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Enrique Allen-Allans

Enrique Allen-Allans[edit]

or better known as Kyle Jay Sambajon Naron (born October 1, 1999) is a Filipino student, dancer and Student Photographer . He is currently studying at Divine Word College of Legazpi HS-Dept. He became famous for being Friendly in other Sections and other Year Levels. He loves to go to library with his classmates. And actually he's very close to his teachers, have a very friendly friends, and have a classmate named LINDY GRACE ALA who thinks she is so beautiful and smart but is don't Enrique Allen-Allans has a Nyctophobia (Phobia in Darkness) and Kyle Jay got it too.

Enrique's Early Life[edit]

Kyle Jay S. Naron was born on October 1, 1999 in Aquinas University Hospital, Legazpi City..He is a Bicolano,Icolocano with Spanish roots. He also graduated Elementary in 2012 from Polot,Elemtary School in Masbate City.

Allen-Allans started dancing in the summer of 2012.. He was 12 years old then, and boredom led him to enroll in commercial modeling workshops as well as musical theater workshops conducted by Trumpets.[4]

In 2009,He later appeared in a series of TV commercials, including one of Lewis and Pearl's ad.[5]

He is a Honored Student when he was Grade School. He is now a Grade 7 Studentin Divine Word College of Legazpi and Also a Certified fan of Mr. Enrique Gil. Enrique's Facebook Account: Enrique's Twitter Account: Enrique's Instagram : Enriquegilbaby17