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Image Article Artist Date ID Object Depicts
Kuindzhi Ai-Petri Crimea 1898 1908.jpg
Ai-Petri. Crimea Arkhip Kuindzhi 1890s Ж-1532 painting
Vassily Kandinsky, 1908 - Akhtyrka, Red Church.jpg
Akhtyrka, Red Church Wassily Kandinski 1900 painting
Mstislav and Rededia.jpg
Alexander Nevsky Striking Birger Jarl Nicholas Roerich 1943 painting Rededya
Mstislav of Chernigov
Animals Pavel Filonov 1926 Ж-9584 painting
Akhmatova by Altman.jpeg
Anna Achmatowa Nathan Altman 1915 ЖБ-1311 painting
Belozersk icon.jpg
Apôtres Pierre et Paul ( icône de Belozersk ) 1200s ДРЖ-2095 icon
Alexander Ivanov - Christ's Appearance to Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection - Google Art Project.jpg
Appearance of Jesus Christ to Maria Magdalena Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov 1835 Ж-5263 painting Mary Magdalene
long hair
Jesus Christ
male toplessness
clothed female, naked male
Holy Wounds
brown hair
Apple Trees in Blossom (Malevich, late 1920s).png
Apple Trees in Blossom Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9395 painting
Alexandr Ivanov 010.jpg
Archangel Gabriel struck dumb Zachariah Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov 1837 painting
Lebedev Ariccia.jpg
Ariccia near Rome Mikhail Lebedev 1836 Ж-5119 painting
У дверей мечети.jpg
At the Door of a Mosque Vasily Vereshchagin 1873 painting
1897 Bogdanov-Belsky At School Doors.jpg
At the School Door Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky 1897 painting child
At the Table Pavel Filonov 1913 Ж-9572 painting
Autoportrait Vladimir Tatlin 1911 painting Vladimir Tatlin
Autumn 1892 (Shishkin).jpg
Autumn Ivan Shishkin 1892 Ж-7976 painting
Malevich Landscape With Yellow House.JPG
Autumn Landscape with yellow house Kazimir Malevich 1906 Ж-9411 painting
Autumn River Wassily Kandinski 1900 painting
Шишкин И. И. (1872) Лесная глушь 02.jpg
Backwoods Ivan Shishkin 1872 painting
Ilya Repin - Barge Haulers on the Volga - Google Art Project.jpg
Barge Haulers on the Volga Ilya Repin 1870 Ж-4056 painting Towpath
group of humans
sailing ship
handlebar moustache
brown hair
white hair
Николай Н. Дубовской - Притихло (Русский музей).jpg
Became Silence Nikolay Nikanorovich Dubovskoy 1890 painting
Beech Forest in Switzerland (Shishkin).jpg
Beech Forest in Switzerland Ivan Shishkin 1863 Ж-5721 painting
Шишкин И. И. (1884) Перед грозой.jpg
Before a thunderstorm Ivan Shishkin 1884 Ж-7857 painting
Byelorussian by Repin.jpg
Belorussian Ilya Repin 1892 painting
Black circle.jpg
Black Circle (1924) Kazimir Malevich 1924 Ж-9472 painting circle
Black Cross.jpg
Black Cross Kazimir Malevich 1924 Ж-9485 painting Greek cross
Black Spot 1 Wassily Kandinski 1912 ЖБ-1323 painting
Blue Crest Wassily Kandinski 1917 ЖБ-1609 painting
Blue Portrait Kazimir Malevich 1928s Ж-9406 painting
Blue Vase with Flowers (Rozanova, 1912-1913).jpg
Blue Vase with Flowers Olga Rozanova 1913 ЖБ-1613 painting flower
Mikhail Vrubel - Bogatyr - Google Art Project.jpg
Bogatyr Mikhail Vrubel 1898 Ж-1837 painting
Malevich - Boulevard.jpg
Boulevard Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9390 painting
Brazen Serpent Fyodor Bruni 1841 Ж-5070 painting
Iwan Iwanowitsch Schischkin 001.jpg
Brook in a Birch Forest Ivan Shishkin 1883 Ж-4136 painting
Capture of Azov anonymous Ж-3981 painting
Dmitry Levitsky - Portrait of Catherine II the Legislatress in the Temple of the Goddess of Justice - Google Art Project.jpg
Catherine II the Legislatress in the Temple of the Goddess of Justice Dmitry Levitzky 1783 Ж-4998 painting
Ilya Repin - Ceremonial Sitting of the State Council on 7 May 1901 Marking the Centenary of its Foundation - Google Art Project.jpg
Ceremonial Sitting of the State Council on 7 May 1901 Marking the Centenary of its Foundation Ilya Repin 1903 Ж-4088 painting
Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg.jpg
Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Wife of Tsarevich Alexis Petrovich anonymous
Johann Gottfried Tannauer
1710s Ж-3934 painting Charlotte Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg
Камин "Вольга Святославич и Микула Селянинович" в доме Бажанова.jpg
