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Speedy deleters really need to read WP:Concerns about Speedy Deleters!

I wish policy and/or admins were more aggressive about blocking anonymous vandal editing. (See, e.g Clarification Re. block (denial) policy needed.) I'm tired of seeing vandalism when I'm reading (or contributing) to Wikipedia, and anons produce 97% of vandalism.[1] More importantly, the constant battle against vandalism embitters manymost vandalism fighters and makes them rush to judgement. They make a great number of costly mistakes.

Vandalism solutions[edit]

However, concluding that blocking anonymous vandals is the solution is perhaps inappropriate. It simply escalates the problem. Rather, there need to be rules, and meaningful consequences for breaking them. If you have that, you've solved the problem, and no more than that is needed. This I have learned through many YEARS developing and providing tools and in the trenches fighting network abuse (mainly email spam). Simply requiring logins, or CAPTCHAs is not the solution. We should allow users to put some 'skin' in the game. I guess admins have some skin in the game. Users who are non-pseudonymous, or have privately (e.g. via OTRS), or publicly (e.g. via a link from an Amazon real person account's page) connected their ID to a real world ID, or have contributed money, or put up a financial bond or otherwise have skin in the game could be given approval to flag revisions, where flagged revisions or a cousin policy is in effect.
Wikipedia+flagged revisions comes closer to Citizendium than wikipedia+my idea. With the former (assuming flagged revisions protects most articles, as on the German Wikipedia) most users can't edit the live site. With the latter, most users can still edit the live site; only users who refuse to put any 'skin' in the game would be relegated to editing untagged revisions . There are lots of online forums where vandalism is reduced to a low background noise level - most social networks, most IM systems, etc. Those that don't often get abandoned and die.

Summary: Enforced Consequences[edit]

The solution to vandalism, is "enforced consequences" (or "consequences and enforcement"). On wikipedia, there's lots (and lots, and lots) of enforcement, but there are no consequences.

Worth a Read![edit] , which says : , which says in part:

Wolfram Alpha[edit]

I'm really excited to try out Wolfram Alpha! I remember back in my freshman year of college (I was taking really hard Physics and Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) classes, and I remember thinking about the 'simple' physics problems I'd done in AP Physics and how many of them seemed so regular. It seemed that writing a computer program to solve problems given input such as "If a solid block starting at rest slides down an incline of 30 degrees under the force of gravity, and the coefficient of friction is .04, how fast is it going after 8 seconds?" wouldn't be that hard, and would be very useful - not just for solving homework problems; such a program could, I theorized, help reduce engineering mistakes and speed work. I remember talking with my AI prof, Ken, about the idea. I'm looking forward to finding out if Wolfram Alpha can do this and why (or why not). The side-by-side comparisons with google & wikipedia are both entertaining and interesting.



I created, revived or defended, here and on commons, many licensing templates, including {{PD-FLGov}}, used for over 100 commons images and many en images, as well as {{FLGovernment}}, {{PD-CAGov}}, {{PD-MAGov}}, {{PD-NJGov}} (which lost a foolish TfD and DR, both railroaded by Carnildo), and {{PD-laws}}. Proud of these 2 widely positively impactful edits I think'll help users a lot - people who couldn't (figure out how to/easily) search archives are able to quickly do so now, on ~50,000 (?+40,000) popular pages, hopefully improving discussion quality!

Articles I created include:


On the deletion side, I RfD'd inappropriate state copyright templates, like PD-MDGov.

Articles I had deleted include:

To Do[edit]

Write MAT release. [1] [2] See/make/redirect B-roll, VNR.


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I've provided responsible disclosure of and been involved in Wikipedia/MediaWiki vulnerabilities. bug 52975, bug 65837, ...


I've taken The Anti-Corruption Pledge of Rootstrikers/Fix Congress First/Lawrence Lessig/Fund for the Republic. Anti-Corruption Pledge.png I've taken The Boulder Pledge.

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