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Emna Mizouni 'Rabbit Hole' t-shirt 07-2015.jpg

I'm Emna Mizouni, a user from Tunisia.

I'm a volunteer with the Wikimedia TN User Group. Currently, I'm the elected Vice-Chair of the Affiliations Committee and Co-Chair of Wikimania Cape Town 2018. Previously, I was member in the organising team of WikiArabia Monastir 2015, Cairo 2017, and Wiki Indaba Tunis 2018.

I contributed previously in some activities of the Tunisian Association of Free Digital Culture CLibre. I'm also the President and Founder of Carthagina, a NGO that aims to promote and value the Tunisian Heritage and History worldwide. All these civil society entities use the Wikimedia projects in the majority of their work, for example Wiki Loves Monuments in Tunisia, Wiki Loves Africa...

I have attended :

Other than writing about Tunisia and fixing typing mistakes, I love writing and translating biographies and of course documenting the history and work in the Middle East and Africa:


Women biographies

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