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Elijah Bosley (1740-1841), by Sarah Miriam Peale, oil on canvas 73.66 x 62.23cm, painted circa 1825, private collection.

ElijahBosley is the nom de plume of a lawyer, writer, and student of political philosophy based in Virginia, USA. He publishes general interest articles on various topics including history, biography, and art criticism. Currently he is working on a book titled "The Spirit of Faction," exploring and updating James Madison's account in the Federalist Papers[1] of the deadliest danger to American democracy: partisan faction. The book will consider whether Madison's remedies are outdated; whether America is at risk and if so what we can do.

Under a separate nom de plume, FrederickFolger ⚓ (borrowed from a Baltimore privateer during the American Revolution) he posts maritime history articles.

In the words of Lord Shaftesbury: "[a] jest often decides weighty matters better and more forcibly than can asperity."[2]

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