Cheminée Volga Sviatoslavitch et Mikoula Selianinovitch Mikhail Vrubel 1899 fireplace
Cherry (Painting of Moiseenko) Evsey Moiseenko 1969 painting
Петров-Водкин - Черёмуха в стакане (1932).jpg
Cherry Branch in a Glass Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1932 painting
Semiradsky Christ and Sinner.jpg
Christ and Sinner Henryk Siemiradzki 1873 Ж-5674 painting
Wassilij Dimitriewitsch Polenow 005.jpg
Christ and the woman taken in adultery Vasily Polenov 1888 Ж-4204 painting
Konstantin Flavitsky - Christian Martyrs in Colosseum.jpg
Christian Martyrs in Colosseum Konstantin Flavitsky 1862 Ж-5688 painting
Urban Landscape (Rozanova, 1910).jpg
Cityscape Olga Rozanova 1910 ЖБ-1637 painting
Cityscape (Rozanova, 1912).jpg
Cityscape Olga Rozanova 1912 ЖБ-1543 painting
Cityscape (Rozanova, 1912 (a)).jpg
Cityscape Olga Rozanova 1912 ЖБ-1716 painting
Conversation Gely Korzhev 1980s Ж-11601 painting Vladimir Lenin
Corner Counter-Relief Vladimir Tatlin 1914 ПФ-200 sculpture
Cyclist (Goncharova, 1913).jpg
Cyclist Natalia Goncharova 1913 ЖБ-1600 painting
Dairy Maids Pavel Filonov 1914 ЖБ-991 painting
Death of Commissar (Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin).jpg
Death of Commissar Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1928 Ж-7685 painting
Deesis from the church of Nikola ot Koji.jpg
Deesis from the Church of Nikola from Kozhe anonymous 1250s ДРЖ-2779 painting
Filonov - defeater-of-the-city-1915.jpg
Defeater of the City Pavel Filonov 1915 P-58201 painting
Defence of Sebastopole Aleksandr Deyneka 1942 ЖБ-954 painting
Unknow - Descent into Hell with Deesis and Selected Saints. Pskov - Google Art Project.jpg
Descent into Hell with Deesis and Selected Saints anonymous 1350s icon
Vladimir Borovikovsky - Portrait of Ekaterina Arsenieva - Google Art Project.jpg
Ekaterina Arsenieva Vladimir Borovikovsky 1795s Ж-5017 painting
Dmitry Levitsky - Portrait of Ekaterina Khruschova and Ekaterina Khovanskaya - Google Art Project.jpg
Ekaterina Khruschova and Ekaterina Khovanskaya Dmitry Levitzky 1773 Ж-4987 painting
Сцена из домашней жизни русских царей (игра в шахматы).jpg
Etude of the life of the Russian Tsars (Chess playing) Vyacheslav Schwarz 1865 painting chess
Alexis of Russia
Faun and Baechante.JPG
Faun and Baechante Boris Orlovsky 1837 Ск-340 sculpture faun
Flowergirl II (Malevich, End of 1920s).jpg
Flowergirl II Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9495 painting
Flowergirl III Kazimir Malevich 1920s ЖБ-1502 painting
Pavel Filonov universal flowering.jpg
Flowers of the Universal Flowering Pavel Filonov 1915 ЖБ-990 painting
Mikhail Vrubel - Flying Demon - Google Art Project.jpg
Flying demon Mikhail Vrubel 1899 Ж-1846 painting
For Mushrooms (Shishkin).jpg
For Mushrooms Ivan Shishkin 1870 Ж-4128 painting
Forest Landscape with Herons (Shishkin).jpg
Forest Landscape with Herons Ivan Shishkin 1870 Ж-2807 painting
Pavel filonov, formula della primavera e forza attiva, 1927-28.JPG
Formula of Spring and Acting Forces Pavel Filonov 1929 Ж-9577 painting
Filonov - formula-of-the-petrograd-proletariat-1920-21.jpg
Formula of the Petrograd Proletariat Pavel Filonov 1921 Ж-9567 painting
Four Aces. Simultaneous Representation (Rozanova, 1915).jpg
Four Aces. Simultaneous Representation Olga Rozanova 1915 ЖБ-1455 painting ace
From Neighborhoods Gurzuf (Shishkin).jpg
From Neighborhoods Gurzuf Ivan Shishkin 1879 Ж-4134 painting
Alexander Golovin - Portrait of Fyodor Chaliapin in the Role of Boris Godunov - Google Art Project.jpg
Fyodor Chaliapin in the Role of Boris Godunov Aleksandr Golovin 1912 Ж-4345 painting
Fyodor Christiania (Baranov-Rossine, 1915).jpg
Fyodor Christiania Vladimir Baranov-Rossine 1915 ЖБ-1415
Gagarin, Son of the Motherland Alexander Maxovich Shilov 1980 Ж-10850 painting Yuri Gagarin
Girl in a Sports Shirt Alexander Nikolayevich Samokhvalov 1932 Ж-4419 painting
Transfiguration, Body and Soul (Malevich, 1907).jpg
Glorification, Body and Soul Kazimir Malevich 1907 Ж-9457 painting
Goat Pavel Filonov 1920s Ж-9599 painting
Isaac Levitan - Golden autumn. Slobodka - Google Art Project.jpg
Golden Autumn. Slobodka Isaac Levitan 1895 Ж-4271 painting
Grigorij Grigorjewitsch Mjassojedow 003.jpg
Harvest time. Croppers Grigoriy Myasoyedov 1887 Ж-6899 painting
