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Welcome to Emperor Gramlath's page... (BMA are my RL initials)

From the Imperial throne room, his eminence sits bored and tired, and so deigns that he shall contribute... EmperorBMA

Former Official Sigs: EmperorBMA / ブライアン
Current Official Sig: EmperorBMA|話す

About Me[edit]

This user is a member of the
Lutheran Church-
Missouri Synod
LIB This user is a Libertarian (United States).

Current interests[edit]


Thanks to Anime News Network for the My Anime service.

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Computer science[edit]

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Programming Language of Choice: C


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Open Source[edit]

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Preferred Browser:          Iceweasel
Preferred Office Suite:     LibreOffice
Preferred Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux

7zip, Avanor, Crossfire, Daimonin, Freeciv, Simutrans, VirtualDub, VirtualDubMod



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Geologic Timescale, Theme Song Format

My Contributions[edit]

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