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The Black Atlantic is a fictional location in Judge Dredd.


Following the Atomic Wars the seas filled with toxic waste. The rise of the Mega-Cities (in particular Mega-City One) helped contribute to the pollution as they dumped vast amounts of waste into the ocean. The result is a thick toxic soup that is hostile to most sea life (resulting in strange mutations).

Important Black Atlantic stories[edit]

Battle of the Black Atlantic[edit]

A vast Sov city-ship appears in the Black Atlantic.

Pirates of the Black Atlantic[edit]

Captain Skank would later return in the "Helter Skelter" crossover event.


Atlantis was also important as it was the first time we saw judges from Brit-Cit.

Sin City[edit]

A vast floating city arrives just outside of Mega-City One's territorial waters.


A group of ?? accidentally steal an item from some very serious types who want it bac and are prepared to kill everyone in between them and the missing item.

Judge Roffman

{{spoiler}} It emerges that the hand belonged to Sov Judge Orlok. It is the key that Sov agents will use to unlock the weapons they have stored on a wind power generator out in the Black Atlantic. {{endspoiler}}

House of Pain[edit]

Criminals are disappearing from the streets in a scheme devised by Robert Krush. The judges eventually find the missing people in a prison complex established on the floating city we saw in the "Sin City" story.

Black Atlantic novel[edit]

A Tek-Judge has created a bio-weapon is loose on a city-ship packed with mutants. The creature is reminiscent of other foes Dredd has faced (Aliens and the Predator) as it is deadly and has some stealth abilities.

Black Atlantic series[edit]

Upcoming series by Dan Abnett starting in Meg #253.




Some of the stories have been collected in trade paperbacks:

  • The "Sin City" story was reprinted in a volume called Satan's Island (Rebellion, 2005, ISBN 1904265766). The name had to be changed to avoid confusion with Frank Miller's Sin City.


The novel is:


Mongoose Publishing have also released a guide to the Judge Dredd RPG game:

  • The Rookie's Guide to Atlantis and the Black Atlantic (2004, ISBN 1903980860)

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