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Museo del Prado.

The Museo del Prado (Spanish pronunciation: [muˈseo ðel ˈpɾaðo]) is the main Spanish national art museum, located in central Madrid. It features one of the world's finest collections of European art, dating from the 12th century to the early 19th century, based on the former Spanish Royal Collection, and unquestionably the best single collection of Spanish art. Founded as a museum of paintings and sculpture in 1819, it also contains important collections of other types of works.

El Prado is one of the most visited sites in the world, and is considered one the greatest museums of art in the world. The numerous works by Francisco de Goya, the single most extensively represented artist, as well as by Diego Velázquez, El Greco, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens and Hieronymus Bosch are some of the highlights of the collection.

The collection currently comprises around 7,600 paintings, 1,000 sculptures, 4,800 prints and 8,200 drawings, in addition to a large number of other works of art and historic documents. By 2012 the Museum will be displaying about 1,300 works in the main buildings, while around 3,100 works are on temporary loan to various museums and official institutions. The remainder are in storage. The museum received 2.8 million visitors in 2012.

The best-known work on display at the museum is Las Meninas by Velázquez. Velázquez and his keen eye and sensibility were also responsible for bringing much of the museum's fine collection of Italian masters to Spain, now the largest outside of Italy.


My favorite works[edit]

All works[edit]

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Image Article Artist Date ID Object Depicts
“Original Landscape” (View of Montsegur) Lluís Rigalt P08031 painting
A Boat at Cabaña Beach (Valencia) Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04577 painting
Frans Snyders - A bull overpowered by dogs.jpg
A bull overpowered by dogs Frans Snyders 1620 painting cattle
hunting dog
A dog Paul De Vos P01867 painting
El bolero de Camarón Boronat.jpg
A Festival José Camarón y Bononat 1785 P06732 painting
La riña en la Venta Nueva.jpg
A Fight at the Venta Nueva Francisco Goya 1777 P00770 painting
A Guadarrama Landscape Martín Rico P06686 painting
Salvator Rosa - View of the Gulf of Salerno - WGA20061.jpg
A harbour scene Salvator Rosa 1640s P00324 painting
A Huntsman Philips Wouwerman P02145 painting
A Landscape. Recollections of Andalusia: the Mediterranean coast near Torremolinos Carlos de Haes P04836 painting
Adriaen van Utrecht - A Pantry.jpg
A Larder Adriaen van Utrecht 1642 P01852 painting
A Market Joachim Beuckelaer P07024 painting
Salomon Koninck - A Philosopher - WGA12250.jpg
A Philosopher Salomon Koninck 1635 P02974 painting
La romería de San Isidro.jpg
A Pilgrimage to San Isidro Francisco Goya 1819 P00760 painting
A Pine Copse (San Vicente de la Barquera) Carlos de Haes P06870 painting
A Priest sacrificing for a Roman Emperor Giovanni Lanfranco P00236 painting
A Rest during the Hunt Francisco Domingo Marqués P04485 painting
A Saxon Villager Driving a Barrel with a Wheelbarrow Charles Francois Hutin P02271 painting
Hutin-aldeana sajona.jpg
A Saxon Villager in her Kitchen Charles Francois Hutin 1756 P02270 painting
A Slave for Sale José Jiménez Aranda P06450 painting
Giovanni Battista Moroni 021.jpg
A Soldier Giovanni Battista Moroni 1555s P00262 painting
Plaza de París, por Eliseo Meifrén.jpg
A Square in Paris Eliseo Meifrén y Roig 1887 P07862 painting
A Stop at an Inn Philips Wouwerman P02152 painting
La operación - Teniers.jpg
A Surgical Operation David Teniers the Younger 1630s P01803 painting surgeon
A Venetian General Tintoretto P00366 painting
A veteran telling his adventures Leonardo Alenza P04209 painting
Un barco naufragado (Haes).jpg
A Wrecked Boat Carlos de Haes 1883 P03910 painting
Abdication of Charles III Antonio Joli P07696 painting
Abel presents an Offering. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07276 painting
Abraham and the three Angels Francisco Bayeu y Subías P02482 painting
Abraham y los tres ángeles.jpg
Abraham and the three Angels Giovanni Battista Tiepolo P02464 painting
Bramer-abraham y los tres angeles.jpg
Abraham and the Three Angels Leonaert Bramer 1640 P02070 painting
La Abundancia, de José del Castillo.jpg
Abundance José del Castillo 1770s P07727 painting
Abundance Jan Brueghel the Younger P01402 painting
Aquiles descubierto entre las hijas de Licomedes, por Rubens.jpg
Achilles discovered by Ulysses among the daughters of Lycomedes Peter Paul Rubens 1630s P02455 painting Achilles
Achilles discovered by Ulysses and Diomedes Peter Paul Rubens P01661 painting
Act of Devotion by Rudolf I of Habsburg Peter Paul Rubens P01645 painting
Albrecht Dürer - Adam.jpg
Adam Albrecht Dürer 1507 P02177 painting
Albrecht Dürer - Adam and Eve (Prado) 2.jpg
Adam and Eve Albrecht Dürer 1507 2177
painting series Adam
tree of the knowledge of good and evil
serpent in the Bible
long hair
fig leaf
Adam and Eve reprimanded for their Sin Francisco Bayeu y Subías P02491 painting
Adoración del Primer Mago, de Pedro Berruguete (Museo del Prado).jpg
Adoration of the First Magus Pedro Berruguete 1493s P00125 painting
La adoración de los Reyes Magos (Rubens, Prado).jpg
Adoration of the Magi Peter Paul Rubens 1609 P001638 painting
Velázquez - Adoración de los Reyes (Museo del Prado, 1619).jpg
Adoration of the Magi Diego Velázquez 1619 P01166 painting Child Jesus
Virgin Mary
Adoration of the Magi
Memling - Adoration of the Magi Triptych.jpg
Adoration of the Magi Triptych Hans Memling 1472 P01557 painting
La adoración de los pastores (Wtewael).jpg
Adoration of the Shepherds Joachim Wtewael 1625 P02157 painting
Adoración de los pastores, de Felipe Pablo de San Leocadio (Museo del Prado).jpg
Adoration of the Shepherds Felipe Pablo de San Leocadio 1539 P08216 painting
Adoration of the Shepherds Juan Bautista Mayno P03227 painting
Adoration of the Shepherds anonymous P02984 painting
RAIMUNDO DE MADRAZO Y GARRETA - Después del baño (Museo del Prado, Madrid, c. 1895).jpg
After the Bath (Female Nude) Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta 1895 P02615 painting
Francisco de Zurbarán 006.jpg
Agnus Dei Francisco de Zurbarán 1635 P07293 painting
Agony in the Garden Juan de Flandes P02936 painting
Agony in the Garden Giulio Cesare Procaccini 1650s P08151 painting
La oración en el huerto, de Francisco y Rodrigo de Osona (Museo del Prado).jpg
Agony in the Garden Francisco de Osona 1500 P06900 painting
La oración en el huerto con el donante Luis I de Orleans.jpg
Agony in the Garden with donor anonymous 1405 P08106 painting Jesus Christ
Louis I, Duke of Orléans
Alegoría de la Agricultura.jpg
Agriculture Francisco Goya 1804s P02547 painting
Aigua blava (Blue Water) Francisco Gimeno Arasa P04346 painting
Antonio Palomino - Alegoría del Aire, 1700.jpg
Air Antonio Palomino 1700 P03187 painting
Album A Francisco Goya 1796 drawing series
Mujer desnuda con un espejo (Goya).jpg
Album B Francisco Goya 1796 drawing series
Album C Francisco Goya 1808 drawing series
Alegoría de la Aritmética José del Castillo P07352 painting
Alexander the Great in the Temple of Jerusalem.jpg
Alexander the Great in the Temple of Jerusalem Sebastiano Conca 1736 P00101 painting
The Marquis of Vasto addressing his troops.jpg
Alfonso d'Avalos Addressing his Troops Titian 1540s P00417 painting
Alida de Lange, Wife of Johan Rammelman Caspar Netscher 1679 P07608 painting woman
Raimundo Madrazo - The Model Aline Masson with a White Mantilla.jpg
Aline Masson, with a White Mantilla Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta 1875 P02621 painting
Allegory of Charity Francisco de Zurbarán P07776 painting
Juan Antonio Ribera - La Aurora, 1819.jpg
Allegory of Dawn Juan Antonio de Ribera 1819 P04471 painting
Allegory of Fame José del Castillo P07349 painting
Alegoría de la industria.jpg
Allegory of Industry Francisco Goya 1804 P02548 painting
Giaquinto, Corrado - Justice and Peace - 18th century.jpg
Allegory of Justice and Peace Corrado Giaquinto 1754 P00104 painting
Jan Brueghel (I), Hendrick van Balen (I) and Gerard Seghers - Allegory of Sight and Smell.jpg
Allegory of Sight and Smell Jan Brueghel the Elder 1575s P01403 painting painting
art collection
The Tiger Hunt
Allegory of Smell Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée P06770 painting
Juan Antonio Ribera - Allegory of the Summer, 1819.jpg
Allegory of Summer Juan Antonio de Ribera 1819 P06492 painting
Birth of Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias.jpg
Allegory of the Birth of the Infante Don Fernando Parrasio Micheli 1575 P00479 painting
Vicente López Portaña - Alegoría de la donación del Casino a la reina Isabel de Braganza por el Ayuntamiento de Madrid.jpg
Allegory of the donation of the Casino to Queen María Isabel de Braganza by the Municipality of Madrid Vicente López y Portaña 1818 P04094 painting
Allegory of the Education of Philip III Justus Tiel P01846 painting
Allegory of Touch Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée P06771 painting
Altar frontal from Solanllong. Christ Pantocrator with the Tetramorph Mestre de Lluçà P08119 painting
Altar frontal with Scenes from the Childhood of Christ anonymous P08118 painting
Altar Piece of Archbishop Sancho de Rojas Juan Rodríguez de Toledo P01321 painting
Altar Piece of the Annunciation Juan Correa de Vivar P01300 painting
Nicolas frances-prado.jpg
Altar Piece of the Lives of the Virgin and Saint Francis Nicolás Francés 1450s P02545 painting
Anunciación (Correa de Vivar).jpg
Altarpiece of the Annunciation Juan Correa de Vivar 1559 P02828 painting Annunciation
Virgin Mary
Amalia de Llano y Dotres, condesa de Vilches (Federico de Madrazo).jpg
Amalia de Llano y Dotres, Countess of Vilches Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1853 P02878 painting Amalia de Llano
Amalie zu Solms-Braunfels Van Dyck 1631-32.jpg
Amalia de Solms-Braunfels Anthony van Dyck 1631s P01483 painting Amalia of Solms-Braunfels
Fábula (El Greco, c. 1600).jpg
An Allegory with a Boy Lighting a Candle in the Company of an Ape and a Fool (Fábula) El Greco 1580 P07657 painting
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - A Walk in Andalusia - WGA9985.jpg
An Avenue in Andalusia or The Maja and the cloaked Men Francisco Goya 1777 P00771 painting
El Greco - An Elderly Gentleman - WGA10506.jpg
An Elderly Gentleman El Greco 1597 P00806 painting
Eduardo Rosales Gallinas - Episodio de la Batalla de Tetuán.jpg
An Episode from the Battle of Tetuán Eduardo Rosales 1868 P04615 painting
Juan van der Hamen - Offering to Flora - WGA11191.jpg
An Offering to Flora Juan van der Hamen 1627 P02877 painting
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida - Aún dicen que el pescado es caro.jpg
And They Still Say Fish is Expensive! Joaquín Sorolla 1894 P04649 painting
Angel with a Crown of Lilies Giovanni Battista Tiepolo P00583 painting
0 Anne d'Autriche, reine de France - PP. Rubens - Prado P01689.JPG
Anne of Austria, Queen of France Peter Paul Rubens 1622 P01689 painting
Anne Sawbridge (Francis Cotes).jpg
Anne Sawbridge Francis Cotes 1750s P06992 painting
La Anunciación, de Fra Angelico.jpg
Annunciation Fra Angelico 1440 P00015 painting Virgin Mary
La Anunciación, por Robert Campin.jpg
Annunciation Robert Campin 1430s P01915 painting
Infante Antonio Pascual of Spain, Mengs.jpg
Antonio Pascual de Borbón y Sajonia, Infante of Spain Anton Raphael Mengs 1767 P02187 painting
Cornelis de Vos - Apollo chasing Daphne, 1630.jpg
Apollo and Daphne Cornelis de Vos 1630 P01714 painting
Cornelis de Vos - Apollo and the Python, 1636-1638.jpg
Apollo and the Python Cornelis de Vos 1636s P01861 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Apollo and the Python, 1636-1637.jpg
Apollo and the Python Peter Paul Rubens 1636s P02040 painting
Velázquez - La Fragua de Vulcano (Museo del Prado, 1630).jpg
Apollo in the Forge of Vulcan Diego Velázquez 1630 P01171 painting Apollo
Jacob Jordaens - Apollo as Victor over Pan, 1637.jpg
Apollon vainqueur de Pan Jacob Jordaens 1637 P01551 painting
Apostolado del Prado painting series
Aparición del apóstol San Pedro a San Pedro Nolasco.jpg
Apparition of the Apostle Peter to Saint Peter Nolasco Francisco de Zurbarán 1629 P01237 painting Peter
Aparición de la Virgen a una comunidad de dominicos, de Pedro Berruguete (Museo del Prado).jpg
Apparition of the Virgin to a Community of Dominicans Pedro Berruguete 1493s P00615 painting
Apples Juan Bautista de Espinosa P07926 painting
Apples, Figs and Plums Juan Bautista de Espinosa P07925 painting
David Teniers (II) - Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Picture Gallery at Brussels.jpg
Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Gallery David Teniers the Younger 1651s P01813 painting painting
art collection
Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria
Portrait of Francesco Donato
Diana and Callisto
Nymph and shepherd
Saint Margaret
Woman with a Mirror
Saint Luke painting the Virgin
Left panel San Cassiano Altarpiece
Infantin Isabella Clara Eugenia (1566-1633), portrait as a widow
Christ and the Adulteress
The Three Philosophers
Young Woman in Green Dress
Adoration of the Kings
The Circumcision of Christ
Judith with the head of Holofernes
David with the Head of Goliath
Penitent St. Peter
Aeneas called away from Dido
Aeneas Takes Leave of Dido
Descent from the Cross
Raising the Young Man of Nain
The Good Samaritan
Toilet of Venus
Scipio Africanus (?)
