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My contributions

A little about me

My Research Assistants
Boost (Border Collie)
Jan '05-Apr '15
Tika (Aussie mix)
Feb '01-Mar '15
Jake (mixed-breed)
Nov '91-Feb '07
Remington (Lab mix)
Sheba (Siberian Husky)
Amber (GSD/Golden mix)

De rigueur user boxes[edit]

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The horrible addiction...and recovery?[edit]

Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits (see also count_edits utility and other Wikipedia:WikiProject edit counters, whose count doesn't seem to match what's on the number of edits page)

FYI: I also have about 1000 edits on Wikimedia. FWIW.

Mar 12, 2004 #427 After a mere month and a half of editing, I make the top-500 list with a mere 820 edits. (Compare to today's list (Mar 1 '08), where #3950 has made almost 5,600 edits. It was a smaller place then...)
May 7, 2004 #320 This is not necessarily A Good Thing.
July 1 #295 2,007 edits so far. And that's while I'm "trying to cut back".
Aug. 8 #288 3,987 edits. My placement ascent is slowing--excellent.
Aug 17 #292 4,173. Placement is better. Doesn't FEEL like less, but OK.
Aug 22 #286 4,393. Placement up again! Crud. (I blame it on mixed-breed dog getting nominated for featured article.)
Sept 21 #271 5,317. Bad, bad Elf.
Sept 22 #265 5,496. How is it possible that my placement is up? Give it up--I'm doomed.
Oct 10 #252 I've since been self-blocking for long periods. Perhaps this will help.
Nov 8 Still #252 Promising. Plus I was gone from 9-14. We shall see...
12/16/2004 #259 6,638. Placement is good. But last couple of days have been bad. Back to wrapping gifts.
Jan 3, 2005 #243 Mea culpa--
March 24, 2005 224 Good lord.
April 27 #219 9,278!? The slide continues.
June 25 I just cleaned out my watchlist and it's down to 1479! I feel so--so-- large--
July 24 #240 Back down somehow; took a couple of weeks break (but mostly AFTER this date) and have been TRYING not to spend that much time here. (13 higher are bots on this list, though, so actually that's 227?)
Oct 15 #235 After more than 2 weeks of doing almost nothing here, I'm at--huh--#235. Go figure. I'm outa here again.
Nov 29, 2005 #280 12,716. Still, Have made only 4 edits in the last month. But I'm still sticking in there! But that's a good drop. Bye again-- back to my real life.
Mar 11, 2006 223 16,912 edits. Placement Up again. Sigh.
Sept 29, 2006 373 After at least 4 months of almost no activity, I have dropped to 373! Hooray! Keep going, you maniacal editors, make me eat your dust! Woohooooo!
Feb, 2007 #496 After 9 or 10 months of very little activity, I'm down to #496. The List referenced above lists down to #2474. So i have a long way to fall yet.
May, 2007 646 Still successfully staying away. Down to 646! Proof that wikipediholism can be defeated! (Although it now lists my edits as only 16,832, so my 17,000 userbox lies. :-) )
Sept. 2007 743 Go baby! (Now it claims my edits are 17709. Up and down and all around...)
Do you realize that there are 1,745 users with 10,000 or more edits?? Are they all crazy? What's not getting done now that they're all doing *this*?
Nov. 1 2007 793 Ahh, my days of glory are fading rapidly away. Thank goodness! But it says I'm at 17957... might as well make another 43 edits and get it over with...
Dec 22 2007 #853 Did I really make only 27 edits in 2 months?? That's pretty darned good, for a pathetic ex-Wikiholic. (As of Jan 8 '08, my personal preferences page confirms that I have passed the 18,000 edits mark. w00t.)
Jan 20 2008 #883 Well, someday, maybe even within a couple of months, if I keep restraining myself, I'll drop past #1000. This would be A Good Thing.
March 11 2008 #975 I'm doing good...only another 50 edits since then...but I can't begin to tell you how many hours those edits consumed...
July 23 #1160 With "only" 17636 edits, I continue to slide! I am holding on to my recovery and who knows, someday I might fall off the bottom of the list! I just need to drop another 3000 places... (And I know that the edit counts are approximate...but how funny that 600 edits later, I'm now listed on the "frequent editors" page with having 300 fewer edits than on Nov 1! Could be: different algorithm. Could be: Photos I've contributed that have been moved to mediawiki and deleted from here. Could be: Other pages here that have been deleted for some reason or another. However, my personal preferences page still shows me with 18,532. So there ya go.)
Sept 16 '08 #1221 18533 according to the users by edits page.
Nov 20 '08 #1293 Really, someday I'll slide off the end of the list.
July 1, '09 #1593 With 18716 edits. I am being SO good! I didn't even think to update this for 8 whole months! Recovery is possible!
Feb 24, '10 #1871 With 18,814. Out of 4000 listed editors. Yeah, well, someday I might drop off the bottom of the list.
June 30, '10 #1988 With a mere 18,907 edits--less than a hundred in 4 months. Pretty good, actually! And if it hadn't been for the danged List of museums in California, which I came across accidentally and couldn't leave alone and which STILL needs more work--it would be a lot fewer.
Oct 27, '10 #2115 At 18,921. Managed to restrain myself for months--I haven't topped 19,000 yet. Should I try to push for another 80 edits to put myself over the top? Nooooooo...
Jan 5, '11 #2171 At 18,935. I've been a Wikipedia editor for seven--7!!--years, and it's now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Hooah!
June 29, '11 #2336 18,957 --really, only 22 edits in 6 months? We'll have to do something about that... soon...
Nov 30, '11 #2480 18,976 --really, only 21 edits in 5 months? Huh. Proof, though that a wikipediholic can recover.
Jan 11, '12 #2505 19,033 --edged past 19,000. Time to update the userbox. That's an average of fewer than 2400 edits/year, which is OK, right? We won't mention that the first 16,000 were in the first 2 years--
July 24, '12 #2663 19,090 --pretty good, only 50+ edits in 6 months. I'd say that I'm pretty recovered.
Sept 26, '12 #2744 19,113 -- I'll never get to 20,000 this way.
May 22, '13 #2970 19,174 -- I'm OK with that.
May 27, '14 #3272 19,2xx--whatever
Sept 8, '15 #3579 19,291 edits. Fewer than 100 in a year and a half!? I'll never be in the top 300 again, thank goodness. I just do random edits when I'm using WP as a reference (which I do a lot, often several times a day) and see something that needs fixing.

