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About Me

Hi everyone my name is Ian, and currently reside in the Silicon Valley Region, California. I would like to take this time to announce that since I am new, i would appreciate it if people would alert me if I am doing something incorrectly, whether it be editing or a policy, please let me know as I am an aspiring Wikipedian. As of now I am an employee at Google and a Paramedic. My favorite Major League Baseball team is the New York Yankees and favorite NCAAfootball team being Penn State.

On Wikipedia I created every page related to the New York Central Railroad Harlem Line north of Wassaic. I no longer create pages, however I participate in New Page Patrols, and nominate bad articles for deletion.


I have a wide and diverse musical taste, alot of Pop and Top 40, with some good ol' Classic Rock and I can't forget trance and techno.



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