Shepherds and Sheep
Saint Sebastian
Central panel San Cassiano Altarpiece
Venus and Cupid
Tobit and the Dead Israelite (after Domenico Fetti)
José de Ribera - Arquímedes.jpg
Archimedes Jusepe de Ribera 1630 P01120 painting
Armida and Rinaldo Luca Giordano P03235 painting
Peeter boel-armas y pertrechos de guerra.jpg
Arms and instruments of war Pieter Boel painting
José de Ribera 009.jpg
Arquímedes (José de Ribera) Jusepe de Ribera 1630 P01121 painting Democritus
Arrival at the port of the ship of Santa Ursula and her companions anonymous P07633 painting
Ascensión de un Montgolfier en Aranjuez.jpg
Ascent of a Montgolfier Balloon at Aranjuez Antonio Carnicero 1784 P00641 painting
Vision fantástica o Asmodea (Goya).jpg
Asmodea Francisco Goya 1819 P00756 painting
Annibale Carracci Assumption of the Virgin.jpg
Assumption of Mary Annibale Carracci 1590 painting
Annibale Carracci Assumption of the Virgin.jpg
Assunzione della Vergine Annibale Carracci 1587 painting
Enrique Simonet - Asuncion 1914.jpg
Asunción Castro Crespo, wife of the painter Enrique Simonet 1914 P08230 painting
Atalanta and Meleager Hunting the Calydonian Boar Peter Paul Rubens P01662 painting
Atropos o Las Parcas.jpg
Atropos Francisco Goya 1819 P00757 painting
Joaquín Sorolla - Retrato de Aureliano de Beruete y Moret.jpg
Aureliano de Beruete y Moret, Son Joaquín Sorolla 1902 P07683 painting
Francisco rizi-auto de fe.jpg
Auto de fe en la plaza Mayor de Madrid Francisco Rizi 1683 P01126 painting
Pedro Berruguete Saint Dominic Presiding over an Auto-da-fe 1495.jpg
Auto de Fe presidido por Santo Domingo de Guzmán Pedro Berruguete 1495 P00618 painting Saint Dominic
Autorretrato de Goya (1795).jpg
Autoportret (Goya, 1795) Francisco Goya 1790s P07775 painting Francisco Goya
Enrique Simonet - La autopsia - 1890.jpg
Autopsy Enrique Simonet 1890 P06440 painting cadaver
Autumn Mariano Salvador Maella P02499 painting
El ciego de la guitarra.jpg
Aveugle à la guitarre Francisco Goya 1778 P00778 painting
Bacanal, por Michel-Ange Houasse.jpg
Bacchanal Michel Ange Houasse 1719 P02267 painting
Bacchanale - Poussin - musée du Prado.jpg
Bacchanal Nicolas Poussin 1624s P02312 painting
Nymphe et satyre buvant - Poussin - Museo del Prado.jpg
Bacchic Scene Nicolas Poussin 1626s P02318 painting
Erasmus Quellinus (II)- Baco y Ariadna, 1630.jpg
Bacchus and Ariadne Erasmus Quellinus II 1630 P01629 painting Bacchus
Baile en máscara Luis Paret y Alcázar P02875 painting
Banquete de bodas presidido por los archiduques Alberto de Austria e Isabel Clara Eugenia (Museo del Prado).jpg
Banquet de noces Jan Brueghel the Elder 1612s P01438 painting
Baptism of Conan in the presence of St. Ursula and his father anonymous P07632 painting
Baptism of the Eunuch of Queen Candace Jan Both P02060 painting
Juan de Arellano - Basket of Flowers - WGA00939.jpg
Basket of flowers Juan de Arellano 1650s P03138 painting
Arellano-canasta de flores.jpg
Basket of Flowers Juan de Arellano 1670 P03139 painting
Cesta de flores y vista del Palacio Real de Valencia (Museo del Prado).jpg
Basket of Flowers and View of a Royal Palace of Valencia Miguel Parra Abril 1844 P07939 painting
Basket with Peaches and Plums Pedro de Camprobin 1654 P07916 painting
Jacques Courtois - Battle between Christians and Muslims.jpg
Battle between Christians and Moslems Jacques Courtois 1675s P02242 painting ruins
Battle of Gibraltar, 25 April 1607 Adam Willaerts P07758 painting
Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa Francisco de Paula Van Halen 1864 P5723 painting
Playa con pescadores (Adam Willaerts).jpg
Beach with Fishermen Adam Willaerts 1627 P01899 painting
Bear. Hermitage of San Baudelio. Casillas de Berlanga (Soria) anonymous P07263 painting
Antes de la boda Museo del prado.jpg
Before the Wedding Antonio Muñoz Degrain P03779 painting
Bellas Vistas District Aureliano de Beruete P04246 painting Bellas Vistas
Bird Seller Pensionante del Saraceni P02235 painting
Raimundo Madrazo - The Love Letter.jpg
Birthday Wishes Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta 1850s P06995 painting
Bishop Rovenius blessing a Family (of Jacob van Wassenaer?) Bartholomeus Breenbergh P02293 painting
Black Paintings Francisco Goya painting series
La gallina ciega (cartón restaurado) por Francisco de Goya.jpg
Blind Man's Bluff Francisco Goya 1788 P00804 painting
Blind Man’s Buff José Jiménez Aranda P07755 painting
Boat in a Storm anonymous P02161 painting
Bodegón de recipientes (Zurbarán).jpg
Bodegón con cacharros Diego Velázquez 1630 P02803 painting
Bodegón con cardo, francolín, uvas y lirios Felipe Ramírez 1628 P02802 painting
Jan Brueghel (I) - Forest with carts crossing a stream and riders.jpg
Bosque con carretas atravesando un arroyo y jinetes Jan Brueghel the Elder 1607 P01885 painting
Bouquet of Flowers Luis Paret y Alcázar P01043 painting
Bouquet of Flowers Luis Paret y Alcázar P01042 painting
Boy Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04564 painting
Ramón Bayeu y Subías - El muchacho de la esportilla.jpg
Boy with a Wicker Basket Ramón Bayeu 1786 P02523 painting
Boys Drawing Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P05851 painting
Boys Playing Cup-and-Ball José del Castillo P03313 painting
Muchachos jugando a soldados.jpg
Boys playing soldiers Francisco Goya 1778
P00783 painting
Boys playing with Tops José del Castillo P03311 painting
Bartolomé Montalvo - Besugo.jpg
Bream Bartolomé Montalvo 1750s P07938 painting
El puente del canal de Madrid.jpg
Bridge over the Madrid Canal Francisco Bayeu y Subías 1784 P00605 painting
Bronze Vase with Roses Pedro de Camprobin P07919 painting
Velázquez - El bufón don Diego de Acedo, el Primo (Museo del Prado, c. 1644).jpg
Buffoon with books Diego Velázquez 1644 P01201 painting jester
Bullfight anonymous P03047 painting
Bullfighter. Maja in Finery Antonio Carnicero P02786 painting
Entierro de Santa Leocadia (Museo del Prado).jpg
Burial of Santa Leocadia Cecilio Pla 1887 P005562 painting Leocadia
Velázquez - Felipe IV (Museo del Prado, 1653-55).jpg
Bust of Philip IV (Velazquez, 1653-1655) Diego Velázquez 1653 P01185 painting
Philip IV of Spain
long hair
hooked mustache
Jacob Jordaens - Cadmos and Minerva.jpg
Cadmus and Minerva Jacob Jordaens 1650s P01713 painting
Anibal vencedor (dibujo preparatorio).jpg
cahier italien Francisco Goya 1771 drawing series
Cain presents an Offering. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07275 painting
Capitulaciones de boda y baile campestre (Watteau).jpg
Capitulaciones de boda y baile campestre Antoine Watteau 1711 P02353 painting
Cardinal Borja Andrea Procaccini P02882 painting
Cardenal luis maria-WIKI.jpg
Cardinal Luis María de Borbón y Vallabriga Francisco Goya 1800 P00738 painting
Carlos II Juan Carreño de Miranda P00648 painting Charles II of Spain
Departure of Charles III from Naples.jpg
Carlos III leaving the Port of Naples, as Seen from the Land Antonio Joli 1759 P00232 painting Naples
Carlos III leaving the Port of Naples, as seen from the Sea.jpg
Carlos III leaving the Port of Naples, as Seen from the Sea Antonio Joli 1759 P00233 painting Naples
Carlos IV a caballo.jpg
Carlos IV on Horseback Francisco Goya 1800s P00719 painting
Anton Raphael Mengs, Prince of Asturias, Future Charles IV of Spain (са 1765) - 02.jpg
Carlos IV, Prince of Asturias Anton Raphael Mengs 1765 P02188 painting
Emperor Charles Conquers Furor (Leone Leoni).jpg
Carlos V y el Furor Leone Leoni
Pompeo Leoni
1551 sculpture
Maella - Infanta Carlota Joaquina, Prado.jpg
Carlota Joaquina, Infanta of Spain and Queen of Portugal Mariano Salvador Maella 1785 P02440 painting
Carnival in Rome Jan Miel 1653 P01577 painting
Carolina Coronado, por Federico de Madrazo.jpg
Carolina Coronado Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1855 P04451 painting
Grupo de San Ildefonso (Museo del Prado) 02.jpg
Castor and Pollux 0100s sculpture
Ramon Martí Alsina- Paissatge de Catalunya.jpg
Catalan Landscape Ramon Martí Alsina 1860 P06973 painting
Catalina Micaela of Spain by Alonso Sánchez Coello.jpg
Catalina Micaela de Austria, Duchess of Savoy Alonso Sánchez Coello 1584s P01139 painting Infanta Catherine Michelle of Spain
Catalog Museo del Prado, 1873-1907 art catalog
Catálog Museo del Prado, 1910 art catalog
Infanta Caterina of Spain.jpg
Catherine of Hapsburg, the Wife of King John III of Portugal Antonis Mor 1552s P02109 painting
Paul de Vos - Cats Fighting in a Larder.jpg
Cats Fighting in a Larder Paul De Vos 1650s P01866 painting
Lin-escena de batalla-prado.jpg
Cavalry Battle Herman van Lin P02120 painting
Cavalry Combat Philips Wouwerman P02153 painting
Caza muerta con un perro Jan Fyt P01528 painting
Cephalus and Procris Peeter Symons P01971 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Cephalus and Procris, 1636-1637.jpg
Cephalus and Procris Peter Paul Rubens 1636s P02459 painting
Peter Paul Rubens and Frans Snyders - Ceres and Pan, 1615.jpg
Ceres and Pan Frans Snyders 1615 P01672 painting
Ceres and Two Nymphs Peter Paul Rubens P01664 painting
Ceres en casa de Hécuba (Elsheimer).jpg
Ceres in the House of Hecuba Adam Elsheimer
1605 P02181 painting Ceres
Charity Anthony van Dyck P04721 painting
Charity Guido Reni P03174 painting
Vincent Sellaer - Caritas.jpg
Charity Vincent Sellaer 1550s P02207 painting
Charity Isidoro Bianchi P00141 painting
Carlo Portelli - Carità (Museo del Prado).jpg
Charity Carlo Portelli 1550s P00476 painting
Carlos II por Juan Carreño de Miranda.jpg
Charles II Juan Carreño de Miranda 1675 P00642 painting Charles II of Spain
Charles II Luca Giordano P02504 painting
Charles II as a Child Sebastián Herrera Barnuevo P08201 painting
Juan Carreno de Miranda 023.jpg
Charles II in armour Juan Carreño de Miranda 1681 P07101 painting
Charles II, King of Spain, on Horseback Luca Giordano P00197 painting
Charles III of Spain high resolution.jpg
Charles III Anton Raphael Mengs 1765 P02200 painting
Carlos III de España, de Anton Raphael Mengs (Museo del Prado).jpg
Charles III Anton Raphael Mengs 1774 P05011 painting
Carlos III, niño.jpg
Charles III as a Child Jean Ranc 1724 P02334 painting
Carlos III comiendo ante su corte.jpg
Charles III dining before the Court Luis Paret y Alcázar 1775 P02422 painting
Carlos III cazador.jpg
Charles III in Hunting Dress Francisco Goya 1786s P00737 painting
Carlos IV y su familia homenajeados por la Universidad de Valencia.png
Charles IV and his Family honoured by the University of Valencia Vicente López y Portaña 1802 P02815 painting
Carlos IV de rojo.jpg
Charles IV en rouge Francisco Goya 1789 P07102 painting Charles IV of Spain
Carlos IV (Goya).jpg
Charles IV in Court Dress Francisco Goya 1789 P03224 painting
Agustín Esteve (after Goya) - Carlos IV, rey de España (Prado).jpg
Charles IV in the Uniform of a Colonel of the Royal Guard Agustín Esteve 1500s P00727 painting
La familia de Carlos IV, Francisco de Goya.jpg
Charles IV of Spain and His Family Francisco Goya 1800 P00726 painting 1795–1820 clothing
Infante Antonio Pascual of Spain
Maria Luisa of Spain, Duchess of Lucca
Charles II, Duke of Parma
Infanta Maria Josefa of Spain
Louis, King of Etruria
Infante Francisco de Paula of Spain
Carlota Joaquina of Spain
Infante Carlos, Count of Molina
Ferdinand VII of Spain
María Isabel
Maria Luisa of Parma
Francisco Goya
Caza con reclamo.jpg
Chasse avec un appeau Francisco Goya 1775 P02856 painting
Cazador junto fuente Goya lou.jpg
Chasseur à une source Francisco Goya 1786 P02896 painting
El cazador con sus perros.jpg
Chasseur avec ses chiens Francisco Goya 1775 P00805 painting
Cazador cargando su escopeta.jpg
Chasseur chargeant son fusil Francisco Goya 1775 P05539 painting
La castidad, de José del Castillo.jpg
Chastity José del Castillo 1770s P07729 painting
Chicken Coop Marià Fortuny P04327 painting
Joaquín Sorolla - Chicos en la playa.jpg
Chicos en la playa Joaquín Sorolla 1910 P04648 painting beach
brown hair
nude swimming
sea bathing
Mediterranean Sea
eye contact
intergluteal cleft
Christ and the Centurion Paolo Veronese P00492 painting
Christ as the Man of Sorrows Adriaen Isenbrandt P02818 painting
Pereda-varon de dolores.jpg
Christ as the Man of Sorrows Antonio de Pereda 1641 P01047 painting
Christ at home with Martha and Mary.jpg
Christ at home with Martha and Mary Joachim Beuckelaer 1568 P06972 painting
Alessandro Magnasco - Christ Served by the Angels - WGA13847.jpg
Christ attended by Angels Alessandro Magnasco 1750s P03124 painting Jesus Christ
Christ bearing the Cross Michiel Coxie P02641 painting
Christ before Pilate Corrado Giaquinto P04919 painting
Cristo ante Pilatos, de Francisco y Rodrigo de Osona (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ before Pilate Francisco de Osona 1500 P06897 painting
Gossaert Deesis.jpg
Christ between the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist Jan Gossaert 1520s P01510 painting John the Baptist
Fernando Gallego 001.jpg
Christ Blessing Fernando Gallego P02647 painting Jesus Christ
Christ carrying the cross Luca Giordano P00174 painting
Titian, Christ Carrying the Cross. Oil on canvas, 67 x 77 cm, c. 1565. Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado.jpg
Christ carrying the Cross Titian 1565 P00438 painting Jesus Christ
True Cross
crown of thorns
Piombo, Cristo con la cruz a cuestas, Madrid, Museo del Prado.jpg
Christ carrying the Cross Sebastiano del Piombo P00348 painting
Giovanni Paolo Pannini 001.jpg
Christ casting the Money Changers out of the Temple Giovanni Paolo Panini 1750 P00278 painting
Cristo crucificado, anónimo del siglo XVII (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ crucified anonymous 1650s P05379 painting
Cristo crucificado (Murillo).jpg
Christ crucified Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1677s P00967 painting Jesus Christ
crucifixion of Jesus
human skull
Cristo en la cruz (Goya).jpg
Christ Crucified Francisco Goya 1780 P00745 painting
Cristo crucificado.jpg
