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Hi there! My real name is Norm Ferrier, and I an emergency medical service and emergency management specialist and academic, based in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada. Among other things, I conduct research on emergency management, disasters, and healthcare, and I am about to receive my Ph.D. (already have an M.Sc. in the subject). I have written a college/university level textbook in emergency management, which has just gone to market. My career in EMS spans more than 35 years now, and goes back (literally) to when there were still Cadillacs on the road, we were all called 'Drivers' and anyone who went beyond 'you call...we haul' was considered by all nurses, and many of their own colleagues, to be 'playing Doctor'. Looking back over my career, I've had the privilege of watching the evolution of an amazing system, perhaps even influencing it from time to time. How far we have come! Emrgmgmtca (talk) 14:04, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

Norm Ferrier

Articles created

CEN 1789 * Emergency medical services in the Netherlands *Emergency medical services in Hong Kong

Emergency medical services in Israel * Emergency medical services in Australia * Emergency medical services in Iceland

Emergency medical services in New Zealand

Good articles

Good Samaritan law

Articles rescued from deletion

Emergency Medical Dispatcher (nom./deletion to 'B') * Medical director (nom./deletion to 'B')

Air ambulance (nom./deletion to 'B') * 9-1-1 (nom./deletion to 'B')

Articles to which I've made a major contribution

Emergency medical services (Start/Stub to 'B') * Emergency medical services in Canada (Start/Stub to 'B')

Emergency medical services in France (Start/Stub to 'B') * Emergency medical services in Germany ('C' to 'B')

Emergency medical services in Italy (Start/Stub to 'B') * Emergency medical services in Norway (Start/Stub to 'B')

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Paramedics in Australia (Start/Stub to 'B') * Paramedics in Canada (Start/Stub to 'B')*

Paramedics in Germany (Start/Stub to 'B') * Emergency medical services in South Africa (Start/Stub to 'B')*

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Emergency medical services in Poland {Start/Stub to 'B') * Emergency bleeding control (Start/Stub to 'B')

Toronto EMS (Start/Stub to 'B')

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