Head Pavel Filonov 1930s Ж-9617 painting
Head of a Peasant Kazimir Malevich 1929s painting
Pavel Filonov Heads.jpg
Heads Pavel Filonov 1910 ЖБ-1377 painting
Horse-Lightning David Burliuk 1907 ЖБ-1510 painting
House of Cards Zinaida Serebriakova 1919 Ж-6634 painting Catherine Serebriakoff
house of cards
I. I. Shishkin and A. V. Gine in the Studio on the Valaam Island (Shishkin).jpg
I. I. Shishkin and A. V. Gine in the Studio on the Valaam Island Ivan Shishkin 1860 Ж-1153 painting
Icône de la Mère de Dieu de tendresse icon
Saint Nikolas XIII c.jpg
Icône de Nicolas du monastère de l'Esprit-Saint ДРЖ-2778 icon
Serov̠ Ida Rubinstein 1910.jpg
Ida Rubinstein Valentin Serov 1910 Ж-1915 painting
Vassily Kandinsky, 1910 - Improvisation 11.jpg
Improvisation 11 Wassily Kandinski 1910 ЖБ-1423 painting
In Cafe (Rozanova, 1912).jpg
In Cafe Olga Rozanova 1912 Ж-1614 painting
В роще.jpg
In the Grove Ivan Shishkin 1865 Ж-4126 painting
In the Line of Fire (Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin).jpg
In the Line of Fire Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1916 ЖБ-1894 painting
Malevich - Boy.jpg
Jeannot Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9486 painting boy
Alexandr Ivanov 025.jpg
Joseph interprets the butler's and the baker's dreams Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov 1827 painting
Jug with Flowers (Rozanova, 1911-1912).jpg
Jug with Flowers Olga Rozanova 1912 ЖБ-1578 painting jug
Jug with lid Kazimir Malevich 1923 Сф-1344 а,б pottery ware
Grigorij Grigorjewitsch Mjassojedow 002.jpg
Jungvermählte beim Gutsbesitzer. 1861 Grigoriy Myasoyedov 1882 painting
19-v 2h Vasnetsov.jpg
Knight at the Crossroads Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov 1882 Ж-4214 painting knight
Lady - Colour Masses in the 4th and 2nd Dimensions (Malevich, 1915).jpg
Lady - Colour Masses in the 4th and 2nd Dimensions Kazimir Malevich 1915 ЖБ-1332 painting
Н.Фешин Пані в бузковому (1908).jpg
Lady in lilac Nicolai Fechin 1908 painting
Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi 008.jpg
Lake Ladoga Arkhip Kuindzhi 1871 painting Lake Ladoga
Levitan ozero28.JPG
Lake. Russia Isaac Levitan 1899 Ж-4262 painting lake
Malevich Summer Landscape.JPG
Landscape Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9409 painting
Пейзаж с телегой (Шишкин) (cropped).jpg
Landscape with a Cart Ivan Shishkin 1860s Ж-2808 painting
Пейзаж с охотником. Остров Валаам (Шишкин).jpg
Landscape with a hunter. Valaam Island Ivan Shishkin 1867 Ж-4140 painting hunter
Landscape with a White House Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9391 painting
Landscape with Bathers (or River in a Forest) Kazimir Malevich 1928s ЖБ-1573 painting
Landscape with Cottages Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9483 painting
Landscape with Red House.jpg
Landscape with Red House Kazimir Malevich 1906 Ж-9452 painting
Landscape with Walking (Shishkin).jpg
Landscape with Walking Ivan Shishkin 1869 Ж-2815 painting
Landscape, Field Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9404 painting
Kramskoi Mocking Christ.jpeg
Laughter (Rejoice, King of the Jews) Ivan Kramskoi 1900s painting Jesus Christ
Laundress Kazimir Malevich 1928s Ж-9412 painting
Leningradka Boris Ugarov 1961 painting
Ilya Repin - Leo Tolstoy Barefoot - Google Art Project.jpg
Leo Tolstoy Barefoot Ilya Repin 1901 Ж-4010 painting
Orest Kiprensky - Portrait of Life Guard Colonel Yevgraf Davydov - Google Art Project.jpg
Life Guard Colonel Yevgraf Davydov Orest Kiprensky 1809 Ж-5134 painting Evgraf Vladimirovitch Davydov
Lo specchio Marc Chagall 1915 painting mirror
oil lamp
Filonov - man-and-woman-1913.jpg
Man and woman Pavel Filonov 1913 Ж-11569 painting man
Корабельная роща (Шишкин).jpg
Mast-Tree grove Ivan Shishkin 1898 Ж-4125 painting
Meditation (Malevich, 1907).jpg
Meditation Kazimir Malevich 1907 Ж-9407 painting
Boris Kustodiev - Merchant's Wife at Tea - Google Art Project.jpg
Merchant's Wife at Tea Boris Kustodiev 1918 Ж-1868 painting
Michael & Gabriel (V. Ustug, 13th c, GRM) 01.jpg
Michael and Gabriel 1275s icon
Brjullov Italianskij Poldenj.jpg
Midi italien Karl Bryullov 1827 Ж-5079 painting
Ivan Kramskoi - Mina Moiseyev - Google Art Project.jpg