A very cool Wikipedia tool that everyone might find useful[edit]

Wikidashboard from PARC

Useful pages[edit]

My tips on creating new entries[edit]

  • Include the bolded term as part of the first sentence, not as a separate preceding line.
  • If the text is shorter than a couple of long paragraphs, that usually means there's a lot more info that *could* go there if someone had the info and the time. This is called a "stub"; you can include the text {{stub}} to draw attention to the page and make it easier for searches for stubs to find (usually people with time to work on content).
  • Try to identify terms that already exist in Wikipedia and add links. I've found that it doesn't take much time if I remember:
    • Most noun articles are stored as singular rather than plural, hence e.g. [[shaman]]s finds the correct link to shaman but still leaves the plural in the text.
    • Capitalization is (usually) important, but you can link to something that's a different form in your sentence by "piping"--looks like this: [[Religious conversion|converts]] links to the existing page Religious conversion but leaves the word converts in the text
    • You can use the Show preview button at the bottom of the edit page to get a preview, including your guesses at links, click on the links to see whether they link anywhere, then use your browser Back button to get back to the edit page and adjust them, etc. until you're ready to Save page.

My laughs for the day[edit]

Links with an attitude (humor taken from a history page)[edit]

23 Apr 2004

17:45 Haydn and Croatian folk music (cur; hist) (removed the telephone directory link which is largely impertinent)

axiom-thrust particle disproportionators[edit]

...that says We are reconfiguring the axiom-thrust particle disproportionators in order to improve flange density followed by 19 pages of argument about why this is right, wrong, or would be better with m-dashes! :) Thanks, --Nevilley 09:17, 4 Jun 2004 (UTC)
Using m-dashes to reconfigure the axiom-thrust particle disproportionators would be the height of stupidity... Duh! Tuf-Kat 14:15, Jun 4, 2004 (UTC)

Things to do[edit]

(This list was created a long time ago and is probably irrelevant. But I haven't checked lately.)

Dog project[edit]

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