Christ Crucified Diego Velázquez 1632 P01167 painting Jesus Christ
Francisco Ribalta 001.jpg
Christ embracing Saint Bernard Francisco Ribalta 1625s P02804 painting
Christ Falling on the Way to Calvary - Raphael.jpg
Christ Falling on the Way to Calvary Raphael 1516 P00298 painting Jesus Christ
GD Tiepolo Calvario.jpg
Christ falls on the Way to Calvary Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo 1750s P00358 painting
Vincenzo Catena 026.jpg
Christ giving the Keys to Saint Peter Vincenzo Catena 1520 P00020 painting Peter
Cristo abrazado a la cruz (El Greco, Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ Holding the Cross El Greco 1597 P00822 painting religious painting
Jesus Christ
True Cross
Cristo en gloria con santos (Mattia Preti).jpg
Christ in Glory with Saints Mattia Preti 1660 P03146 painting
Cristo justificando su pasión.jpg
Christ Justifying his Passion Luis de Morales 1565 P00948 painting
Vincenzo Campi Cristo inchiodato alla Croce Prado.jpg
Christ nailed to the Cross Vincenzo Campi 1550s P07094 painting
Diego de la cruz-cristo de piedad.jpg
Christ of Mercy between the Prophets David and Jeremiah Diego de la Cruz 1500s P08125 painting
Cristo en la cruz (Barocci).jpg
Christ on the Cross Federico Barocci 1604 P07092 painting
Valdes leal-cristo con la cruz a cuestas-prado.jpg
Christ on the way to Calvary Juan de Valdés Leal 1661 P07080 painting
Christ on the Way to Calvary Pedro Campaña P08227 painting
Titian - Christ Carrying the Cross - WGA22830.jpg
Christ on the Way to Calvary Titian 1560 P00439 painting
Christ presented in the Temple Juan Correa de Vivar P00687 painting
Cristo presentado al pueblo (Massys).jpg
Christ presented to the People Quentin Matsys 1515 P02801 painting
Yañez-descenso limbo.jpg
Christ presents the Redeemed from Limbo to the Virgin Fernando Yáñez de la Almedina 1510s P07618 painting
Christ the Redeemer Procession in Antwerp, 27 August 1685 Hendrik van Minderhout P03339 painting
Christ the Saviour Quentin Matsys P01561 painting
Christ the Saviour anonymous P02636 painting
Christ the Saviour anonymous P02363 painting
El Salvador (El Greco).jpg
Christ the Saviour El Greco 1608 P02889 painting
Cristo Salvador José de Ribera.jpg
Christ the Saviour Jusepe de Ribera 1652s P01067 painting
El Salvador, de Paolo de San Leocadio (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ the Saviour Paolo da San Leocadio 1482s P02693 painting
Christ the Saviour anonymous P00576 painting
El Salvador, de Juan de Juanes (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ the Saviour Juan de Juanes 1550s P00845 painting
Christ the Saviour Joos van Cleve P02654 painting
Francisco de Zurbarán - Christ Blessing - WGA26050.jpg
Christ the Saviour blessing Francisco de Zurbarán 1638 P06074 painting
El Salvador con la Eucaristía entre Melquisedec y Aarón (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ the Saviour with the Eucharist Juan de Juanes 1550s P00844 painting
El Lavatorio (Tintoretto).jpg
Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet Tintoretto 1548 P02824 painting Christ Washing the Disciples' Feet
foot washing
Christ washing the Disciples’ Feet Master of Sant Esteve d'Andorra P08126 painting
Cristo, Varón de Dolores, de Luis de Morales (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ, Man of Sorrows Luis de Morales 1566 P07867 painting
Cristo ejemplo de mártires (Museo del Prado).jpg
Christ, the Example for Martyrs Juan de las Roelas 1615 P08154 painting
Bajada de Cristo al Limbo (Sebastiano del Piombo).jpg
Christ’s Descent into Limbo Sebastiano del Piombo 1516 P00346 painting
Sébastien Bourdon-Christina of Sweden 1653.jpg
Christine of Sweden on Horseback Sébastien Bourdon 1653 P01503 painting
Church in Flanders or The Mass Pieter Neeffs I P01605 painting
Hendrick van Balen I - Cibeles and the seasons within a festoon of fruit.jpg
Cibeles and the seasons within a festoon of fruit Hendrick van Balen 1600s P01414 painting Cybele
Juan Antonio Ribera - Cincinato abandona el arado para dictar leyes a Roma, 1806.jpg
Cincinnatus abandons the Plough to dictate Laws to Rome Juan Antonio de Ribera 1806 P05784 painting
Eduardo Rosales Gallinas - Ciocciara.jpg
Ciocciara Eduardo Rosales 1850s P04627 painting
Cleopatra (Reni, Prado).jpg
Cleopatra Guido Reni 1640 P00209 painting
El Coliseo de Roma (Hubert Robert).jpg
Colosseum, Rome Hubert Robert 1780s P02883 painting
Commerce Francisco Goya P02546 painting
Concepción Miramón, por Vicente Palmaroli.jpg
Concepción Miramón Vicente Palmaroli 1889 P04536 painting
Concepción Remisa de Moret, por Federico de Madrazo.jpg
Concepción Remisa Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1856 P04473 painting Concepción Remisa de Moret
Conchita Serrano Dominguez Eduardo Rosales 1871.jpg
Concepción Serrano, later Countess of Santovenia Eduardo Rosales 1871 P06711 painting
Frans Snyders - Concert of Birds - WGA21525.jpg
Concert of the Birds Frans Snyders 1650s P01761 painting
Condemned by the Inquisition Lucas Velázquez P06974 painting
Condemned by the Inquisition Lucas Velázquez P04412 painting
La conversión de san Pablo (Murillo).jpg
Conversion of Saint Paul Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1650s painting
Cornelio Vandergoten.jpg
Cornelio Vandergoten anonymous 1782 P02446 painting
Diego Velázquez - Coronation of the Virgin - Prado.jpg
Coronation of the Virgin Diego Velázquez 1635 P01168 painting Virgin Mary
Jesus Christ
God the Father
Coronation of the Virgin
Count Enrique de Bergh - Van Dyck - Museo del Prado.jpg
Count Hendrik van den Bergh Anthony van Dyck 1650s P01486 painting
Count Jacob of Rechteren-Almelvo Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller P02225 painting
Condesa de chinchon.jpg
Countess of Chinchon Francisco Goya 1800 P07767 painting María Teresa de Borbón, 15th Countess of Chinchón
1795–1820 clothing
Teniers-fiesta campestre-prado.jpg
Country Feast David Teniers the Younger 1647 P01786 painting village
Country Life Jan Brueghel the Elder P01440 painting
Country Wedding Jan Brueghel the Elder P01441 painting
Parejas en un parque, de José Camarón Boronat (Museo del Prado).jpg
Couples in a Park José Camarón y Bononat 1785 P06733 painting
Francisco de Goya, Saturno devorando a su hijo (1819-1823).jpg
Crono Devouring His Son Francisco Goya 1819 P00763 painting Cronus
Greek mythology
human body
Crossing the Pass Jan Both P05451 painting
Crucifixión Juan de Flandes.jpg
Crucifixion of Christ Juan de Flandes 1509 P07878 painting
Cristo en la Cruz (Velázquez, 1631).jpg
Crucifixion of Christ Diego Velázquez 1631 P02903 painting Jesus Christ
Cuenca desde el patio del Cuarterón Aureliano de Beruete P06200 painting
Cupid Guido Reni P00150 painting
Erasmus Quellinus (II) - Cupid on a dolphin. 1636.jpg
Cupid on a dolphin Erasmus Quellinus II 1636
P01632 painting
El Amor desinteresado (Guercino).jpg
Cupid spurning riches Guercino 1654 P00205 painting
Curtain. Hermitage of San Baudelio. Casillas de Berlanga (Soria) anonymous P07267 painting
Cutting the Stone (Bosch).jpg
Cutting the Stone Hieronymus Bosch 1494
P02056 painting trepanning
white hair
rural area
broad-leaved tree
bell tower
aerial perspective
Adriaen van Cronenburg Portrait of a Lady and a Young Girl.jpg
Dame et fille Adriaen van Cronenburg 1567 P02074 painting
Adriaen van Cronenburg Portrait of a Dutch Lady.jpg
Dame hollandaise Adriaen van Cronenburg 1567 P02076 painting
Tiziano - Dánae (Museo del Prado, Madrid, 1553-1554).jpg
Danaë Titian 1553 P00425 painting Danaë
long hair
El baile a orillas del Manzanares.jpg
Danse sur les rives du Manzanares Francisco Goya 1776 P00769 painting
David and Goliath by Caravaggio.jpg
David and Goliath Caravaggio 1599 P00065 painting David
David vencedor de Goliat, de Palma el Joven (Museo del Prado).jpg
David with Goliath's Head Palma il Giovane 1590s painting
Santa Isabel de Portugal.jpg
De heilige Elisabeth van Portugal (Zurbarán) Francisco de Zurbarán 1635 P01239 painting
Gallo muerto (Metsu).jpg
Dead Cock Gabriël Metsu 1650s P02103 painting
Andrea Mantegna 047.jpg
Death of the Virgin Andrea Mantegna 1462 P00248 painting Virgin Mary
Deer Hunting. Hermitage of San Baudelio. Casillas de Berlanga (Soria) anonymous P07268 painting
Yepes-1642-frutero delft-prado.jpg
Delft Fruit Bowl and two Vases of Flowers Tomás Yepes 1642 P07909 painting
Démocrite - Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo - Q24297578.jpg
Démocrite Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo 1650s P01706 painting Democritus
Démocrite Peter Paul Rubens 1636 P01682 painting Democritus
terrestrial globe
Denial of Saint Peter anonymous P04105 painting
Denial of Saint Peter anonymous P05275 painting
Philips Wouwerman - Coming out of an Inn - WGA25883.jpg
Departure from the Inn Philips Wouwerman 1650s P02151 painting
St Bartholomew from Prado.jpg
Der Apostel Bartholomäus El Greco 1610s P00814 painting Bartholomew the Apostle
Descendimiento de la Cruz, por Juan Correa de Vivar.jpg
Descent from the Cross Juan Correa de Vivar 1545 P06996 painting
Alessandro Allori - El Descendimiento.jpg
Descent from the Cross Alessandro Allori 1560 P00511 painting
Desconsol 83b Josep Llimona i Bruguera 1907 E00792 sculpture woman
Detail of the Head of Bacchus Jusepe de Ribera P01123 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Deucalion and Pyrrha, 1636.jpg
Deucalion and Pyrrha Peter Paul Rubens 1636 P02041 painting
Deucalion and Pyrrha Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo P05272 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Diana and Callisto - WGA20326.jpg
Diana and Callisto Peter Paul Rubens 1637 P01671 painting Kallisto
Diana y Calisto, por Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre.jpg
Diana and Callisto Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre 1745s P03217 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Diana and her Nymphs, Hunting (1636).jpg
Diana and her Nymphs Hunting Peter Paul Rubens 1636 P07765 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Diana and her Nymphs Surprised by the Fauns (Prado).jpg
Diana and her Nymphs surprised by Satyrs Peter Paul Rubens 1650s P01665 painting
Poelenburch-baño de diana-prado.jpg
Diana bathing with her Nymphs Cornelius van Poelenburgh 1624 P02129 painting
Anton van Dyck - Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford.jpg
Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford Anthony van Dyck 1638 P01481 painting
Louis-Michel van Loo - Diana en un paisaje, 1739.jpg
Diana in a Landscape Louis-Michel van Loo 1739 P07810 painting
Anthony van Dyck (Circle of)- Diana y una ninfa sorprendidas por un sátiro, 1622-1627.jpg
Diana y una ninfa sorprendidas por un sátiro Anthony van Dyck 1622 P01492 painting
Dignitaries embarking for a Party Hendrik van Minderhout P02105 painting
Dignitaries landing at a River Port Hendrik van Minderhout P02104 painting
Diogenes Giuseppe Antonio Petrini 1750 P07616 painting
Castiglione, Giovanni - Fable of Diogenes - 17th century.jpg
Diogenes searching for a Man Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione P00088 painting
Diptych with 42 Monumental Views of Spanish Cities Jenaro Pérez Villaamil P08065 painting
Giordano, Luca - The Defeat of Sisera - c. 1692.jpg
Disfatta di Sisera Luca Giordano 1692 painting Sisera
José de Madrazo Divine Love and Profane Love.jpg
Divine and Profane Love José de Madrazo y Agudo 1813 P06951 painting
Joaquín Sorolla - Retrato de Francisco Rodríguez de Sandoval.jpg
Doctor Francisco Rodríguez de Sandoval Joaquín Sorolla 1906 P03095 painting
Perros y útiles de caza.jpg
Dogs and hunting gear Francisco Goya 1775 P00753 painting
hunting dog
black powder rifle
powder flask
dog collar
Fernando rincon.jpg
Don Francisco Fernández de Córdoba y Mendoza Fernando del Rincón 1520s P02518 painting
Garcia de' Medici by Angelo Bronzino.jpg
Don García de' Medici Bronzino 1550 P00005 painting
El conde de Castelblanco (Oudry).jpg
Don José de Rozas y Meléndez de la Cueva, first Count of Castelblanco Jean-Baptiste Oudry 1716 P02794 painting
Eduardo Rosales - Juan de Austria's presentation to Emperor Carlos V in Yuste.jpg
Don Juan d'Autriche présenté à l'empereur Charles Quint à Yuste Eduardo Rosales 1869 P04160 painting John of Austria
Charles V
Don Pedro Benítez and his daughter María de la Cruz Rafael Tejeo P04659 painting
Don Quixote at the Inn Valero Iriarte P01162 painting
Don Quixote Dubbed a Knight Valero Iriarte P01163 painting
Juan rici-tiburcio.jpg
Don Tiburcio de Redín Juan Rizi 1635 P00887 painting Tiburcio de Redín y Cruzat
Diego Velázquez 056.jpg
Doña Antonia de Ipeñarrieta y Galdós and Her Son Don Luis Diego Velázquez 1632 P01196 painting
Doña Inés María Aguirre y Yoldi Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller P02226 painting
Doña Juana "la Loca" (Pradilla).jpg
Doña Joanna the Mad Francisco Pradilla Ortiz 1877 P04584 painting
Doña María de Aragón Altarpiece El Greco 1596 painting series
Robert Campin 014.jpg
Donor Henri de Werl, protected by St. John the Baptist Robert Campin 1438 P01513 painting John the Baptist
Puerta de una casa en Toledo, por Martín Rico.jpg
Doorway of a House in Toledo Martín Rico 1875s P08035 painting
Douarnenez Steeple Carlos de Haes P06617 painting
Drunken Silenus Cesare Fracanzano P02321 painting
Rogier van der Weyden - Virgin and Child (Durán Madonna) - Prado P02722.jpg
Durán Madonna Rogier van der Weyden 1430s P02722 painting Virgin Mary
Jesus Christ
Child Jesus
Dutch Lady anonymous P02106 painting
Retrato del bufón Antonio el Inglés, possibly by Martínez del Mazo.jpg
Dwarf with a Dog, formerly denominated Antonio el Inglés (Circle of Velázquez) anonymous 1640 P01203 painting man
brown hair
long hair
Spanish Mastiff
Soul patch
Ecce Homo Q50723432 P01559 painting
Ecce Homo (Murillo).jpg
Ecce Homo Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1650s P00965 painting
