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I am an avid netizen working in the Information technology industry here in Adelaide, South australia. A self confessed technophile yet having a strong belief in more esoterical philosophies such as taoism has lead to many people calling me enigmatic... hence the user name. (Its as much a warning as it is a monica)

I will be the first to admit that I have some very strong opinions (Can be a bit misanthropic at times), and I am someone who does not believe in pulling punches. If something deserves praise or support then it gets it, if it doesn't then I will more than happily let people know about it. I personally believe that this doctrine shows the greatest level of respect to other people (To hide ones true feelings is to deceive them and act towards them in a manner which is not true) and I am more than happy to accept the same treatment in return (To not would make me a hypocrit which is something I utterly despise).

Ultimately, despite what people say about me, everyone agrees that at the very least they always know where they stand, always know that I will treat them with the utmost fairness and that I show an inordinate amount (read almost an obsession) of integrity at all times.

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Superfluous Data[edit]

The following is a random (Is anything truely random? See Complexity theory) brain dump of things in my life:

Favourite Quotes[edit]

"What do you despise? By this you shall truely be known" - Frank Herbert

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Curious Information[edit]

  • Birthday Oddities
    • Amazing coincidence of dates
    • Major events coincide
    • Alignment of Numbers
      • 28 on the 28-01-2000 (which was also a friday, same day as I was born)

Amazing Picture[edit]

Just for the hell of it, a picture which I find absolutely amazing... called the Pillars of Creation

Eagle nebula pillars.jpg