Mina Moiseyev Ivan Kramskoi 1882 Ж-2993 painting
Miner Mikhail Pavlovich Trufanov 1959 painting
Unknow - Miracle of St George and the Dragon. Novgorod - Google Art Project.jpg
Miracle of St George and the Dragon anonymous 1425 ДРЖ-2123 icon Saint George
Unknow - Miracle of St George and the Dragon, with Scenes from his Life. Novgorod - Google Art Project.jpg
Miracle of St George and the Dragon, with Scenes from his Life anonymous 1300s ДРЖ-2118 icon Saint George
Перов В. Г. (1865) Трапеза.jpg
Monastic meal Vasily Perov 1900s Ж-3000 painting
Vasily Perov - Monastic Refectory - Google Art Project.jpg
Monastic Refectory Vasily Perov 1865 painting
Kuindzhi Moonlit night on the Dnieper 1880 grm x2.jpg
Mooblight Night on the Dniepr Arkhip Kuindzhi 1880 Ж-4191 painting moonlight
Dnieper River
light source
Mordovian Woman from the Moksha Ethnic Group. Statuette. Peoples of Russia Series 1913 Ф-4714 pottery ware
Mothers Evsey Moiseenko 1967 painting
Nature morte with bottle. Not later (Karev, 1919).png
Nature morte with bottle Alexei Eremeyevich Karev 1919 ЖБ-1966
painting bottle
Vasiliy smirnov 001.jpg
Nero's death Vassily Sergeyevich Smirnov 1888 Ж-5592 painting
00Kuindzhi NochnoeGRM1.jpg
Night Arkhip Kuindzhi 1903s Ж-4196 painting Moon
Non-Objective Composition. Color Painting (Rozanova, 1917 (RM, 1)).jpg
Non-Objective Composition. Color Painting Olga Rozanova 1917 ЖБ-1638 painting
Non-Objective Composition. Color Painting (Rozanova, 1917 (RM)).jpg
Non-Objective Composition. Color Painting Olga Rozanova 1917 Ж-1579 painting
Дубы (Шишкин).jpg
Oaks Ivan Shishkin 1887 Ж-4130 painting
Dub Shishkin.jpg
Oaks Ivan Shishkin 1865 Ж-4127 painting
У берегов Финского залива 1 (Шишкин).jpg
Off the coast of the Gulf of Finland (Udrias near Narva) Ivan Shishkin 1889 Ж-2814 painting
У берегов Финского залива (Шишкин).jpg
Off the coast of the Gulf of Finland (Udrias near Narva). Study Ivan Shishkin 1888 Ж-4133 painting
На берегах реки Березины.jpg
On the banks of the Berezina River Ippolit Goravsky 1857 painting
On the Boulevard.jpg
On the Boulevard Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9303 painting
Ozonator Ivan Kliun 1914 painting
Paesaggio estivo Wassily Kandinski 1909 ЖБ-1634 painting
Grigory Chernetsov - Parade Celebrating the End of Military Action in the Kingdom of Poland on Tsaritsa Meadow in St Petersburg on 6 october 1831 - Google Art Project.jpg
Parade Celebrating the End of Military Action in the Kingdom of Poland on Tsaritsa Meadow in St Petersburg on 6 october 1831 Grigory Chernetsov 1833 Ж-6350 painting
Pavel Filonov HolyFamily.jpg
Peasant Family (The Holy Family) Pavel Filonov 1914 Ж-9578 painting
Philipp Malyavin - Peasant Women - Google Art Project.jpg
Peasant Women Filipp Malyavin 1905 Ж-1914 painting
Peter II and Princess Elizabeth Petrovna Riding to Hound Valentin Serov 1900 painting Peter II of Russia
Elizabeth of Russia
parforce hunting
Genrich Ippolitovich Semiradsky - Roma, 1889.jpg
Phryne at the Festival of Poseidon in Eleusis Henryk Siemiradzki 1889 Ж-5687 painting
Pyotr Pnin Checkers 1824.jpg
Playing Checkers Pyotr Pnin 1824 painting
Portait of A.I. Leman Ilya Repin 1888 painting Anatoly Leman
Portrait of a Man with a Pipe in Hand anonymous 1600s Ж-4704 painting
Portrait of Woman in Yellow Hat (Malevich, 1930).jpg
Portrait of a Woman with a Yellow Hat Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9405 painting woman
Head of a Young Jew (self-portrait) by N.Altman (1916, GTG) by shakko.jpg
Portrait of a Young Jew (Self-portrait) Nathan Altman 1916 Ск-1195 sculpture Nathan Altman
Levitsky kokrinov.jpg
Portrait of Alexander Kokorinov Dmitry Levitzky 1769 Ж-4985 painting Alexander Kokorinov
Portrait of Alexei Lenin and a Kalmyk anonymous 1700s Ж-3982 painting
Alexey Vasilkov.jpg
Portrait of Alexei Vasilkov anonymous 1700s Ж-7886 painting
Portrait of Alexis I of Russia anonymous Ж-629 painting Alexis of Russia
Andrey Besjashiy.jpg
Portrait of Andrei Besyashchy – Andrei Apraksin anonymous Ж-3984 painting Andrey Matveevich Apraksin
Portrait of Arman Aziber and Son Pavel Filonov 1915 Ж-9570 painting
Boris Kustodiev - Portrait of Fyodor Chaliapin - Google Art Project.jpg
