and law; science fiction; Tolkien's writings; vexillology; space exploration and the U.S. Presidency. A nebula on Star Trek: The Next Generation was named after me.

I'm a member of the Episcopal Church, Straight Dope Message Board, American Constitution Society, Civil War Trust, Cleveland Civil War Roundtable, Sons of the American Revolution, Ohio Historical Society, Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island, and the Planetary Society.

I really enjoy Wikipedia, and have learned a lot from it. Best wishes to my fellow Wikipedians.