Ecce Homo, atribuido a Tiziano (Museo del Prado).jpg
Ecce Homo Titian 1550s P00042 painting
Ecce Homo, de Juan de Juanes (Museo del Prado).jpg
Ecce Homo Juan de Juanes 1570 P00848 painting
Ecce Homo, de Luis de Morales (Museo del Prado).jpg
Ecce Homo Luis de Morales 1550s P00941 painting
Ecce Homo (Tiziano).jpg
Ecce Homo Titian 1547 P00437 painting
El archiduque Carlos de Austria, duque de Stiria Bartolomé González y Serrano P02433 painting
El archiduque Diego Ernesto de Austria.jpg
El archiduque Diego Ernesto de Austria Alonso Sánchez Coello 1580 P01145 painting
El buitre carnívoro. (76) - Goya.JPG
El buitre carnívoro Francisco Goya 1814 engraving
Jacopo Tintoretto 099.jpg
El caballero de la cadena de oro Tintoretto 1560 P00378 painting
El Cid's Daughters, from Romance XLIV of the Tesoro de Romanceros Dióscoro Puebla P04588 painting
Coracero francés, por José de Madrazo.jpg
El coracero Jean Baptiste Poret-Dulongval José de Madrazo y Agudo 1813 P08026 painting
Numancia Alejo Vera Estaca 1881.jpg
El darrer dia de Numància Alejo Vera 1881 painting
El descubrimiento de la púrpura Theodoor van Thulden P01845 painting
José de Espronceda (detalle).jpg
El escritor José de Espronceda Antonio María Esquivel 1842 painting
Ribera-escultor ciego.jpg
El escultor ciego Jusepe de Ribera 1632 P01112 painting
Majo de la guitarra.jpg
El Majo de la guitarra Francisco Goya 1779 P00743 painting
El militar y la señora.jpg
El Militar y la señora Francisco Goya 1778 P00781 painting
El Olimpo batalla con los gigantes.jpg
El Olimpo: batalla con los gigantes Francisco Bayeu y Subías 1764 P00604 painting
El Pelele Francisco Goya 1791 P00802 painting
Vicente López Portaña - el pintor Francisco de Goya.jpg
El pintor Francisco de Goya Vicente López y Portaña 1826 P00864 painting Francisco Goya
El pintor Raimundo de Madrazo, por Federico Madrazo.jpg
El pintor Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta, hijo del artista Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1875 P07662 painting
El resguardo de tabacos.jpg
El Resguardo de tabacos Francisco Goya 1779 P00788 painting
Claudio José Vicente Antolínez 001.jpg
El tránsito de la Magdalena (Antolínez) José Claudio Antolinez 1660s P00591 painting
El Verano Mariano Salvador Maella P02498 painting
Elephants in a circus Andrea di Leone P00091 painting
Steenwijck-emblema de la muerte-prado.jpg
Emblem of Death Pieter Steenwijck 1650s P02137 painting
El emperador Maximiliano II de Habsburgo (Museo del Prado, Madrid).jpg
Emperor Maximilian II Antonis Mor 1550 P02111 painting
Infanta Maria of Spain.jpg
Empress Maria of Austria, Wife of Maximilian II Antonis Mor 1551 P02110 painting
Niños con mastines.jpg
Enfants avec des chiens Francisco Goya 1786 P02524 painting
Niños inflando una vejiga.jpg
Enfants gonflant une vessie Francisco Goya 1778 P00776 painting
Enrique Simonet - Baca 1893.jpg
Enrique Simonet y Baca, the artist’s father Enrique Simonet 1893 P08228 painting
Epimeteo y Pandora El Greco sculpture
Episode after Trafalgar Francesc Sans Cabot P05729 painting
Historias de San Juan Bautista (Jaume Serra).jpg
Episodes from the Lives of Mary Magdalen and Saint John the Baptist Jaime Serra 1400s P03107 painting John the Baptist
Historias de la Magdalena (Jaume Serra).jpg
Episodes from the Lives of Mary Magdalen and Saint John the Baptist Jaime Serra 1400s P03106 painting Mary Magdalene
Carlos V en Mühlberg, by Titian, from Prado in Google Earth.jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Charles V Titian 1547 P00410 painting equestrianism
Charles V
Velázquez - Isabel de Borbón (Museo del Prado, 1634-35).jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Elisabeth of France Diego Velázquez 1628 P01179 painting equestrianism
Elisabeth of France
Equestrian Portrait of Margarita of Austria Diego Velázquez 1634 P01177 painting equestrianism
Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain
Equestrian Portrait of Philip III Diego Velázquez 1634 P01176 painting equestrianism
Pelipe lll
Diego Velázquez 053.jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Philip IV Diego Velázquez 1634 P01178 painting equestrianism
Philip IV of Spain
Velázquez - Príncipe Baltasar Carlos (Museo del Prado, 1634-35).jpg
Equestrian Portrait of Prince Balthasar Charles Diego Velázquez 1635 P01180 painting equestrianism
Balthasar Charles, Prince of Asturias
Velázquez - Conde Duque de Olivares (Museo del Prado, 1634-35).jpg
Equestrian Portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares Diego Velázquez 1636 P01181 painting equestrianism
Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares
Retrato ecuestre del duque de Lerma (Rubens).jpg
Equestrian Portrait of the Duke of Lerma Peter Paul Rubens 1603 P03137 painting Francisco Gómez de Sandoval, 1st Duke of Lerma
gaze towards the viewer
Velázquez - Esopo (Museo del Prado, 1639-41).jpg
Ésope Diego Velázquez 1639 P01206 painting man
Esther ante Asuero, por Tintoretto.jpg
Esther and Ahasuerus Tintoretto 1552s P00388 painting Esther
Eternal Happiness (preparatory sketch) José de Madrazo y Agudo P07977 painting
Eduardo Rosales Gallinas - El violinista Pinelli.jpg
Ettore Pinelli, the Violinist Eduardo Rosales 1869 P04614 painting
Juan Carreño de Miranda - Eugenia Martinez Valleji, called La Monstrua - WGA4482.jpg
Eugenia Martinez Valleji, called La Monstrua Juan Carreño de Miranda 1680 P00646 painting
La monstrua desnuda (1680), de Juan Carreño de Miranda..jpg
Eugenia Martínez Vallejo, desnuda Juan Carreño de Miranda 1680 P02800 painting
Albrecht Dürer - Eva.jpg
Eve Albrecht Dürer 1507 P02178 painting
Fusilamiento de Torrijos (Gisbert).jpg
Execution of Torrijos and his companions in the Malaga's beach Antonio Gisbert 1880s P04348 painting
Orazio Gentileschi - Executioner with the Head of John the Baptist.jpg
Executioner with the Head of John the Baptist Orazio Gentileschi 1613 P03188 painting executioner
Exterior of Burgos Cathedral Francisco Javier Parcerisa P04738 painting Burgos Cathedral
Exterior of Saint Peter’s, Rome Viviano Codazzi 1630 P00510 painting
Extracción de la piedra de la locura (Jan Sanders van Hemessen) Jan Sanders van Hemessen 1550 P01541 painting
Falconers setting out on a Hunt Philips Wouwerman P02150 painting
Retrato de familia (Key).jpg
Family Portrait Adriaen Thomasz Key 1583 P07614 painting
Mariano Fortuny Fantasia Fausto.jpg
Fantasy on Faust Marià Fortuny 1866 P02605 painting
El padre jesuita Francesco Pepe (Mengs).jpg
Father Francesco Pepe Anton Raphael Mengs 1758s P07872 painting
Feast of Herod with the Beheading of St John the Baptist Bartlomiej Strobel 1635s P01940 painting John the Baptist
February. Winter still life Francisco Barrera P08213 painting
Federico Flórez, por Federico de Madrazo.jpg
Federico Flórez y Márquez Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1842 P04452 painting
Feliciana Bayeu, the Painter’s Daughter Francisco Bayeu y Subías P07109 painting
Felipe duque de Parma.jpg
Felipe de Borbón y Farnesio, Infante of Spain, Duke of Parma Louis-Michel van Loo 1750s P02282 painting
Felipe V de España, Rey de.jpg
Felipe V, King of Spain Louis-Michel van Loo 1739 P02285 painting
Felipe V de España.jpg
Felipe V, King of Spain Jean Ranc 1723 P02329 painting Philip V of Spain
Félix Antonio Máximo López (1742-1821).jpg
Félix Máximo López, First Organist of the Royal Chapel Vicente López y Portaña 1820 P04405 painting
Desnudo de mujer (Pinazo).jpg
Female Nude Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench 1902 P04562 painting woman
Female Nude Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04566 painting
Eduardo Rosales Gallinas - Desnudo femenino, o Al salir del baño.jpg
Female Nude or After the bath Eduardo Rosales 1869 P04616 painting
Bernat-bermejo fernando I castilla.jpg
Ferdinand I of Castile welcoming Saint Dominic of Silos Bartolomé Bermejo 1478s P06709 painting Dominic of Silos
Fernando VI y Bárbara de Braganza en los jardines de Aranjuez (Battaglioli).jpg
Ferdinand VI and Barbara of Braganza in the Gardens of Aranjuez Francesco Battaglioli 1756 P04181 painting
Ferdinand VII of Spain (1814) by Goya.jpg
Ferdinand VII at an Encampment Francisco Goya 1815s P00724 painting
Francisco Goya - Portrait of Ferdinand VII of Spain in his robes of state (1815) - Prado.jpg
Ferdinand VII in Court Dress Francisco Goya 1815 P00735 painting
Ferdinand VII swears the Oath as Prince of Asturias Luis Paret y Alcázar P01045 painting
Ferdinand IV at age nine.jpg
Fernando IV, King of Naples Anton Raphael Mengs 1760 P02190 painting Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies
Fernando VI, niño Jean Ranc 1723 P02333 painting
Antoine Watteau - Gathering in a Park - WGA25441.jpg
Fête in a Park Antoine Watteau 1712s P02354 painting
Riña a garrotazos.jpg
Fight with Cudgels Francisco Goya 1820 P00758 painting
José de Ribera 062.jpg
Figure of a Woman Jusepe de Ribera 1634s P01122 painting
Retrato de niña, by José Claudio Antolinez.jpg
Fillette José Claudio Antolinez
Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo
1660 P01227 painting girl
Fillette José Claudio Antolinez
Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo
1660 P01228 painting girl
Fire Antonio Palomino 1700 P03186 painting
Fisherfolk Mariano Salvador Maella P00875 painting
Flemish Market and Washing Place Jan Brueghel the Elder P01443 painting
Enrique Simonet - Flevit super illam 1892.jpg
Flevit super illam Enrique Simonet 1892 painting
Il Tintoretto Flora.jpg
Flora Domenico Tintoretto 1590 P00385 painting
Flower Vase Bartolomé Pérez P06397 painting
Flower Vase Bartolomé Pérez P06396 painting
Flower Vase and Ceramic Bowl Pedro de Camprobin P07917 painting
Flower Vase and Crystal Vessel Pedro de Camprobin P07918 painting
Florero sobre una silla, de Miguel Parra (Museo del Prado).jpg
Flower Vase on a Chair Miguel Parra Abril 1844 P07940 painting
Andrea belvedere-prado.jpg
Flowerpiece Andrea Belvedere 1500s P00550 painting
Flowerpiece Andrea Belvedere P00549 painting
Florero de cristal.jpg
Flowers in a Glass Vase Juan de Arellano 1668 P07921 painting
Fog (Picos de Europa) Carlos de Haes P06701 painting
Ford of a River Claude Lorrain P02261 painting
Forest Simon de Vlieger P01729 painting
Forest with Rider and Dogs Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom P01728 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Fortuna, 1638.jpg
Fortune Peter Paul Rubens 1636s P01674 painting
Four Apostles. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07287 painting
Four Bunches of hanging Grapes Juan Fernández el Labrador P07903 painting
Frans Snyders 002.jpg
Fox and cat Frans Snyders 1636s P01755 painting
Batoni - Francis Basset, 1st Baron de Dunstanville.jpg
Francis Basset, I Baron of Dunstanville Pompeo Batoni 1778 P00049 painting
Velázquez - Caballero, Francisco Pacheco (Museo del Prado, c. 1622).jpg
Francisco Pacheco Diego Velázquez 1623 P01209 painting man
Froilán de Berganza Mariano Salvador Maella P07052 painting
Gabriel de Borbón y Sajonia, Infante of Spain Anton Raphael Mengs 1767 P02196 painting Infante Gabriel of Spain
Clara Peeters - Bodegón (Prado) 01.jpg
Game piece with poultry Clara Peeters 1611 P01619 painting Sparrowhawk
Eurasian Bullfinch
Kraak porcelain
Muchachos cogiendo fruta.jpg
Garçons cueillant des fruits Francisco Goya 1778 P00777 painting
Muchachos trepando a un árbol.jpg
Garçons grimpant à un arbre Francisco Goya 1791 P00803 painting
Garland Daniel Seghers P01912 painting
Garland of Flowers with a Landscape Juan de Arellano P02508 painting
Arellano-florero y paisaje.jpg
Garland of Flowers with a Landscape Juan de Arellano 1652 P02507 painting
Garland of Flowers with Minerva and Mercury Benito Espinós P06386 painting
Garland of Flowers with Saint Camillus de Lellis Bartolomé Pérez 1650s P01056 painting
Garland of Flowers with Saint Teresa of Jesus Bartolomé Pérez P01057 painting
Daniel Seghers - Flower garland around the Madonna, Child and St John the Baptist.jpg
Garland of Flowers with the Virgin, the Christ Child and Saint John Erasmus Quellinus II 1650s P01994 painting Child Saint John
Nicolaes van Verendael - Garland surrounding the Virgin Mary.jpg
Garland surrounding the Virgin Mary Nicolaes van Verendael 1650s P01419 painting
Garland with the Virgin and Child Hendrick van Balen P01416 painting
Garland with the Virgin, the Christ Child and two Angels Jan Brueghel the Elder P01417 painting
Gathering in a Garden Charles Joseph Flipart P02477 painting
Portrait of General Antonio Ricardos by Goya.jpg
General Antonio Ricardos Francisco Goya 1793 P02784 painting
General Jose de Urrutia (1739-1803) por Goya.jpg
General José de Urrutia Francisco Goya 1798 P00736 painting José de Urrutia
Girl with a Barrel anonymous P02133 painting
Girl with a Doll Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04565 painting
Muchacha con una rosa (Reni).jpg
Girl with a Rose Guido Reni 1650s P00218 painting
Banchetto di gladiatori.jpg
Gladiators at a Banquet Giovanni Lanfranco 1638 P003091 painting gladiator
Gladiadores en un banquete (Lanfranco).jpg
Gladiators at a Banquet Giovanni Lanfranco 1638 P03091 painting
Glass Vase with Roses and Jasmine Juan Bautista Romero P07934 painting
Glass Vase with Roses and other Flowers Juan Bautista Romero P07935 painting
La reconvención a Adán, de Francesco Bassano (Museo del Prado).jpg
God reprimanding Adam Francesco Bassano the Younger 1570 P00021 painting
God the Father held by four angels. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07269 painting
Dios Padre pintando a la Virgen.jpg
God the Father painting the Immaculate Conception José García Hidalgo 1690 P08155 painting
Gypsy Gathering in a Wood Jan Brueghel the Elder P01432 painting
Harbour Scene Mariano Salvador Maella P00873 painting
Hare Hunting Philips Wouwerman P02148 painting
Hare Hunting. Hermitage of San Baudelio. Casillas de Berlanga (Soria) anonymous P07265 painting
Hans Baldung 008.jpg