Portrait of Chaliapin Boris Kustodiev 1921
Ж-1869 painting Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin
Шурман - Портрет фельдмаршала графа Бориса Петровича Шереметьева.jpg
Portrait of Field Marshal Boris Sheremetev Karl Schurmann Ж-5798 painting Boris Sheremetev
Sophia Alekseyevna (1700, GRM).jpg
Portrait of Governess Sofya Alexeevna anonymous 1685s Ж-5942 painting
Portrait of His Serene Highness Prince Alexander Menshikov anonymous 1710s Ж-264 painting Alexander Danilovich Menshikov
Portrait of Ivan IV anonymous 1680 ЖБ-488 painting Ivan IV Vasilyevich
Portrait of Prince Anikita Repnin (Russian Museum).jpg
Portrait of Ivan Repnin anonymous 1690s Ж-3947 painting Anikita Repnin
Portrait of Jack R. Hunter Nicolai Fechin 1923 painting
Portrait of Nadezhdina Vladimir Lebedev 1927 painting
Peter I of Russia by anonim, Versailles type (1697-1700, Russian museum).jpg
Portrait of Peter I anonymous 1697 Ж-3954 painting
Portrait of Peter I 1700 Ж-642 painting
Portrait of Peter I anonymous 1700s Ж-5479 painting Peter the Great
A.B.Repnin - parsuna.jpg
Portrait of Prince Andrei the Elder Repnin anonymous 1650s Ж-3945 painting
Prince Repnin.jpg
Portrait of Prince Andrei the Younger Repnin anonymous 1650s Ж-3946 painting
Portrait of Prince Mikhail (?) Zhirovoi-Zasekin anonymous Ж-6340 painting
Portrait of Stolnik Fyodor Verigin anonymous 1600s Ж-3983 painting man
Painter (Nikolai Kulbin, 1916).jpg
Portrait of the Artist Nikolay Kulbin 1916 ЖБ-1169
Filipp Andrejewitsch Maljawin von Leon Bakst.jpg
Portrait of the Filipp Maljawin Léon Bakst 1899 painting
Iwan Nikolajewitsch Kramskoj 005.jpg
Portrait of the Painter Ivan Shishkin Ivan Kramskoi 1880 Ж-2992 painting Ivan Shishkin
Kramskoy Aleksej Suvorin.JPG
Portrait of the Publisher and Publicist Alexey Suvorin Ivan Kramskoi 1881 Ж-2994 painting Aleksey Suvorin
Alexis I of Russia by anonim (Russian museum).jpg
Portrait of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich anonymous 1600s Ж-3988 painting Alexis of Russia
Alexis of Russia (1680s, GRM).jpg
Portrait of Tsar Alexis Mikhailovich anonymous 1600s
Ж-3979 painting Alexis of Russia
Ivan V (Russian museum).jpg
Portrait of Tsar Ioann V Alexeevich anonymous 1696 Ж-3989 painting Ivan V of Russia
Mikhail of Russia (1680s, GRM).jpg
Portrait of Tsar Michael Feodorovich anonymous 1600s
Ж-3978 painting Michael I of Russia
Natalia Alexeevna by anonim (1700s, GRM).jpg
Portrait of Tsarevna Natalia Alexeyevna, Sister of Peter I anonymous 1700s Ж-3936 painting
Natalia Naryshkina by Mikhail Ivanov Choglokov (after 1676, GRM).jpg
Portrait of Tsarina Natalia Kirillovna anonymous 1694 Ж-3943 painting
Marfa Matveevna by Workshop of Kremlin Armoury (before 1682, GRM).jpg
Portrait of Tsaritsa Marfa Matveevna anonymous 1682-02-14 Ж-3970 painting
Portrait of V. S. Solovyov Ivan Kramskoi 1885 Ж-2984 painting Vladimir Solovyov
Grigoriev Meyerkhold.jpg
Portrait of Vsyevolod Meyerhold Boris Grigoriev 1916 Ж-5823 painting
Jakov turgenev.jpg
Portrait of Yakov Turgenev anonymous 1694 Ж-4902 painting Yakov Turgenev
Pavel Filonov Glebova.jpg
Portrait of Yevdokia Glebova Pavel Filonov 1915 Ж-9539 painting
Карвак - Портрет царевны Елизаветы Петровны.jpg
Potrait of Tsarevna Elizabeth Petrovna in Childhood Louis Caravaque 1716s Ж-5323 painting
Valentin Serov - Portrait of Princess Olga Orlova - Google Art Project.jpg
Princess Olga Orlova Valentin Serov 1911 Ж-4289 painting
Procession with Theotokos of Tikhvin by V.Istomin (1801, GRM).jpg
Procession with Theotokos of Tikhvin Vasiliy Istomin 1801 Ж-5797 painting
Promenade Marc Chagall 1917 ЖБ-1726 painting
Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi 009.jpg
Rainbow Arkhip Kuindzhi 1900s Ж-1530 painting rainbow
Триптих Коммунисты. Поднимающий знамя (центральная часть). 1959-1960г..jpg
Raise the flag Gely Korzhev 1958s Ж-8120 painting
Alexei Venetsianov - Reapers - Google Art Project.jpg
Reapers Alexey Venetsianov 1825 Ж-5166 painting
Red and Yellow Alexander Rodchenko 1918 ЖБ-1438 painting
Red Cavalry Riding.jpg
Red Cavalry Riding Kazimir Malevich 1932 Ж-9435 painting horse
Earth's surface
cavalry charge
Red House (Rozanova, 1910).jpg
Red House Olga Rozanova 1910 ЖБ-1481 painting house
Red Jew Marc Chagall 1915 ЖБ-1708 painting
