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Elric of Grans is an Australian working in IT, specialising in Unix systems, in particular Embedded Linux. He is also an avid anime and manga otaku, known to take a look at almost anything, and collect large numbers of DVDs and tankoubon.

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General information[edit]

Elric studied Archaeology at Monash University, and is interested in one day being involved in Egyptology. Elric also has a particular interest in European witchcraft, and would like to be invoved in further study in this field. He is a registered cricket umpire, and studies Shi Sei Kan Karate Do under Kanchou Tomoaki Abe. Elric has also had a long standing interest in anime and manga, and could once have been considered an otaku, though is now slightly more casual in his fandom. Elric of Grans could once be seen on many discussion sites, including several for Diablo II, Quenya and poetry, but is makes his presence far less known, only making an appearance on a small number of fora.

Origin of the handle[edit]

Elric of Grans first began using the handle `Elric' in 1995, shortly after beginning to regularly access online communities. This name, merely chosen as the modern and more easily typed form of Ælfric (meaning Elf King), turned out to be in popular use at the time, in tribute to Elric of Melniboné --- a character he was not familiar with at the time. Looking for a way to distinguish himself from other Elrics, he turned to the doujin sequel to the Shining Force II roleplaying game he was working on at the time. In this, the character also named Elric was living on Grans Island, so he decided to append `of Grans' to his handle. This has now stuck for many years, and has been used for a variety of purposes, on a large number of media.

Current work[edit]

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