Harmony (The Three Graces?) Hans Baldung 1539 P02219 painting
Hawking Party by a River Philips Wouwerman P02149 painting
Head of a Halberdier Hieronymus Bosch 1490s P02695 painting
Cabeza de apóstol, de Anton Raphael Mengs (Museo del Prado).jpg
Head of an Apostle Anton Raphael Mengs 1764 P02203 painting
Cabeza de apóstol, de Anton Raphael Mengs. (Museo del Prado).jpg
Head of an Apostle Anton Raphael Mengs 1764 P02202 painting
Head of Christ Aelbrecht Bouts P02698 painting
Jan Brueghel I & Peter Paul Rubens - Hearing (Museo del Prado).jpg
Hearing Jan Brueghel the Elder
Peter Paul Rubens
1617s P01395 painting sheet music
musical instrument
Hecuba' s Grief Leonaert Bramer P02069 painting
Heraclitus, the Crying Philosopher Peter Paul Rubens P01680 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Hercules and Cerberus, 1636.jpg
Hercules and Cerberus Peter Paul Rubens 1636 P02043 painting
Hércules y el Cancerbero, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules and Cerberus Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01247 painting
Hércules y el toro de Creta, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules and the Cretan Bull Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01245 painting
Hércules y el jabalí de Erimanto, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules and the Erymanthian Boar Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01244 painting
Hércules desvía el curso del río Alfeo, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules diverting the Course of the River Alpheus Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01248 painting
Hércules luchando con Anteo, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules fighting with Antaeus Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01246 painting Heracles
Hércules lucha con el león de Nemea, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules fighting with the Nemean lion Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01243 painting
Hércules lucha con la hidra de Lerna, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hércules lucha contra la hidra de Lerna Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01249 painting
Hércules separa los montes Calpe y Abyla, por Zurbarán.jpg
Hercules separates Mounts Calpe and Abylla Francisco de Zurbarán 1636 work of art
Herd of Bulls by a River below a Castle Jenaro Pérez Villaamil P06994 painting
Hippomenes and Atalanta Jacob Peter Gowy P01538 painting
Hipómenes y Atalanta (Reni).jpg
Hippomenes and Atalanta Guido Reni 1618 P03090 painting
Fortuny.Malvas reales.Museeo del Prado.jpg
Hollyhocks Marià Fortuny 1872 P02610 painting
Philips Wouwerman - Two Horses - WGA25867.jpg
Horses startled by a Dog Philips Wouwerman 1650s P02146 painting
Lucas Cranach - Hofjagd in Torgau zu Ehren Karls V. (1544, Museo del Prado).jpg
Hunt at the Castle of Torgau in honour of Charles V Lucas Cranach the Elder
Lucas Cranach the Younger
1544 P02175 painting
Lucas Cranach - Hofjagd in Torgau zu Ehren Ferdinand I. (Prado).jpg
Hunt at the Castle of Torgau in honour of Ferdinand I Lucas Cranach the Elder
Lucas Cranach the Younger
1545 P02176 painting Torgau
Hunting Party and Fishermen Philips Wouwerman P02147 painting
Poussin - Landscape, Prado P02310.jpg
Ideal landscape Nicolas Poussin 1645 P02310 painting
Ignacio Gutiérrez Solana, veedor de las Reales Caballerizas (Museo del Prado).jpg
Ignacio Gutiérrez Solana, Overseer of the Royal Stables Vicente López y Portaña 1823 P04404 painting
Murillo immaculate conception.jpg
Immaculada de Soult Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 2018 P02809 painting Virgin Mary
Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Conception Francisco de Zurbarán P08214 painting
Immaculate Conception Mateo Cerezo P08222 painting
Valdes leal-inmaculada-prado.jpg
Immaculate Conception Juan de Valdés Leal 1682 P08224 painting
Bartolomé Esteban Perez Murillo 021.jpg
Immaculate of El Escorial Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1660s P00972 painting
In his final moments, King Jaime el Conquistador gives his sword to his son, Pedro Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench 1881 P06783 painting
En el estudio, por Vicente Palmaroli.jpg
In the Studio Vicente Palmaroli 1880 P04533 painting
Alonso Sánchez Coello 001.jpg
Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia Alonso Sánchez Coello 1570
P01137 painting
Infanta Margarita Francisca, Daughter of Philip III Santiago Morán P01282 painting
Diego Velázquez 026.jpg
Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Pink Dress Diego Velázquez
Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo
1660 P01192 painting Margaret Theresa of Spain
Infernal Landscape anonymous P02096 painting
The Interior of the Mosque, Cordoba - David Roberts (1838).jpg
Interior of the Mosque, Córdoba David Roberts 1838 P06160 painting
Inv. Carlos III, La Granja, 1774 art catalog
Inv. Fernando VII, Aranjuez, 1814-1818 art catalog
Inv. Isabel Farnesio, La Granja, 1746 art catalog
Inv. Testamentaría Carlos III, Aranjuez, 1794 art catalog
Inv. Testamentaría Isabel Farnesio, La Granja, 1766 art catalog
José de Ribera 012.jpg
Isaac and Jacob Jusepe de Ribera 1637 P01118 painting Isaac
Isaac Henrique Sequeira (Gainsborough).jpg
Isaac Henrique Sequeira Thomas Gainsborough 1775 P02979 painting
María Isabel Álvarez y Montes, marquesa de Valderas (Museo del Prado).jpg
Isabel Álvarez Montes, II Marchioness of Valderas and II Duchess of Castro Enríquez Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1868 P03089 painting
Villandrando Isabel de Borbón Lienzo. 201 x 115 cm. Museo del Prado.jpg
Isabel de Borbón, Wife of Philip IV Rodrigo de Villandrando 1620 P07124 painting
Isabel de Farnesio, reina de España, Meléndez, Prado.jpg
Isabella Farnese Miguel Jacinto Meléndez 1750s P07604 painting
Isabel de Parma.jpg
Isabella Farnese, Queen of Spain Jean Ranc 1723 P02330 painting
Isabelle la Catholique anonymous 1490 P07656 painting
Doña Isabel la Católica dictando su testamento (Rosales).jpg
Isabelle la Catholique dictant son testament Eduardo Rosales 1864 P04625 painting Isabella I of Castile
Medina del Campo
Ferdinand II of Aragon
Joanna of Castile
Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros
Paisaje de Italia.jpg
Italian Landscape Pieter Spierinckx 1500s P01781 painting
Ixion Jusepe de Ribera 1632 P01114 painting
Jacob's journey Andrea di Leone P00086 painting
El sueño de Jacob, by José de Ribera, from Prado in Google Earth.jpg
Jacob’s Dream Jusepe de Ribera 1639 P01117 painting Jacob's Ladder
Jaime Girona y Agrafel.jpg
Jaime Girona y Agrafel Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1856 P02813 painting Jaume Girona i Agrafel
Jane dormer.jpg
Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria (?) Antonis Mor 1558 P02115 painting
Erasmus Quellinus (II)- Jason with the Golden Fleece, 1630.jpg
Jason and the Golden Fleece Erasmus Quellinus II 1630 P01631 painting
Mengs - Infante Don Francisco Javier de Borbón.jpg
Javier de Borbón y Sajonia, infante de España Anton Raphael Mengs 1767 P02195 painting
Johann Friedrich (Sachsen).jpg
Jean-Frédéric Ier de Saxe Titian 1548 P00533 painting
Piombo cristo cruz prado.jpg
Jesus carrying the Cross Sebastiano del Piombo P00345 painting
Jesús en casa de Anás Museo del Prado José de Madrazo.jpg
Jesus in the House of Annas José de Madrazo y Agudo 1803 P03912 painting
El juego de la pelota a pala.jpg
jeu de balle avec raquette Francisco Goya 1779 P00784 painting
Joana de Áustria 1536-1573.jpg
Joanna of Austria Antonis Mor 1560 P02112 painting
Joaquina Téllez-Girón, daughter of the 9th Duke and Duchess of Osuna Agustín Esteve P02581 painting
Johanna Martens (Moreelse).jpg
Johanna Martens Paulus Moreelse 1625 P07292 painting
John Fane (Lawrence).jpg
John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmoreland Thomas Lawrence 1806 P03001 painting
La esposa de Jörg Zörer, con 28 años (Amberger).jpg
Jorg Zörer’s Wife (?) Christoph Amberger 1531 P02184 painting
José Moñino y Redondo, 1st Count of Floridablanca Bernardo Martínez del Barranco P02780 painting
Jose Nicolas de Azara 2.jpg
José Nicolás de Azara Anton Raphael Mengs 1774 P08113 painting José Nicolás de Azara
Josefa Bayeu Francisco De Goya y Lucientes.jpg
Josefa Bayeu Francisco Goya 1814s P00722 painting Josefa Bayeu
Josefa Coello de Portugal, por Federico de Madrazo.jpg
Josefa Coello de Portugal Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1855 P04453 painting
Josefa Manzanedo e Intentas de Mitjans, II Marchioness of Manzanedo Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta P02603 painting
La marquesa de Manzanedo (Meissonier)2.jpg
Josefa Manzanedo e Intentas de Mitjans, Second Marchioness of Manzanedo Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier 1872 P02628 painting
Jacopo Tintoretto 018.jpg
Joseph and Potiphar's Wife Tintoretto 1555 P00395 painting Joseph
clothed male, naked female
canopy bed
Potiphar's wife
José ordena la prisión de Simeón, de Antonio del Castillo (Museo del Prado).jpg
Joseph orders Simeon’s Imprisonment Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra 1650s P00956 painting
El sueño de San José (Museo del Prado).jpg
Joseph’s Dream Vicente López y Portaña 1805 P07735 painting
Juan de Austria's presentation to Emperor Carlos V in Yuste Eduardo Rosales P04610 painting
Juan Francisco Pimentel, conde de Benavente Diego Velázquez 1648 P01193 painting man
Juana de Austria, por Juan Pantoja de la Cruz.jpg
Juana de Austria, hermana de Felipe II, princesa de Portugal Juan Pantoja de la Cruz P04159 painting
Juana Galarza de Goicoechea.jpg
Juana Galarza de Goicoechea Francisco Goya 1805 P04194 painting
Judas betraying Christ Godfried Schalcken P03652 painting
Judit y Holofernes, por Tintoretto.jpg
Judith and Holofernes Tintoretto 1550s P00389 painting Judith
Judith y Holofernes (Goya).jpg
Judith and Holofernes Francisco Goya 1819 P00764 painting woman
Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto - Giuditta e Oloferne.jpg
Judith and Holofernes Tintoretto 1577 P00391 painting Judith
Artemisia, by Rembrandt, from Prado in Google Earth.jpg
Judith at the Banquet of Holofernes Rembrandt 1634 P02132 painting Saskia van Uylenburgh
Artemisia II of Caria
queen regnant
long hair
pearl necklace
domestic worker
cup with stem
red hair
Judit con la cabeza de Holofernes (Salomon de Bray).jpg
Judith offering the Head of Holofernes Salomon de Bray 1636 P02097 painting Judith
Julián Romero y su santo patrono.jpg
Julian Romero de las Azanas and his patron St. Julian El Greco 1612 P02445 painting
Júpiter y Antíope, por Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre.jpg
Jupiter and Antiope Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre 1745s P03218 painting
Jan Cossiers - Júpiter y Licaón.jpg
Jupiter and Lycaon Jan Cossiers 1650s P01463 painting
Jupiter and the Gods urging Apollo to take back the Reins of his Chariot Cornelis van Haarlem P02088 painting
Kermesse in a Rocky Landscape Lucas van Valckenborch P07746 painting
El rey David, de Ignacio de Ries (Museo del Prado).jpg
King David Ignacio de Ries 1650 P08064 painting
Kitchen Boy Francisco Lopez Caro P08219 painting
Kitchen still life Maestro S. B. P01990 painting
Kitchen Still Life Mateo Cerezo P03159 painting
Kitchen still life with a hare and two partridges Mariano Nani P00263 painting
Kite attacking a Henhouse Miguel March P07927 painting
Milano con un grupo de aves muertas, de José del Castillo.jpg
Kite with a Group of dead Birds José del Castillo 1774 P03035 painting
Knight with a clock.jpg
Knight with a Clock Titian 1550 P00412 painting
El Greco - The Coronation of the Virgin - WGA10494.jpg
Koronacja Matki Boskiej El Greco 1591 P02645 painting
Erasmus Quellinus (II)- El Amor dormido, 1630.jpg
L'Amour endormi Erasmus Quellinus II 1630 P01718 painting
El niño del árbol.jpg
L'Enfant de l'arbre Francisco Goya 1779 P00789 painting
La ermita de San Isidro.jpg
L'Ermitage de saint Isidore Francisco Goya 1788 P02783 painting
El infante Antonio Pascual.jpg
L'Infant Antonio Pascual Francisco Goya 1800 P00733 painting
1795–1820 clothing
El infante Carlos María Isidro.jpg
L'Infant Charles de Bourbon Francisco Goya 1800 P00731 painting
1795–1820 clothing
El infante Francisco de Paula.jpg
L'Infant François de Paule Francisco Goya 1800 P00730 painting
1795–1820 clothing
La infanta María Josefa.jpg
L'Infante María Josefa Francisco Goya 1800 P00729 painting
1795–1820 clothing
Jan Brueghel (I) and Hendrick van Balen - Abundance and the Four Elements.jpg
La Abundancia y los Cuatro Elementos Hendrick van Balen 1615 P01399 painting
Jan Brueghel the Elder and Hendrick de Clerck - Abundance and the Four Elements (1606).jpg
La Abundancia y los Cuatro Elementos Jan Brueghel the Elder
Hendrick de Clerck
1610 P01401 painting
Joaquín Sorolla - La actriz María Guerrero como 'La Dama Boba.jpg
La actriz María Guerrero como «La dama boba» Joaquín Sorolla 1906 P04647 painting
El columpio.jpg
La Balançoire Francisco Goya 1779 P00785 painting
La Barca de Aqueronte by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo 1887.jpg
La barca de Aqueronte Félix Resurrección Hidalgo 1887 painting
La boda.jpg
La boda Francisco Goya 1792 P00799 painting
La campana de Huesca José Casado del Alisal 1880 P06751 painting
La Casa del Sordo Aureliano de Beruete P04255 painting
Partida de caza.jpg
La caza de la codorniz Francisco Goya 1775 P02857 painting
Fortuny La corrida de toros.jpg
La Corrida de toros Marià Fortuny 1870 P04328 painting
La Demencia de Doña Juana.JPG
La Démence de Jeanne de Castille Lorenzo Valles 1867 P04669 painting
La feria de Madrid.jpg
La Foire de Madrid Francisco Goya 1778 P00779 painting
La Gloria (Tiziano).jpg
La Gloria Titian 1551 P00432 painting
Bernardo Cavallino - Martirio di S. Stefano (Museo del Prado).jpg
La lapidació de sant Esteve Bernardo Cavallino 1640s painting Stephen