Red Square. Visual Realism of a Peasant Woman in Two Dimensions.jpg
Red Square Kazimir Malevich 1915 ЖБ-1643 painting parallelogram
Ilja Jefimowitsch Repin - Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks - Yorck.jpg
Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks Ilya Repin 1891 Ж-4005 painting reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks
Ivan Sirko
Zaporozhian Cossacks
projectile weapon
Отдых (Общество в цилиндрах). 1908. ГРМ.png
Rest. Society with Cylinders Kazimir Malevich 1908 Ж-9403 painting
Restaurant (Rozanova, 1911).jpg
Restaurant Olga Rozanova 1911 ЖБ-1646 painting restaurant
Lazarus, Russian icon.jpg
Résurrection de Lazare (icône) 1497 icon
Russian Winter (Nikifor Krylov).jpg
Russian winter Nikifor Krylov 1827 Ж-5482 painting
Ilya Repin - Sadko - Google Art Project.jpg
Sadko Ilya Repin 1876 Ж-4002 painting
Św Jan Klimak, Jerzy i Błażej.jpg
Saint Jean Climaque ДРЖ-2774 icon
Ilja Jefimowitsch Repin - Saint Nicholas of Myra saves three innocents from death.jpg
Saint Nicholas of Myra saves three innocents from death Ilya Repin 1888 Ж-4001 painting Saint Nicholas
capital punishment
Ivan Vishnyakov - Portrait of Sarah Eleanore Fairmore - Google Art Project.jpg
Sarah Eleanore Fairmore Ivan Vishnyakov 1749 Ж-4914 painting
Kuzma petrov-vodkin, autoritratto, 1918.JPG
Self-portrait Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1918 Ж-2400 painting Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin
Self-Portrait of Fyodor Moller 1840s.jpg
Self-portrait Otto Friedrich Theodor von Möller 1840s painting Otto Friedrich Theodor von Möller
Self Portrait (Malevich, 1907).jpg
Self-portrait Kazimir Malevich 1908 Ж-9413 painting Kazimir Malevich
Natan Altman (selfportrait, 1911, GRM).jpg
Self-portrait Nathan Altman 1911 ЖБ-1314 painting Nathan Altman
Kazimir Malevich - Self-Portrait.jpg
Self-portrait Kazimir Malevich 1933 ЖБ-1516 painting Kazimir Malevich
Andrei Ryabushkin - Seventeenth-Century Moscow Street on a Public Holiday - Google Art Project.jpg
Seventeenth-Century Moscow Street on a Public Holiday Andrei Petrovich Ryabushkin 1895 Ж-4355 painting Moscow
Boris Kustodiev - Shrovetide - Google Art Project.jpg
Shrovetide Boris Kustodiev 1916 Ж-4358 painting
Smithy (Rozanova, 1912).jpg
Smithy Olga Rozanova 1912 ЖБ-1322 painting forge
Smolnyanki painting series
Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi 007.jpg
Soir en Ukraine, Arkhip Kuindzhi 1878 painting
Воскресенье в деревне.jpg
Sonntag in der Gemeinde Andrei Petrovich Ryabushkin 1892 painting
unfinished creative work
Spring Kazimir Malevich 1928s Ж-9468 painting
Borisovmusatov spring.JPG
Spring Victor Borisov-Musatov 1898s Ж-2041 painting
Spring, Appple Trees in Blossom Kazimir Malevich 1920s ЖБ-1622 painting
Unknow - St Boris and St Gleb - Google Art Project.jpg
St Boris and St Gleb anonymous 1350s
ДРЖ-2117 icon
Andrei Rublev - St Paul. From Deisus Tier - Google Art Project.jpg
St Paul. From Deisus Tier Andrei Rublev 1408s ДРЖ-2722 icon
Andrei Rublev - St Peter. From Deisus Tier - Google Art Project.jpg
St Peter. From Deisus Tier Andrei Rublev 1408s ДРЖ-2134 icon Peter
St. George (II) (Wassily Kandinsky, 1911).jpg
St. George (II) Wassily Kandinski 1911 ЖБ-1698
Still-life (Rozanova, 1912-1913 (RM)).jpg
Still life Olga Rozanova 1913 ЖБ-1577 painting
Still Life with Green Jug (Rozanova, 1913).jpg
Still life with Green Jug Olga Rozanova 1913 ЖБ-1616 painting jug
Still life with Jug and Apples (Rozanova, 1911-1912).jpg
Still life with Jug and Apples Olga Rozanova 1912 ЖБ-1524 painting
Still life with Tomatoes (Rozanova, 1910-1911).jpg
Still life with Tomatoes Olga Rozanova 1911 ЖБ-1617 painting tomato
Still life. Color volumes and planes Nathan Altman 1918 ЖБ-1570 painting
Still-life (Futurist Composition) (Rozanova, 1915).jpg
Still-life Olga Rozanova 1915 Ж-1525 painting
Stones in the Forest. Balaam (Shishkin).jpg
Stones in the Forest. Valaam Ivan Shishkin 1859s Ж-2806 painting
Sunflowers Nathan Altman 1915 ЖБ-1312 painting
Suprematism (Rozanova, 1916 (RM, a)).jpg
Suprematism Olga Rozanova 1916 ЖБ-1382 painting
Kazimir Malevich - Suprematism - Google Art Project.jpg
Suprematism Kazimir Malevich 1915 ЖБ-1421 painting
