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About me[edit]

I'm 19 years old.

Im a music lover, I do musicology as a hobby. I am Australian, and proud of it.

I was an Australian Army Cadet for 7 years, from 2004 until 2011, where I reached the rank of Cadet Under Officer, and served at cadet units in Benalla, Wangaratta, Shepparton, Bairnsdale and Northern Victorian Battalion Headquarters, for more info on the Cadets, go to this link[1]

My favourite music is all the stuff from the 60's and 70's, in particular bands like Pink Floyd, The Eagles and other bands/Artists such as Metallica, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton. Basically I listen to anything except teeny pop garbage

I also do Zen-Do-Kai martial arts, where I have my First Degree black belt (Shodan)

I have a great interest in Military history, in particular, things like military equipment and insignia.

I currently work as a Trainee Registrar for the Magistrates Court of Victoria

This user is an Australian Army Cadet.