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Manola (La Leocadia) - WGA10107.jpg
La Leocadia Francisco Goya 1819 P00754 painting 1795–1820 clothing
Maja desnuda (museo del Prado).jpg
La maja desnuda Francisco Goya 1800 P00742 painting naked woman
La marica en un árbol.jpg
La Marica en un árbol Francisco Goya 1786 P07346 painting
La nevada, Francisco de Goya.jpg
La Neige Francisco Goya 1786 P00798 painting wind
Joaquín Sorolla - La niña María Figueroa vestida de menina.jpg
La niña María Figueroa vestida de menina Joaquín Sorolla 1901 P07791 painting
La novillada.jpg
La Novillada Francisco Goya 1779 P00787 painting
Tercio de varas (Eugenio Lucas Velázquez).jpg
La Pique Lucas Velázquez 1850 P04421 painting
La gallina ciega (boceto) por Francisco de Goya.jpg
La Poule aveugle Francisco Goya 1789 P02781 painting
La pradera de San Isidro de Goya.jpg
La Prairie de Saint-Isidore Francisco Goya 1788 P00750 painting
La Rendición de Bailén (Casado del Alisal).jpg
La Reddition de Bailén José Casado del Alisal 1864 P04265 painting
Juana la Loca recluida en Tordesillas.jpg
La reina doña Juana la Loca, recluida en Tordesillas con su hija, la infanta doña Catalina Francisco Pradilla Ortiz 1906 P07493 painting
Riña en el Mesón del Gallo de Goya.jpg
La Riña en el Mesón del Gallo Francisco Goya 1777 P07801 painting
Blas de prado.jpg
La Sagrada Familia, san Ildefonso, san Juan Evangelista y el maestro Alonso de Villegas Blas de Prado 1589 P01059 painting
La senda Álvaro Alcalá Galiano painting
La Tirana, por Casado del Alisal.jpg
La Tirana José Casado del Alisal 1875 painting
La Torre de las Damas in the Alhambra, Granada Martín Rico P02623 painting
La acerolera.jpg
La Vendeuse de cenelle Francisco Goya 1778 P00782 painting
Batalla Fleurus (1622).jpg
La Victoire de Fleurus Vincenzo Carducci 1634 P00635 painting battle
Visión de San Pedro Nolasco.jpg
La Vision de saint Pierre Nolasque Francisco de Zurbarán 1629 P01236 painting
La visión del Coloseo. El último mártir (Museo del Prado).jpg
La visione del Colosseo José Benlliure y Gil 1885 P05560 painting Colosseum
Saint Telemachus
Adriaen van Cronenburg Portrait of a Lady and a Young Girl Holding Three Flowers.jpg
Lady and Girl Adriaen van Cronenburg 1567 P02075 painting
Lady covering her Breast Domenico Tintoretto P00384 painting
Lady from the Storer Family Thomas Lawrence P03011 painting
Maria Josefa Drummond 1716 by Oudry.jpg
Lady Mary Josephine Drummond, Countess of Castelblanco Jean-Baptiste Oudry 1716 P02793 painting
Lady wearing a Cross Antonis Mor P02116 painting
La dama del abanico.jpg
Lady with a Fan Alonso Sánchez Coello 1572 P01142 painting
Adriaen van Cronenburg Lady with a Yellow Flower.jpg
Lady with a Yellow Flower Adriaen van Cronenburg 1567 P02073 painting
Lady with Gold Chains Antonis Mor P02119 painting
Dama del joyel, de Antonio Moro (Museo del Prado).jpg
Lady with the Jewel Antonis Mor 1552 P02113 painting
Jean-Baptiste Pillement - Landscape - WGA17744.jpg
Landscape Jean-Baptiste Pillement 1750s P02303 painting
Landscape Jean-Baptiste Pillement P02302 painting
Landscape anonymous P02978 painting
Landscape Aureliano de Beruete P04256 painting
Muñoz Degrain Paisaje del Pardo tras la niebla 1866.jpg
Landscape at El Pardo, Mist rising Antonio Muñoz Degrain 1866 P04518 painting
Landscape of the Ocean and the Sea Joos de Momper P01592 painting
Landscape of the Sierra de las Agujas, as seen from the Caball-Vernat Ridge Antonio Muñoz Degrain P06223 painting
Landscape with a Carthusian (Saint Bruno?) Herman van Swanevelt P02064 painting
Paisaje con figura a caballo (Pocock).jpg
Landscape with a Figure on Horseback Nicholas Pocock 1787 P06982 painting
Landscape with a flock of sheep Ramon Martí Alsina P07053 painting
Landscape with a Hermit preaching to Animals Gaspard Dughet P02305 painting
Landscape with a Vine Tomás Yepes P07915 painting
Landscape with an Architectural View Charles Joseph Flipart P07826 painting
Landscape with an architectural view surrounded by trompe-l’oeil elements symbolising the Arts Charles Joseph Flipart P07824 painting
Landscape with Carmelites Jan Both P02058 painting
Crossing the River Styx.jpg
Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx Joachim Patinir 1515 P01616 painting
Landscape with Figures Pedro Rodriguez de Miranda P01132 painting
Landscape with Fisherman Family at Dusk Herman van Swanevelt P02141 painting
Landscape with Fishermen and Shepherds on a Riverbank Jan Both P02066 painting
Dalem-paisaje con pastores.jpg
Landscape with Herdsmen Cornelis van Dalem 1560 P01856 painting
Landscape with Hermit bound in Chains Herman van Swanevelt P02034 painting
Landscape with Hermit preaching Herman van Swanevelt P05121 painting
Lucas van valckenborch-prado.jpg
Landscape with Ironworks Lucas van Valckenborch 1595 P01854 painting
Landscape with Ironworks Lucas van Valckenborch P01855 painting
Landscape with Mercury and Herse Frans Francken the Younger P02733 painting
Landscape with Psyche and Jupiter Paul Brill P01849 painting
Landscape with Rider anonymous P02860 painting
Paysage avec ruines - Poussin - Museo del Prado.jpg
Landscape with Ruins Nicolas Poussin 1634 P02308 painting
Landscape with Saint Benedict of Nursia Herman van Swanevelt P02065 painting
Landscape with Saint Francis in Meditation Herman van Swanevelt P02035 painting
Claude Lorrain 015.jpg
Landscape with Saint Mary of Cervelló Claude Lorrain 1637 P02259 painting
Landscape with Saint Onuphrius Claude Lorrain P02256 painting
Paysage avec saint Jérôme, Madrid, musée du Prado.jpg
Landscape with Saint Paul the Hermit Nicolas Poussin 1637s P02304 painting
Landscape with Saint Rosalia of Palermo Herman van Swanevelt P02063 painting
Paisaje con pastores, de Francisco Collantes (Museo del Prado).jpg
Landscape with Shepherds Francisco Collantes P08030 painting
Landscape with Shepherds near Roman Ruins Cornelius van Poelenburgh P02130 painting
Paisaje con san Jerónimo, Joachim Patinir, Museo del Prado.jpg
Landscape with St Jerome Joachim Patinir 1515 P01614 painting Jerome
Lorrain Santa Serapia.jpg
Landscape with the Burial of Saint Serapia Claude Lorrain 1639 P02252 painting
Paisaje con el embarco en Ostia de Santa Paula Romana (Gellée).jpg
Landscape with the Embarkation of Saint Paula Romana at Ostia Claude Lorrain 1639 P02254 painting
Claude Lorrain - Landscape with the Finding of Moses - WGA04979.jpg
Landscape with the Finding of Moses Claude Lorrain 1639 P02253 painting
Paisaje con las tentaciones de San Antonio.jpg
Landscape with the Temptations of Saint Anthony Claude Lorrain 1635s P02258 painting Anthony the Great
Paisaje con Tobías y el Arcángel Rafael.jpg
Landscape with Tobias and the Angel Claude Lorrain 1600s P02255 painting
Landscape with Travellers and a Shepherd Herman van Swanevelt P03223 painting
Jan Brueghel de Oude - Landschap met wagens.jpg
Landscape with Wagons Jan Brueghel the Elder 1603 P01433 painting
Landscape with Waterfall Claude-Joseph Vernet P02347 painting
Landscape with Wayfarers, Boy and Dog Herman van Swanevelt P02140 painting
Landscape, El Pardo Aureliano de Beruete P04257 painting
Large Landscape (Aragon) Francisco Domingo Marqués P07773 painting
Las gigantillas.jpg
Las gigantillas Francisco Goya 1791 P07112 painting
Las Meninas, by Diego Velázquez, from Prado in Google Earth.jpg
Las Meninas Diego Velázquez 1656 P01174 painting Philip IV of Spain
Margaret Theresa of Spain
Diego Velázquez
Mariana of Austria
infante of Spain
Las mozas del cántaro.jpg
Las Mozas del cántaro Francisco Goya 1791 P00800 painting
Bufon Francisco Bazan carreno de miranda.jpg
Le Bouffon Francisco Bazán Juan Carreño de Miranda 1680 P00647 painting man
El bebedor.jpg
Le Buveur Francisco Goya 1777 P00772 painting
Diego Velázquez - Retrato del Cardinal-Infante Fernando de Austria.jpg
Le Cardinal-infant Fernando d'Autriche chasseur Diego Velázquez 1634
P01186 painting Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Austria
La cometa.jpg
Le Cerf-volant Francisco Goya 1778 P00774 painting
La era.jpg
Le Champ Francisco Goya 1786 P00794 painting
El muchacho del pájaro.jpg
Le Garçon à l'oiseau Francisco Goya 1779 P00790 painting
La merienda a orilla del Manzanares.jpg
Le Goûter au bord du Manzanares Francisco Goya 1776 P00768 painting
El albañil herido.jpg
Le Maçon blessé Francisco Goya 1786 P00796 painting
El albañil borracho.jpg
Le Maçon ivre Francisco Goya 1786 P02782 painting
El pescador de caña.jpg
Le Pêcheur Francisco Goya 1775 P05542 painting
La cita.jpg
Le Rendez-vous Francisco Goya 1779 P00792 painting
Learning by Heart Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04576 painting
Leatherback Sea Turtle Pedro Juan Tapia P03546 painting
Leda y el cisne (Georg Pencz).jpg
Leda and the Swan Georg Pencz 1550s P06999 painting
Left Spandrel of the Entry Arch. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07280 painting
Giuseppe bonito-esquilache.jpg
Leopoldo de Gregorio, Marquis of Esquilache Giuseppe Bonito 1759 P08179 painting Leopoldo de Gregorio, Marquis of Esquilache
Mengs, Anton Raphael - Pietro Leopoldo d'Asburgo Lorena, granduca di Toscana - 1770 - Prado.jpg
Leopoldo de Lorena, Grand Duke of Tuscany Anton Raphael Mengs 1770 P02198 painting Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor
Les Amis de Jésus Antonio Fillol Granell 1900 P05692 painting Jesus Christ
fishing net
Los leñadores.jpg
Les Bûcherons Francisco Goya 1780 P00791 painting
Las floreras.jpg
Les Fleurs Francisco Goya 1786 P00793 painting
Jugadores de naipes.jpg
Les Joueurs de cartes Francisco Goya 1777 P00775 painting
Las lavanderas.jpg
Les Lavandières Francisco Goya 1779 P00786 painting
Los pobres en la fuente.jpg
Les Pauvres à la fontaine Francisco Goya 1786 P00797 painting
José de Ribera 023.jpg
Liberation of Saint Peter Jusepe de Ribera 1639 P01073 painting Peter
Bodegón - limas, caja de dulce y recipientes (Luis Meléndez).jpg
Limes, a Box of Jelly, butterfly and recipients Luis Egidio Meléndez P00925 painting
Lo fingido verdadero (exposición) exhibition
Los niños de la concha.jpg
Los Niños de la concha Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1670 P00964 painting
Los zancos (Goya).jpg
Los zancos Francisco Goya 1791 P00801 painting
Lot y sus hijas (Furini).jpg
Lot and his Daughters Francesco Furini 1634 P00144 painting Lot
Luis I, príncipe de Asturias.jpg
Louis I, Prince of Asturias Michel Ange Houasse 1717 P02387 painting
Luis de Etruria.jpg
Louis Ier d'Étrurie Francisco Goya 1800 P00732 painting
1795–1820 clothing
Luis XIII, rey de Francia (Philippe de Champaigne).jpg
Louis XIII, King of France Philippe de Champaigne 1655 P02240 painting
Louis le Grand; Rigaud Hyacinthe.jpg
Louis XIV Hyacinthe Rigaud 1701 P02343 painting Louis XIV of France
Luis XVI (Callet).jpg
Louis XVI Antoine-François Callet 1788 P02238 painting
Lower part of God the Father. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07270 painting
Luis de Góngora anonymous 1622s P01223 painting
Tiziano, Madonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George.jpg
Madonna and Child with Saints Dorothy and George Titian 1516 P00434 painting Virgin Mary
Child Jesus
Saint George
Correggio 047.jpg
Madonna and Child with the Young Saint John Antonio da Correggio 1516s P00112 painting Virgin Mary
Child Jesus
John the Baptist
Titian hair
long hair
Virgen de la granada (Fra Angelico).jpg
Madonna of the Pomegranate Fra Angelico 1426 P08233 painting Virgin Mary
Child Jesus
Raffaello Santi - Madonna della Rosa (Prado).jpg
Madonna of the Rose Raphael 1518 P00302 painting Virgin Mary
Child Jesus
Virgen de Tobed.jpg
Madonna with Child Jaime Serra 1359 P08117 painting Virgin Mary
Child Jesus
Raffaello Sanzio - Sacra Famiglia con Rafael, Tobia e San Girolamo, o Vergine del pesce.jpg
Madonna with the Fish Raphael 1513 P002967
painting Virgin Mary
Child Jesus
Magdalena Parrella y Urbieta and her Daughter, Elisa Tapia y Parrella Carlos Luis de Ribera y Fieve P04599 painting
Maino La Magdalena penitente. 1612. Museo del Prado.jpg
Magdalena penitente en la gruta de Sainte-Baume Juan Bautista Mayno 1613 P03225 painting Mary Magdalene
human skull
long hair
mortification of the flesh
Magistrate with Crucifix Leandro Bassano P00045 painting
Ramón Bayeu y Subías - El majo de la guitarra.jpg
Majo with a Guitar Ramón Bayeu 1778 P02521 painting
Mujeres riendo.jpg
Man Mocked by Two Women Francisco Goya 1819 P00765 painting
Man wearing an ermine Collar anonymous P00413 painting
Anthonis Van Dyck - Man with a Lute.jpg
Man with a Lute Anthony van Dyck 1650s P01487 painting
Manuel Flores Calderón (Museo del Prado).jpg
Manuel Flores Calderón Antonio María Esquivel 1842 P04302 painting
Manuel Silvela.jpg
Manuel Silvela Francisco Goya 1809 P02450 painting Manuel Silvela y García de Aragón
Manuela de Errazu, por Raimundo de Madrazo.jpg
Manuela de Errazu Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta 1850s P02982 painting
Manuela Goicoechea y Galarza.jpg
Manuela Goicoechea y Galarza Francisco Goya 1805 P07461 painting
Manuela Tolosa y Aviñón Antonio González Velázquez P07459 painting
Marco Grimani Tintoretto P00379 painting
Margaret before the Mirror Manuel Domínguez Sánchez P06368 painting
Juan Pantoja de la Cruz 016.jpg
Margaret of Austria Juan Pantoja de la Cruz 1606 P02563 painting Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain
Margarita de Austria, reina de España Bartolomé González y Serrano P01277 painting
Maria Amalia of Saxony.jpg
Maria Amalia de Saxony Louis de Silvestre 1738 P02358 painting
Maria Amalia of Saxony, Queen consort of Naples and Sicily; Queen consort of Spain.jpg
Maria Amalia of Saxony Anton Raphael Mengs 1761 P02201 painting
María Ana Victoria de Borbón.jpg
María Ana Victoria de Borbón y Farnesio Nicolas de Largillière 1724 P02277 painting
Doña Mariana de Neoburgo a caballo.jpg
Maria Anna of Neuburg, Queen of Spain, on Horseback Luca Giordano 1693s P00198 painting
