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06:25, Monday 23 October, 2017

Hello, welcome to my user page. I joined Wikipedia on May 3rd 2005, but I've been contributing to Wikipedia for at least two years anonymously. For those who it means anything to, my internal ID number is 256444.

About me[edit]

I live in Surbiton, London in the UK, and my interests include law, British constitution, international organisations, science, government, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, as well as bizarre sudden crazes that pop up every now and then. I also do routine jobs, such as watching recent changes and dealing with syntax problems.

I have blocked my email facility, because it has in the past been subject to spam, if you really need to email me something, leave a note on my talkpage (I normally check at least every 4 days) saying you want to email me, then I'll email you, and then you can reply to me with whatever it was you wanted to send me.


Please see the following templates I have stored as subpages:

  • User:Energy/Box - to use type {{User:Energy/Box|LIPSUM}} where LIPSUM stands for any string of text, and it will type
  • User:Energy/Hoverbox - to use type {{User:Energy/Hoverbox|lorem|Ipsum}} where lorem and Ipsum stand for two different strings of text. The lorem string should be what you want to appear on the page, and the Ipsum string what you want to appear when a mouse is hovered over the lorem string. So, using my example above, it types

lorem to see the effect of it you need to hover the mouse over the word lorem.

    • You can also change the colour of the text by typing {{subst:User:Energy/Hoverbox|lorem|Ipsum}} and then editing the HTML tags.</nowiki>
  • I have also combined the two above templates to make User:Energy/Timebox. This is the template at the top of my page, all you have to do is type {{User:Energy/Timebox}} and it works! Hovering the mouse over it shows the time in short format - but UK style, so 10/03/2004 would be the 10th of March, not the 3rd of October!

Keble College, Oxford
The interior of the dining hall at Keble College in Oxford, England. Established in 1870 as a monument to John Keble, a leading member of the Oxford Movement, the college is the largest (by rooms) of constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. Its neo-gothic red-brick buildings, designed by William Butterfield, housed 433 undergraduates and 245 graduate students in the 2011/12 academic year.Photograph: David Iliff