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Labidosaurus hamatus fossil
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My edits like a true geek



  • All information gathered about coins and banknotes

comes from my personal collectiona as well as the websites below.

Fossil sites[edit]

The flag of the HKSAR
The FIAV Code shows flag usage. The top row of dots represent use on land for civil, state and military respectively, the bottom row represents use at sea. Flag ratio: 2:3

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Kannemeyeridae, Warendja, Anurognathus, Euowenia, Theropoda, Engaewa, Nimbadon.

The mighty and greal Tripple J all hail the J's.

Pages I created[edit]

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At the moment I am doing articles on fossil Diprotodontia, Pterosaurs, and ancient currencies as stated below.








Five dollar note (Australian)

To do List[edit]

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All Permian and Triassic Reptiles and amphibians[edit]



Articles needing expantio or species articles.[edit]


Department of Conservation and Natural Resources edited by Menkhorst, P,W 1995 "Mammals of Victoria" Oxford University Press, South Melbourne,. ISBN 0 19 553733 5

Menkhorst, P.; Knight, F. (2001). A field Guide to the Mammals of Australia. Oxford Press. ISBN 0-19-550870-X.

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