La marquesa viuda de Villafranca por Francisco de Goya.jpg
María Antonia Gonzaga, Dowager Marchioness of Villafranca Francisco Goya 1795 P02447 painting
Maria Carolina of Augsburg-Lorena, Queen of Naples Anton Raphael Mengs 1768 P02194 painting Maria Carolina of Austria
María Cristina de Borbon, Queen of Spain Vicente López y Portaña 1830 P00865 painting Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies
Luis Paret Y Alcazár - Maria de las Nieves Micaela Fourdinier - WGA17018.jpg
María de las Nieves Micaela Fourdinier, the Painter's Wife Luis Paret y Alcázar 1782s P03250 painting
La marquesa de Montelo (Federico de Madrazo).jpg
María Dolores de Aldama, Marchioness of Montelo Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz 1855 P04450 painting
Vicente López Y Portaña - Portrait of Doña Francisca de la Gándara - WGA13458.jpg
María Francisca de la Gándara, Countess widow of Calderón Vicente López y Portaña 1846 P07041 painting
María Guerrero niña.jpg
María Guerrero as a Girl Emilio Sala Francés 1878 P04188 painting
Ruta - Infanta Maria Isabel.jpg
María Isabel of Bourbon and Saxony, Infanta of Naples and Spain Clemente Ruta 1746 P00014 painting
Maria Josepha of Austria - Anton Raphael Mengs - 1767.jpg
Maria Josefa de Lorena, Archduchess of Austria Anton Raphael Mengs 1767 P02186 painting Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria
Maella - Maria Luisa of Parma, oval, Prado.jpg
María Luisa de Parma, Queen of Spain Mariano Salvador Maella 1750s P08103 painting
Maria Luisa de Parma por Goya (Museo de Zaragoza).jpg
María Luisa de Parma, reina de España Francisco Goya 1789 painting
Mengs - Maria Luisa of Parma, Prado.jpg
María Luisa of Parma, Princess of Asturias Anton Raphael Mengs 1765 P02189 painting woman
Maria Luisa of Parma
María Pilar de la Cerda y Marín de Resende, duquesa consorte de Nájera (Museo del Prado).jpg
María Pilar de la Cerda y Marín de Resende, Duchess of Nájera Vicente López y Portaña 1795 P03238 painting
Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida - María Teresa Moret y Remisa, señora de Beruete.jpg
María Teresa Moret Joaquín Sorolla 1901 P04655 painting
Mariana de Austria en oración, by studio of Diego Velázquez.jpg
Mariana de Austria in Prayer Diego Velázquez 1655 P01222 painting
Mariano San Juan y Pinedo, future Count Consort of La Cimera Agustín Esteve P02876 painting
Marie de Medici, Queen of France Peter Paul Rubens 1622 P01685 painting
Mengs - Maria Luisa of Spain, later Holy Roman Empress, Prado.jpg
Marie-Louise d'Espagne, grande duchesse de Toscane Anton Raphael Mengs 1770 P02199 painting Maria Luisa of Spain
Los Desposorios de la Virgen, por Robert Campin.jpg
Marriage of the Virgin Robert Campin 1427 P01887 painting
Velázquez - Dios Marte (Museo del Prado, 1639-41).jpg
Mars Resting Diego Velázquez 1640 P01208 painting Ares
Micer Marsilio Cassotti y su esposa Faustina (Lorenzo Lotto).jpg
Marsilio Cassotti and His Bride Faustina Lorenzo Lotto 1523 P00240 painting
Martín Antonio Álvarez de Sotomayor y Soto-Flores, Count of Colomera Agustín Esteve P07259 painting
Aves muertas por Francisco de Goya.jpg
Martwa natura z ubitym ptactwem (obraz Goi) Francisco Goya 1808s P00752 painting
Martyrdom of Saint Peter Martyr Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa P07658 painting
San Sebastián, de El Greco, completo (Museo del Prado).jpg
Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian El Greco 1610 P03002 painting Saint Sebastian
Mary Magdalene Reading Adriaen Isenbrandt P02664 painting
Mary Magdalene. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07271 painting
Maria Tudor1.jpg
Mary Tudor Antonis Mor 1554 P02108 painting Mary I of England
Anthony van Dyck - Mary Ruthven, Lady van Dyck.jpg
Mary, Lady Van Dyck Anthony van Dyck 1640 P01495 painting
Master Ward (George Romney).jpg
Master Ward George Romney 1771s P03013 painting
Virgen María (El Greco).jpg
Mater dolorosa El Greco 1597 P00829 painting Virgin Mary
La Dolorosa, de Paolo de San Leocadio (Museo del Prado).jpg
Mater Dolorosa Paolo da San Leocadio 1482s P07135 painting
Mater Dolorosa by Titian.jpg
Mater Dolorosa Titian 1554
P00443 painting
Maximina Martínez de la Pedrosa, esposa del artista, por Eduardo Rosales.jpg
Maximina Martínez de la Pedrosa, the Artist's Wife Eduardo Rosales 1860 P06993 painting
Jacob Jordaens - Meleager and Atalanta, 1620-1650.jpg
Meleager and Atalanta Jacob Jordaens 1650s P01546 painting
Memories of Catalonia Lluís Rigalt P06652 painting
Memories of Granada Antonio Muñoz Degrain P04520 painting
Hombres leyendo.jpg
Men Reading Francisco Goya 1819 P00766 painting
Diego Velázquez 022.jpg
Menippus Diego Velázquez 1639 P01207 painting man
Fábula de Mercurio y Argos, by Diego Velázquez.jpg
Mercure et Argos Diego Velázquez 1659 P01175 painting Mercury
Peter Paul Rubens - Mercury, 1636-1638.jpg
Mercury Peter Paul Rubens 1636s P01677 painting Mercury
Peter Paul Rubens - Mercury and Argos, 1636-1638.jpg
Mercury and Argus Peter Paul Rubens 1636s P01673 painting
Messina Returned to Spain Luca Giordano P03261 painting
Miss Marthe Carr (Thomas Lawrence).JPG
Miss Marthe Carr Thomas Lawrence 1789 P03012 painting
Hieronymus Bosch - Triptych of the Adoration of the Magi (closed) - WGA2607.jpg
Missa de Sant Gregori de Hieronymous Bosch Hieronymus Bosch 1494 P02048 painting
Molduras arquitectónicas y adornos fingidos, con figuras alegóricas y flores Francisco Martínez Salamanca y Costa P08037 painting
Gioconda (copia del Museo del Prado restaurada).jpg
Mona Lisa anonymous 1503
P00504 painting
artwork copy
Teniers-monos en la escuela-prado.jpg
Monkeys in the school David Teniers the Younger 1660 P01808 painting monkey
Fortuny Marroquins.jpg
Morocans Marià Fortuny 1872s P02607 painting
Moisés salvado de las aguas, por Tintoretto.jpg
Moses saved from the waters Tintoretto 1555 P00396 painting
Moisés y el agua de la roca (Assereto).jpg
Moses striking the Water from the Rock Gioacchino Assereto 1650s
P01134 painting
Moses Striking Water from the Rock Corrado Giaquinto P08225 painting
Mountain Landscape with Hut and Vegetables Herman van Swanevelt P02057 painting
Mountain Pass Jan Both P05443 painting
Mrs Delicado de Imaz Vicente López y Portaña P02981 painting
Mrs. McLean of Kinlochaline (Henry Raeburn).jpg
Mrs. MacLean of Kinlochaline Henry Raeburn 1800 P03116 painting
Muerte de Hércules, por Zurbarán.jpg
Muerte de Hércules Francisco de Zurbarán 1634 P01250 painting
Jan Cossiers - Narciso.jpg
Narcissus Jan Cossiers 1650s P01465 painting
La Natividad, de Eugenio Cajés (Museo del Prado).jpg
Nativity Eugenio Caxés 1610 P08217 painting
Nacimiento de San Juan Bautista (Artemisia Gentileschi).jpg
Nativity of St. John the Baptist Artemisia Gentileschi 1635 P00149 painting John the Baptist
Luis Melendez, Still Life with Salmon,Lemon and three Vessels,1772 Museo del Prado Madrid.jpg
Nature morte Luis Egidio Meléndez 1772 P00902 painting
Pavo muerto (Goya).jpg
Nature morte à la dinde Francisco Goya 1808 P00751 painting
Naval Battle Aert Anthoniszoon P03684 painting
Combate naval (Museo del Prado).jpg
Naval Battle anonymous 1650s P02144 painting
Wieringen-combate naval.jpg
Naval Battle Cornelis Claesz van Wieringen 1650s P02143 painting
Vroom-combate naval-prado.jpg
Naval Battle off a Rocky Coast Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom 1626s P02159 painting
Retrato de Nicolás Omazur.jpg
Nicolás Omazur Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1672 P03060 painting
Paisaje nocturno Luis Rigalt.jpg
Night Landscape with Monastery in Ruins Lluís Rigalt 1850 D08554 painting
watercolor painting
rural area
Correggio Noli Me Tangere.jpg
Noli me tangere Antonio da Correggio 1523 P00111 painting Mary Magdalene
long hair
Jesus Christ
male toplessness
clothed female, naked male
chestnut hair
Noli me tangere - Poussin - Museo del Prado.jpg
Noli me tangere Nicolas Poussin 1653 P02306 painting Mary Magdalene
Noli me tangere (Núñez del Valle).jpg
Noli me Tangere Pedro Núñez del Valle 1630s P03531 painting Mary Magdalene
Jerónimo Cósida - Noli me tangere.jpg
Noli Me Tangere Jerónimo Cosida 1570 P00523 painting Mary Magdalene
Nude Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04578 painting
Fortuny Nu en la platja de Portici.jpg
Nude Boy on the Beach at Portici Marià Fortuny 1874 P02606 painting
Viejo desnudo al sol.jpg
Nude Old Man in the Sun Marià Fortuny 1871 P02612 painting man
old age
white hair
Peter Paul Rubens - Nymphs and Satyrs - WGA20322.jpg
Nymphs and Satyrs Peter Paul Rubens 1635 P01666 painting
Octagonal Still Life with Bunches of Grapes Juan Bautista de Espinosa 1650 P07924 painting
Expulsión de los mercaderes del Templo, de Jacopo Bassano (Museo del Prado).jpg
Offering by Orestes and Pylades (San Ildefonso Group) Jacopo Bassano 1568 P00028 painting
Offering of Flowers Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench P04570 painting flower offeringf
Ofrenda a Baco, por Michel-Ange Houasse.jpg
Offering to Bacchus Michel Ange Houasse 1720 P02268 painting
Jacob Jordaens - Ofrenda a Ceres.jpg
Offering to Ceres Jacob Jordaens 1619 P01547 painting
Anciano leyendo a la luz de una vela.jpg
Old Man reading by Candlelight Godfried Schalcken 1700 P02135 painting
Old Man with Book anonymous P02078 painting
Old Woman by a Fireplace Quirijn van Brekelenkam P02136 painting woman
Old Woman tearing at her Hair Jan Matsys P03074 painting
El Olimpo (Triunfo de Venus).jpg
Olympus or The Triumph of Venus Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1761s P00365 painting
Open-air dance before the Archdukes Jan Brueghel the Elder P01439 painting
Eduardo Rosales Gallinas - Ofelia.jpg
Ophelia Eduardo Rosales 1850s P04623 painting
Original Sin. The Hermitage of the Vera Cruz de Maderuelo anonymous P07284 painting
Orillas del Manzanares. Otoño Aureliano de Beruete P04242 painting
Frans Snyders - Orpheus and the animals.jpg
Orphée et les animaux Frans Snyders 1636s P01844 painting
Orpheus and Eurydice by Peter Paul Rubens.jpg
Orpheus and Eurydice Peter Paul Rubens 1630s P01667 painting Orpheus
Orpheus and Eurydice in the Underworld Pieter Fris P02081 painting
Overturned silver vase on a cloth Mario Nuzzi P00252 painting
Paisaje de Torrelodones Aureliano de Beruete P04251 painting
Boucher Pan y Siringa.jpg
Pan and Syrinx François Boucher 1762 P07066 painting Pan
Pantry Frans Snyders P01750 painting
Jheronimus Bosch 115 inner wings.jpg
Paradise and Hell Hieronymus Bosch 1510s 2052 painting
Bible story
El Parnaso (Poussin).jpg
Parnassus Nicolas Poussin 1631 P02313 painting
Pastor tocando la dulzaina.jpg
Pastor tocando la dulzaina Francisco Goya 1786 P02895 painting
Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo y Salm Salm, XIII duque del Infantado (Museo del Prado).jpg
Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo y Salm Salm, XIII duque del Infantado Vicente López y Portaña 1827 P04406 painting
José de Ribera 010.jpg
Penitent Magdalene Jusepe de Ribera 1630s P01104 painting Mary Magdalene
José de Ribera 024.jpg
Penitent Magdalene Jusepe de Ribera 1641 P01103 painting Mary Magdalene
La Magdalena penitente (Luca Giordano).jpg
Penitent Mary Magdalene Luca Giordano 1660 P01105 painting Mary Magdalene
long hair
human skull
mortification of the flesh
José de Ribera 011.jpg
Penitent Saint Jerome Jusepe de Ribera 1652 P01098 painting Jerome
Penitents in the Lower Basilica of Assisi José Jiménez Aranda P07777 painting
Juan de Flandes - Pentecost - WGA12042.jpg
Pentecost Juan de Flandes 1550s P02938 painting
Pentecost Juan Bautista Mayno P03286 painting
Perejon, the Buffoon of the Count of Benavente and of the Grand Duke of Alba Antonis Mor P02107 painting
Perseus Freeing Andromeda Jacob Jordaens P01663 painting
Perspectival View of a Roman Amphitheatre Viviano Codazzi P02632 painting
P.Potemkin by J.Carreno de Miranda (1681-2, Prado).jpg
Peter Ivanowitz Potemkin, The Russian Ambassador Juan Carreño de Miranda 1681s P00645 painting
Petition for the Hand of Saint Ursula anonymous P07630 painting
El rey Felipe II de España, de Antonio Moro (Museo del Prado, Madrid).jpg
Philip II Antonis Mor 1555s P02118 painting
Philip II anonymous P00452 painting
Philip II Lucas de Heere P01949 painting
Philip II.jpg
Philip II in Armour Titian 1551s P00411 painting Philip II of Spain
Philip II offering Fernando.jpg
Philip II offering the Infante don Fernando to the Heavens Titian 1573s P00431 painting
Philip II rubens.jpg
Philip II on Horseback Peter Paul Rubens 1628 P01686 painting
Philip III Juan Pantoja de la Cruz P05774 painting
Philip III Juan Pantoja de la Cruz 1606 P02562 painting
Diego Rodríguez Velázquez - Felipe IV, cazador (Prado, Madrid).jpg
Philip IV as a Hunter (Velazquez) Diego Velázquez 1634 P01184 painting Philip IV of Spain
Velázquez - Felipe IV con un león (Museo del Prado, 1650s), estudio.jpg
Philip IV in Armour, with a Lion at his Feet Diego Velázquez 1653 P01219 painting
Velazquez-taller-felipe IV orante.jpg
Philip IV in prayer Diego Velázquez 1655 P01220 painting
Philip V 3.jpg
Philip V Miguel Jacinto Meléndez 1750s P07603 painting
Philippe V Ranc.jpg
Philip V on Horseback Jean Ranc 1723 P02326 painting
Felipe IV de negro.jpg
Philippe IV Diego Velázquez 1628 P01182 painting Philip IV of Spain
La Piedad (Daniele Crespi).jpg
Pieta Daniele Crespi 1626 P00128 painting
Jacob Jordaens - La Piedad, 1650-1660.jpg
Pietà Jacob Jordaens 1650s P06392 painting
Luis de Morales 010.jpg
Pietà Luis de Morales 1550s P02513 painting
Pietà Corrado Giaquinto P08215 painting
Anguissola, Lucia - Pietro Manna - Prado.jpg
Pietro Manna, médico de Cremona Lucia Anguissola 1557 P00016 painting
Pilate washing his Hands Luca Giordano P00172 painting Pilate washing his hands
Peregrinación a la fuente de San Isidro.jpg
Pilgrimage to the Fountain of San Isidro Francisco Goya 1819 P00755 painting
Plate with Plums and Morello Cherries Juan van der Hamen 1627 P07908 painting
