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Andrew Heiton scratchings

Andrew Heiton was an Architect

Born - Died -

Notable Works -

Practice "A & A Heiton"

Use CANMORE - hmm, need to be careful with Copyright [1]

Nick Hayes - Illustrated architectureal guide to perth

Seems to be Andrew Heiton Jr (Son)

""Orchil was originally designed by Andrew Heiton II (1823-1894) of Perth. Built on a virgin site in 1867, it replaced the old house of Orchil to the South which, although it had been enlarged with the addition of a great hall by Gillespie Graham, was evidently insufficiently grand for the new owner of the estate. Andrew Heiton II received his initial training with his father Andrew Heiton I before moving to the office of David Bryce. Bryce's influence is reflected in the design of Orchil, one of Heiton's most ambitious and successful houses. Several of the details were to remain characteristic of his works for years to come, most notably Kinbrae, in Newport, of 1872"

from Canmore -> Ochil House

Vogrie House 1876 Ochil Castle* Garth House Perthshire 1838

3 Churches in Dublin

  • Presbyterian Church Dun Laoghaire [1863]
  • Findlater's Church on Parnell Square
  • Christ Church Rathgar, Presbyterian [2]