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Eopsid on the loo
Premier of the Universe
In office
Start of time – 21 December 2012
First Deputies John Holmes
Charles Taylor
Armin Meiwes
Saparmurat Niyazov
Vasili Blokhin
David Reimer
Htoo twins
Personal details
Born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
Nationality Abkhaz
Political party Trotskyite Revolutionary Workers Party
Spouse(s) The Virgin Mary (0-5)(date uncertain)
Children Jesus Christ (disputed)
Religion Atheist

Evidence of me being a sad cant --> User:Eopsid/f

Evidence of me being a complete fukkin weerdo --> User:Eopsid/g

My main interests are British Humour Comics and I hope one day to get round to writing an article on them which wont be just a rehash of the British Comics article.

The City of York has very nice boundaries. It includes the major exurban villages without going too overboard into rural areas. But its unsurprising that it has better boundaries than most of the rest of English towns and cities because York's boundaries are rather recent. Look at Peterborough for example the boundaries are large and have a similar population density and population to York but their boundaries are shit they ignore exurban villages like Farcet and Yaxley but head east into rather unpopulated fenland areas. It's a similar thing with Sheffield. One large city in the boundaries plus a shitload of empty, probably just to keep traditionalist border lovers happy. Don't know why they didn't just smack the empty into Barnsley met brough instead.

About my username[edit]

I chose it as a nonsense word. It has no meaning whatsoever. A quick google revealed it's an anagram of poised which is nice. Also it's pronounced ee-opp-sid.

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