Plaza de Zocodover Paulino de la Linde D006377 work of art Plaza de Zocodover, Toledo
Alcázar of Toledo
Arco de la Sangre
Shepherd adoration.jpg
Pokłon pasterzy (obraz Murilla) Bartolomé Esteban Murillo painting
Polyptych of Hulin de Loo composition.jpg
Polyptyque Hulin de Loo Master of the Prado Adoration of the Magi 1463
Frutero peros, granadas y uvas-meléndez.jpg
Pomegranates, apples, haws and grapes in a landscape Luis Egidio Meléndez 1771 P00922 painting
Escena pompeyana (Alma-Tadema).jpg
Pompeian Scene Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1868 P03996 painting
Pilatos lavándose las manos, de Francisco y Rodrigo de Osona (Museo del Prado).jpg
Pontius Pilate Washing his Hands Francisco de Osona 1500 P06898 painting Pilate washing his hands
Raimundo Madrazo - Estanque en los jardines del Real Alcazar de Sevilla.jpg
Pool in the Gardens of the Real Alcázar, Seville Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta 1868 P02618 painting
Retrato de hombre joven, by Diego Velázquez.jpg
Portrait d'un homme Diego Velázquez 1623 P01224 painting man
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes - Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos.jpg
Portrait de Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos Francisco Goya 1798 P03236 painting Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos
Juan Bautista de Muguiro por Goya.jpg
Portrait de Juan Bautista Muguiro Francisco Goya 1827 P02898 painting Juan Bautista Muguiro e Iribarren
Retrato del príncipe Baltasar Carlos, by Martínez del Mazo.jpg
Portrait de l’infant Baltasar Carlos Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo 1645 P01221 painting Balthasar Charles, Prince of Asturias
La marquesa de Villafranca.jpg
Portrait de la Marquise de Villafranca Francisco Goya 1804 P02448 painting sitting
black hair
Maria Luisa de Parma con tontillo.jpg
Portrait de Marie-Louise de Parme Francisco Goya 1789 P02862 painting woman
José Moñino y Redondo, conde de Floridablanca.jpg
Portrait du Comte de Floridablanca Francisco Goya 1783 P03255 painting José Moñino, 1st Count of Floridablanca
José Álvarez de Toledo, Duque de Alba.jpg
portrait du duc d'Albe Francisco Goya 1795 P02449 painting José María Álvarez de Toledo, 15th Duke of Medina Sidonia
1795–1820 clothing
Domenico Tintoretto 028.jpg
Portrait of a Bare-Breasted Woman Tintoretto 1545 P00382 painting woman
see-through clothing
pearl necklace
long hair
strawberry blond hair
Marietta Robusti
Veronica Franco
Portrait of a Cardinal, by Raffael, from Prado in Google Earth.jpg
Portrait of a Cardinal Raphael 1510 P00299 painting man
Portrait of a Carmelite Friar Luis Tristán P05206 painting
Portrait of a Clergyman Joshua Reynolds P02858 painting
Rodrigo de la Fuente.jpg
Portrait of a Doctor El Greco 1585 P00807 painting
Juan van der Hamen enano.jpg
Portrait of a Dwarf Juan van der Hamen 1626 P07065 painting
Retrato de una dama francesa, por Casado del Alisal.jpg
Portrait of a French Woman José Casado del Alisal 1864 P04267 painting
Retrato de un caballero anónimo.jpg
Portrait of a gentleman El Greco 1586 P00813 painting
Portrait of a Gentleman from the Van Beijeren van Schagen Family (Johan van Beijeren van Schagen?) Michiel van Mierevelt P02977 painting
Portrait of a Humanist Jan van Scorel P02580 painting
Juan Pantoja de la Cruz 022.jpg
Portrait of a Knight of the Order of Santiago Juan Pantoja de la Cruz 1601 P01034 painting
Retrato de un caballero de la Orden de Santiago (Museo del Prado).jpg
Portrait of a Knight of the Order of Santiago Louis-Michel van Loo 1750s P03126 painting
Retrato de un caballero santiaguista, de Juan de Juanes (Museo del Prado).jpg
Portrait of a Knight of the Order of Santiago Juan de Juanes 1560 P00855 painting
Portrait of a Knight of the Order of Santiago Bartolomé González y Serrano P01143 painting
Portrait of a Lady Zacarías González Velázquez P03076 painting
Portrait of a Lady anonymous P02134 painting
Portrait of a Lady Antonis Mor P02880 painting
Portrait of a Lady of the Van Beijeren van Schagen Family (Theodora van Duvenvoorde?) Michiel van Mierevelt P02976 painting
Portrait of a Lady with her Son Carlos Luis de Ribera y Fieve P04598 painting
Rosa Bonheur - Portrait of a Lion - Prado.jpg
Portrait of a Lion - Prado Rosa Bonheur 1879 P04318 painting lion
Retrato de caballero (Ceresa).jpg
Portrait of a Man Carlo Ceresa 1650s P02589 painting
Albrecht Dürer - Bildnis eines unbekannten Mannes.jpg
Portrait of a Man Albrecht Dürer 1524 P02180 painting
Retrato de caballero (Opie).jpg
Portrait of a Man John Opie 1800 P03084 painting
Portrait of a Man Daniele da Volterra P00069 painting
Bartolomé Esteban Perez Murillo - Portrait of a Gentleman in a Ruff Collar - WGA16385.jpg
Portrait of a Man Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1660 P02845 painting
Anton van Dyck - Portrait of a Man.jpg
Portrait of a Man Anthony van Dyck 1650s P01488 painting
Portrait of a Man anonymous P02167 painting
Frans Floris - Portrait of a 48-year old man.jpg
Portrait of a Man aged 48 Frans Floris I 1555 P01516 painting man
Anthonis Mor 002.jpg
Portrait of a Seated Woman Antonis Mor 1554 P02114 painting
Andrea del Sarto - Portrait of the Artist's Wife - WGA00372.jpg
Portrait of a Woman Andrea del Sarto 1514 P00332 painting
Retrato de mujer, de Tiziano y su taller (Museo del Prado).jpg
Portrait of a Woman Titian 1560 P00487 painting
Licinio-retrato femenino.jpg
Portrait of a Woman (Agnese, the painter’s sister-in-law?) Bernardino Licinio 1550s P00289 painting
Frans Floris - Portrait of a 35-year old woman.jpg
Portrait of a Woman aged 35 Frans Floris I 1555 P01517 painting woman
Portrait of a young Jan Roos P02564 painting
Prado portrait Mostaert.jpg
Portrait of a Young Gentleman Jan Mostaert 1520 P03209 painting
Caballero joven.jpg
Portrait of a Young Gentleman El Greco 1600 P00811 painting
Portrait of a Young Girl in a Landscape Carlos Luis de Ribera y Fieve P04597 painting
Portrait of an elderly Man Luis Tristán P01158 painting
Joos van Cleve - Portrait of a old man - WGA11550.jpg
Portrait of an Old Man Joos van Cleve P02182 painting
La reina Ana de Austria, por Sofonisba Anguissola.jpg
Portrait of Anna of Austria (1549-1580) Sofonisba Anguissola 1573 P01284 painting Anna of Austria, Queen of Spain
Workshop of Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel (I) 001.jpg
Portrait of Archduke Albert of Austria Jan Brueghel the Elder
Peter Paul Rubens
1615 P01683 painting
Parmigianino, ritratto di camilla gonzaga coi figli.jpg
Portrait of Camilla Gonzaga and Her Three Sons Parmigianino 1539 P00280 painting Camilla Gonzaga
Tizian 081.jpg
Portrait of Charles V with a Dog Titian 1533 P00409 painting
artwork copy
Charles V
Daniele Barbaro by Titian.jpg
Portrait of Daniele Barbaro, Patriarch of Aquileia Titian 1545 P00414 painting Daniele Barbaro
Don Diego del Corral y Arellano, por Diego Velázquez.jpg
Portrait of Don Diego de Corral y Arellano Diego Velázquez 1632 P01195 painting man
Portrait of Elisabeth of Valois holding a portrait of Philip II Sofonisba Anguissola 1563 P01031 painting woman
Elisabeth of Valois
Philip II of Spain
Tiziano, federico II gonzaga.jpg
Portrait of Federico II Gonzaga Titian 1529s P00408 painting
El barbero del Papa Velazquez.jpg
Portrait of Ferdinando Brandani Diego Velázquez 1650 P07858 painting man
Francesco Donato, Doge of Venice.jpg
Portrait of Francesco Donato David Teniers the Younger 1650s P07615 painting Francesco Donato
Velázquez - Francisco Lezcano, el Niño de Vallecas (Museo del Prado, 1643-45).jpg
Portrait of Francisco Lezcano Diego Velázquez 1635 P01204 painting Francisco Lezcano Lezcano
La infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia (Museo del Prado).jpg
Portrait of Isabel Clara Eugenia as a nun anonymous 1700 P02569 painting woman
Isabella Clara Eugenia
Isabella of Portugal by Titian.jpg
Portrait of Isabella of Portugal Titian 1548 P00415 painting woman
Mr. James Bourdieu (Reynolds).jpg
Portrait of James Bourdieu Joshua Reynolds 1765 P02986 painting
Jerónimo de Cevallos.jpg
Portrait of Jerónimo de Cevallos El Greco 1609 P00812 painting Jerónimo de Cevallos
Portrait of Johan Rammelman Caspar Netscher P07607 painting
Portrait of John Frederick the Magnanimous, Elector of Saxony Lucas Cranach the Elder P07798 painting
Velázquez - Juan Martínez Montañés (Museo del Prado, 1635-36).jpg
Portrait of Juan Martínez Montañés Diego Velázquez 1635 P01194 painting Juan Martínez Montañés
Velázquez - María de Hungría (Museo del Prado, 1630).jpg
Portrait of Maria Anna Diego Velázquez 1630 P01187 painting woman
Goya Maria Teresa.jpg
Portrait of Maria Teresa de Vallabriga Francisco Goya 1783 P07695 painting María Teresa de Vallabriga y Rozas
Diego Velázquez 032.jpg
Portrait of Mariana of Austria Diego Velázquez 1652 P01191 painting Mariana of Austria
Retrato de Mr. Storer (Shee).jpg
Portrait of Mr. Storer Martin Archer Shee 1815 P03000 painting
Velázquez - Pablo de Valladolid (Museo del Prado, 1636-37).jpg
Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid Diego Velázquez 1632 P01198 painting man
Petronella de Waert (ter Borch).jpg
Portrait of Petronella de Waert Gerard ter Borch 1670 P06892 painting
Portrait of Philip II of Spain by Sofonisba Anguissola - 002b.jpg
Portrait of Philip II of Spain Sofonisba Anguissola 1573 P01036 painting Philip II of Spain
Retrato de Felipe IV en armadura, by Diego Velázquez.jpg
Portrait of Philip IV in Armour Diego Velázquez 1626 P01183 painting Philip IV of Spain
Parmigianino, ritratto di pier maria rossi di sansecondo 01.jpg
Portrait of Pier Maria Rossi di San Secondo Parmigianino 1535 P00279 painting Pier Maria III de' Rossi
Rodrigo Vázquez de Arce.jpg
Portrait of Rodrigo Vázquez de Arce El Greco 1587 P00808 painting Rodrigo Vázquez de Arce
Velázquez – Bufón don Sebastián de Morra (Museo del Prado, c. 1645).jpg
Portrait of Sebastián de Morra Diego Velázquez 1644 P01202 painting Sebastián de Morra
Carlos de Austria, infante de España.jpg
Portrait of the Infante Don Carlos Diego Velázquez 1626 P01188 painting man
Retrato de la Marquesa de Santa Cruz.jpg
Portrait of the Marchioness of Santa Cruz Francisco Goya 1805 P07070 painting Joaquina Téllez-Girón, Marquise of Santa Cruz
1795–1820 clothing
brown hair
half reclining
long hair
fainting couch
Marquis de Ensenada.jpg
Portrait of the Marquis de la Ensenada Jacopo Amigoni 1750 P02939 painting
Portrait of Dominican (or Trinitarian) Friar.jpg
Porträt eines Mönches El Greco 1597 P02644 painting
Francisco Bayeu, por Goya.jpg
Portret Francisca Bayeu (1795) Francisco Goya 1795 P00721 painting
Praying Hermit Jean Lemaire P02316 painting
Predela con la Resurrección de Cristo, de Miguel Ximénez (Museo del Prado).jpg
Predella with the Resurrection of Christ Miguel Ximénez 1450s P02519 painting
Velazquez-taller-principe baltasar carlos-prado.jpg
Prince Baltasar Carlos Diego Velázquez 1636 P01233 painting
Príncipe BaltasarCarlos cazador Velázquez lou.jpg
Prince Balthasar Charles as a Hunter Diego Velázquez 1635 P01189 painting Balthasar Charles, Prince of Asturias
El príncipe don Carlos de Viana, Museo del Prado.jpg
Prince Carlos of Viana José Moreno Carbonero 1881 P06802 painting
Alonso Sánchez Coello - Prince Don Carlos of Austria - WGA20718.jpg
Prince Don Carlos Alonso Sánchez Coello 1555s P01136 painting Carlos, Prince of Asturias
Villandrando infante felipe.jpg
Prince Philip and the Dwarf, Miguel Soplillo Rodrigo de Villandrando 1620s P01234 painting
Procession in the Abbey at Tiglieto Serafín Avendaño P04226 painting
Peter Paul Rubens - Prometheus, 1636.jpg
Prometheus Peter Paul Rubens 1636 P02042 painting
Jan Cossiers - Prometheus Carrying Fire.jpg
Prometheus Carrying Fire Jan Cossiers 1637 P01464 painting
La Profecía, de José del Castillo.jpg
Prophecy José del Castillo 1770s P07726 painting
Prophet (fragment) Jaume Huguet P02683 painting
Ana de Austria2.jpg
Queen Anne of Austria, fourth Wife of Philip II Bartolomé González y Serrano 1616 P01141 painting
Isabel de Valois2..jpg
Queen Elisabeth of Valois, third wife of Philip II Juan Pantoja de la Cruz 1605 P01030 painting Elisabeth of Valois
Margaret of austria 1609.jpg
Queen Margaret of Austria Bartolomé González y Serrano 1609 P00716 painting Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain
Maria Amalia of Saxony as Queen of Naples overlooking the Neapolitan crown by Giuseppe Bonito held at the Prado.png
Queen Maria Amalia of Saxony Giuseppe Bonito 1745 P02357 painting
Fortuny La reina Maria Cristina.jpg
Queen María Cristina and her Daughter, Isabel II, reviewing the Artillery Batteries defending Madrid in 1837 Marià Fortuny 1866 P04332 painting
Maria Luisa de Parma a caballo.jpg
Queen María Luisa on horseback Francisco Goya 1799 P00720 painting
Agustín Esteve (after Goya) - María Luisa de Borbón-Parma (Prado).jpg
Queen María Luisa, in a Mantilla Agustín Esteve 1500s P00728 painting
Juan CARREÑO DE MIRANDA - Queen Mariana de Austria as a Widow.JPG
Queen Mariana de Austria as a Widow Juan Carreño de Miranda 1669 P00644 painting Mariana of Austria
La reina Zenobia ante el emperador Aureliano.jpg
Queen Zenobia before the Emperor Aurelian Giovanni Battista Tiepolo P03243 painting
Rafaela Flores Calderón (1846).jpg
Rafaela Flores Calderón Antonio María Esquivel 1842 P04301 painting
Retrato de Rámon de Errazu.jpg
Ramón de Errazu Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta 1879 P02614 painting Ramón de Errazu
Adriaen van Ostade - Two Peasants and a Woman Singing.jpg
Reading Aloud Adriaen van Ostade 1632 P02123 painting man
song book
Bartolomé Esteban Perez Murillo 022.jpg
Rebecca and Eliezer Bartolomé Esteban Murillo 1660s P00996 painting
Recuperación de la Isla de San Cristóbal Lienzo. 297 x 311 cm. Museo del Prado.jpg
Recuperación de la isla de San Cristóbal Felix Castello 1634 P00654 painting
Redemption Triptych Vrancke van der Stockt 1480s P01888-P01892 triptych