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Just noting here that if the Wikipedia Asian Month judges don't see fit to pass one or the other of my contributions, I will know it's because of how critical I was of last year's process and this is their revenge. Even though there's only a tiny overlap (as in almost all different people -- I can't seem to find the 2017 judges list but I'm pretty sure SH was one and the other two weren't) and I know that even those I "criticized" don't harbour any ill will against me because I wasn't actually criticizing them but the system that had come into being outside of their control

This is gonna stay on my user page for a little while, perhaps until my points are awarded, but I obviously don't mean anything serious by it. I'm just happy the whole thing's over, honestly. I couldn't do anything for WAM until 11/22 at the earliest, and even then some other stuff got in the way for a few more days, and wound up having to pump out three articles in two days just to qualify for a postcard. I'm pretty sure I did. Kinda wish WAM was in the spring or summer, or later in winter: there has been exactly one November since 2015 in which I had time to contribute to Wikipedia consistently.