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My name is Sean. I joined Wikipedia because I enjoy adding and editing information for thousands of others to use. I'm an active Wikipedia editor. I'm very proud of my Portuguese heritage in which makes up half of my ethnicity. I am also the great-great-great grandson of chess player Samuel Tinsley.

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Canada United States Portugal Spain United Kingdom

Canada = Ontario Quebec 2/13

United States = Michigan New York (state) Pennsylvania Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina West Virginia 8/50

Portugal = Braga District Viana do Castelo District Porto District Santarém District Coimbra District Aveiro District Leiria District Lisbon District 8/20

Spain = Galicia (Spain) 1/19

United Kingdom = England 1/4

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Notable ancestors[edit]

Samuel Tinsley: (1847-1903) Chess player and writer - 3rd great-grandfather
Reuben Lively: (1756-1826) Loyalist in the Siege of Ninety-Six and early settler of Rawdon, Nova Scotia - 6th great-grandfather
Joseph Loomis: (1590-1658) Early American settler and builder of the Loomis Homestead - 12th great-grandfather

My Images[edit]

Samuel Tinsley St. James Anglican Church.jpg Statue of Nuno Álvares Pereira.jpg Map of the Spanish Empire.png All areas of the world that were once part of the Portuguese Empire.png Italian Empire total.png NHL time map.png Christianity denominations of Europe.png