Suprematism (Rozanova, 1916 (RM)).jpg
Suprematism Olga Rozanova 1917 ЖБ-1360 painting
Kazimir Malevich - Supremus 58.jpg
Supremus #58: Yellow and Black Kazimir Malevich 1916 ЖБ-1687
Vasily Surikov - Suvorov Crossing the Alps in 1799 - Google Art Project.jpg
Suvorov Crossing the Alps in 1799 Vasily Surikov 1899 Ж-4242 painting
Table 1700s Меб-836 table
Vasily Surikov - Taking a Snow Town - Google Art Project.jpg
Taking a Snow Town Vasily Surikov 1891 Ж-4235 painting
Terror Antiquus by L.Bakst (1908).jpg
Terror Antiquus Léon Bakst 1908 Ж-8135 painting
Test force of Jan Usmar (Grigoriy Ugryumov).jpg
Testing the strength of Jan Usmar Grigory Ugryumov 1796 Ж-5052 painting Jan Usmoshvets
Vladimir the Great
Teutoburg Forest (Shishkin).jpg
Teutoburg Forest Ivan Shishkin 1865 Ж-8632 painting Teutoburg Forest
Fyodor Vasilyev - Thaw - Google Art Project.jpg
Thaw Fyodor Vasilyev 1871 Ж-4105 painting
Unknow - The Angel with Golden Hair - Google Art Project.jpg
The Angel with Golden Hair anonymous 1200s ДРЖ-2115 icon angel
Karl Briullov 01.jpeg
The Assassination of Inês de Castro Karl Bryullov 1834 painting
Kuindzhi The autumn slush.jpg
The autumn slush Arkhip Kuindzhi 1870 painting Rasputitsa
Pavel Filonov KingsFeat.jpg
The Banquet of Kings Pavel Filonov 1913 Ж-9575 painting
Serebryakova Bath house 1913.jpg
The bath-house Zinaida Serebriakova 1913 Ж-1907 painting woman
gaze towards the viewer
mons pubis
Andrey Ivanov - The Exploit of a Kievan Boy (1810).jpg
The Exploit of a Kievan Boy Andrey Ivanovich Ivanov 1810 Ж-5065 painting
Pavel Filonov - The German War.JPG
The German War Pavel Filonov 1915 ЖБ-987 painting
Mikhail Nesterov 002.jpg
The Great Taking of the Veil Mikhail Nesterov 1897s Ж-4335 painting
Karl Brullov - The Last Day of Pompeii - Google Art Project.jpg
The Last Day of Pompeii Karl Bryullov 1830
Ж-5084 painting Pompeii
eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79
Yuliya Samoylova
Ge 001.jpg
The Last Supper Nikolai Ge 1863 Ж-4141 painting
The Living Head (Pavel Filonov, 1923).jpg
The Living Head Pavel Filonov 1923 Ж-9576 painting
Pavel Fedotov - The Major Makes a Proposal (Inspecting a Bride in a Merchant's House) - Google Art Project.jpg
The Major Makes a Proposal Pavel Fedotov 1851 Ж-4521 painting
Dionysius and Workshop - The Mother of God Hodigitria - Google Art Project.jpg
The Mother of God Hodigitria Dionisius 1502 icon
Unknow - The Mother of God of Tenderness of the White Lake - Google Art Project.jpg
The Mother of God of Tenderness of the White Lake anonymous 1200s icon
Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin - The Mother of God of Tenderness Towards Evil Hearts - Google Art Project.jpg
The Mother of God of Tenderness Towards Evil Hearts Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin 1914 Ж-11200 painting
Hovhannes Aivazovsky - The Ninth Wave - Google Art Project.jpg
The Ninth Wave Ivan Aivazovsky 1850 Ж-2202 painting wind wave
group of humans
light source
The Northern Land Apollinary Vasnetsov 1899 Ж-4326 painting
The Path in the Forest (Shishkin) 02.jpg
The Path in the Forest Ivan Shishkin 1880 Ж-4129 painting
Karl Brullov - Portrait of the Shishmareva Sisters - Google Art Project.jpg
The Shishmareva Sisters Karl Bryullov 1839 Ж-5091 painting
Filonov - those-who-have-nothing-to-lose-1912.jpg
Those Who Have Nothing to Lose Pavel Filonov 1912 Ж-9565 painting
Three Bathers Kazimir Malevich 1928s Ж-9481 painting
Alexei Venetsianov - Threshing Barn - Google Art Project.jpg
Threshing Barn Alexey Venetsianov 1822 Ж-5154 painting
Kazimir malevich, verso la vendemmia (martha e vanka), 1928-29.JPG
To the Field II (Marthe and Jeannot) Kazimir Malevich 1928s Ж-9492 painting
Savitsky na voinu.jpg
To War Konstantin Savitsky 1888 Ж-4228 painting
Triumph of Heaven (Malevich, 1907).jpg
Triumph of the Sky Kazimir Malevich 1907 Ж-9408 painting
Filonov - two-heads-1925.jpg
Two Heads Pavel Filonov 1925 Ж-9538 painting
Two Ovals (Wassily Kandinsky, 1919).jpg
Two Ovals Wassily Kandinski 1919 ЖБ-1406
Two Women in a Garden.jpg
Two Sisters I Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9453 painting
USSR Athletes Dmitri Zhilinsky 1964 painting
Victory over Eternity Pavel Filonov 1921 Ж-11475 painting
