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Born Enian Arben Musteqja
Ethnicity Albanian
Race European, Balkan
Height 1.86
Weight 66 kg
Hair Brun
Eyes Caffe
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Hi everybody. I'm from Albania. I've joined wikipedia on 15 August 2013 and since there I've made too much edits, updates and contributs for my native football. I announced my Retirement on 25 March 2018. My home editing was Albania national football team (my country's national football team) and everything else linked with it.

I decided to create my User-page for yours to know me better.

If anyone has something more expanded to talk with me, contact me on my Facebook profile Enian Musteqja

France Switzerland Italy

New Articles[edit]

I'm starting with new pages that I've created by myself. The following football players/clubs have already made a full professional debut and were created with an Infobox football biography template:

Pages created


2014–15 FK Sukthi season
2015–16 FK Sukthi season


  • Noizy, is my compatriot singer rapper. Page was deleted for missing of correct reliable sources. Then it was recreated by my mate Oltianruci.

Albania senior national side[edit]

  • Thomas Strakosha, is my compatriot football player, plays as a Goalkeeper. I created his article twice in 2013, were recreated also in 2014 and 2015 by other users but was deleted for reasons that he was not yet a proffesional footballer, not mading his proffesional debut. When he made his profesional debut in 2016, I recreated once again. He was called-up to the Albania senior national side in August 2016.

Albania national U-21 side[edit]

Albania national U-20 side[edit]


About Albania national football team[edit]

Other Albanian talents[edit]

Albania national U-19 side[edit]

Albania national youth football teams[edit]

Albania national U-17 side[edit]



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Supporting teams[edit]

Principally I support my country, the Albania national football team. Then my birthplace team FK Sukthi and KF Tirana in my native championship Albanian Superliga.


I've got an award, sended in my talk-page in this section

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
For starting the article of Enis Gavazaj a future promise right after he played his first international game. Good job! Vetemekenshkodran (talk) 21:30, 28 January 2014 (UTC)

Another award sended in my talk-page in this section

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Jam i nderuar qe punoj sebashku me nje perdorues shqiptare ne Wikipedien angleze dhe te redaktojme futbollistet & skuadrat shqiptare :) Sadsadas (talk) 20:39, 28 February 2014 (UTC)
Barnstar of Diligence Hires.png The Barnstar of Diligence
Bravo Eni, ke ber shum pun ne Wiki per ceshtjen shqiptare. Ki kujdes se ka shum shki edhe grek qe shkaterojn faqet tona edhe depertojn me propoganda.

Keep up the good work shqipe :) Bato The Illyrian (talk) 16:56, 13 January 2016 (UTC)

Another award sended in my talk-page in this section

Barnstar-goldrun7.png The Running Man Barnstar
For all the excellent work you have been doing about football in Albania and the region, I award you this barnstar. Keep up the great work, it has been a pleasure to have such a nice editor as a wiki-friend of mine. FkpCascais (talk) 21:28, 21 January 2017 (UTC)

Team Barnstar Hires.png The Teamwork Barnstar
Nese une e meritoj "Teamwork Barnstar", atehere edhe ti e meriton po aq sa une per kontributin qe ke dhene per futbollin shqiptar ketu ne Wikipedia. Te vazhdojm keshtu vlla. Suksese :) Sadsadas (talk) 11:13, 4 June 2017 (UTC) Sadsadas (talk) 09:13, 4 June 2017 (UTC)
Flag of Albania.svg The Albania Award!
Updating articles such as the edits made on Taulant Xhaka. Iggy (talk) 15:27, 23 December 2017 (UTC)