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Welcome to my page. I have made numerous edits without being signed and I have recently created my account. Could someone who has any advice for me, whether it be my edits (which could be on anything, especially James Bond) or advice on what to do with my user page, feel free to give me advice. If you are wondering about my user name, I chose emperor because it is the highest nobility rank and 001 because I am a James Bond fan who likes to call himself 001 as Bond is 007.

My Edits[edit]

I make changes to about anything. Recently, I have made several edits to pages relating to James Bond. For example, I have added sections to various pages telling how a Bond movie is different from the original Ian Fleming novel. If you are ever on the James Bond (films) section and see the section Film Title References, I added that section (though I originally called it Film Mentionings).