View near Düsseldorf (Shishkin).jpg
View near Dusseldorf Ivan Shishkin 1865 Ж-6019 painting
Fyodor Alexeyev - View of the Peter and Paul Fortress and Palace Embankment - Google Art Project.jpg
View of the Peter and Paul Fortress and Palace Embankment Fyodor Alekseyev 1799 painting
Volga barges.jpg
View of the Volga. Barques Fyodor Vasilyev 1870 Ж-4095 painting
Ivan Shishkin - View on the Outskirts of St. Petersburg.JPG
View on the Outskirts of St. Petersburg Ivan Shishkin 1856 Ж-5994 painting
Alexey Tyranov. Studio of the Artists N. and G. Tchernetsovs. 1828. (GRM).jpg
View the Artist's Studio on the Barge Chernetsov in Their Journeys along the Volga in 1838 Anton Ivanov-Goluboy 1838 painting studio
Шишкин Деревенский-двор 1860.jpg
Village Courtyard Ivan Shishkin 1860s Ж-7707 painting
Anton Losenko - Vladimir and Rogneda - Google Art Project.jpg
Vladimir and Rogneda Anton Losenko 1770 Ж-4975 painting
Alexander Ivanov - Water and Stones near Palazzuola - Google Art Project.jpg
Water and Stones near Palazzuola Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov 1850s painting
West and East Pavel Filonov 1913 Ж-9582 painting
Илья Репин - Какой простор.jpg
What freedom! Ilya Repin 1903 Ж-2774 painting couple
wind wave
Ivan Vishnyakov - Portrait of William George Fairmore - Google Art Project.jpg
William George Fairmore Ivan Vishnyakov 1755 Ж-4915 painting
Ivan Shishkin - Winter.JPG
Winter Ivan Shishkin 1890 Ж-2803 painting
Women drinking tea - Kustodiev.jpg
Women drinking tea Boris Kustodiev 1918 <some value> drawing Q48963893
Writing Desk (Rozanova, 1914).jpg
Writing Desk Olga Rozanova 1915 ЖБ-1615 painting table
Vasily Surikov - Yermak's Conquest of Siberia - Google Art Project.jpg
Yermak's Conquest of Siberia Vasily Surikov 1895 Ж-4231 painting Siberia
Unemployed Girl.jpg
Young Unemployed Girl (Redheaded Girl) Kazimir Malevich 1920s Ж-9462 painting
Mikhail Nesterov 022.jpeg
Z biciem dzwonów Mikhail Nesterov 1895 painting
Автопортрет Larisa Nikolaevna Kirillova 1974 painting
Vasily kuptsov, Maxim Gorky ANT-20, 1934.JPG
АНТ-20 Maxim Gorkin Vasily Kuptsov 1934 ЖБ-1057 painting
Большой благотворительный базар кукол.jpg
Афіша для благодійного базару ляльок Léon Bakst poster
Иван К. Айвазовский - Бриг Меркурий после победы над двумя турецкими кораблями (1848).jpg
Бриг «Меркурий» после победы над двумя турецкими судами встречается с русской эскадрой Ivan Aivazovsky 1848 Ж-2209 painting Russian brig Mercury
A. Rylov. Lenin v Razlive -2.jpg
В. И. Ленин в Разливе в 1917 году Arkady Alexandrovich Rylov 1934 painting
Group portrait of the Mir Iskusstva artists.jpg
Групповой портрет художников общества «Мир искусства» Boris Kustodiev 1920 painting Mir iskusstva
Igor Grabar
Nicholas Roerich
Eugene Lanceray
Boris Kustodiev
Ivan Bilibin
Anna Ostroumova-Lebedeva
Alexandre Benois
Heorhiy Narbut
Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin
Nicolas Millioti
Konstantin Somov
Mstislav Dobuzhinsky
Детвора Aleksei Petrovich Tkachev
Sergei Petrovitch Tkachev
1960 painting
Киров принимает парад физкультурников Alexander Nikolayevich Samokhvalov 1935 painting
Клятва балтийцев Andrei Mylnikov 1946 ЖС-1174 painting
Красные пришли Evsey Moiseenko 1961 painting
Материнские думы Alexei Eriomin 1969 painting
Метростроевка со сверлом Alexander Nikolayevich Samokhvalov 1937 painting
Mordvinovo oaks by Iwan Shihkin 1891.jpg
Мордвиновские дубы Ivan Shishkin 1891 painting
На мирных полях Andrei Mylnikov 1950 Ж-6070 painting
Перов Охотники (повторение).jpg
Охотники на привале Vasily Perov 1877 Ж-4092 painting
Победа Evsey Moiseenko 1972 painting
Поединок Пересвета с Челубеем на Куликовом поле Mikhail Avilov 1943 painting
Портрет Безуглова Joseph Serebriany 1960 painting
Прощание Andrei Mylnikov 1975 Ж-10399 painting
Раздолье (картина Дейнеки) Aleksandr Deyneka 1944 Ж-4500
Святая великая княгиня Ольга.jpg
Святая великая княгиня Ольга Nikolay Bruni 1901 painting
Сосны. Солнечный день (Шишкин).jpg
Сосны. Солнечный день Ivan Shishkin 1890s Ж-7917 painting
Ткацкий цех Alexander Nikolayevich Samokhvalov 1930 painting
Хвойный лес. Солнечный день (Шишкин).jpg
Хвойный лес. Солнечный день Ivan Shishkin 1895 Ж-4137 painting
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