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Anticreationism is the opposition to the idea that the world was created by a Deity , or deity-esque being, without recourse to evolution. This opposition stems from several factors:

  • The lack of evidence for creation
  • The fact that scientific evidence, in biology, cosmology, physics, chemistry, paleontology, archaeology, geology, and astronomy, contradict creationism.
  • The irrational nature of creationism.

List of Anticreationist organizations National Center For Science Education National Academies Of Sciences National Geographic Society Smithsonian Institution American Association for the Advancement of Science American Museum of Natural History British Centre for Science Education

List of Anticreationists Richard Dawkins Sam Harris Daniel Dennett Christopher Hitchens PZ Myers Victor J. Stenger [[Larry Moran] Ernst Mayr Robert T. Pennoncock Penn and Teller Eugenie Scott Kevin Padian Jerry Coyne David Attenborough]] George Monbiot Douglas Futuyuma Douglas Palmer [[Sean Caroll] Francis Collins Kenneth Miller Keith B. Miller Keith Ward Robert T. Bakker Alister Mcgrath Richard G. Colling John Polkinghorne Owen Gingrich Ted Peters E.O Wilson George Coyne Neil Degrasse Tyson Don Prothero Ronald Numbers Michael Shermer Paul Kurtz Ursula Goodenough Brian Flemming Bill Maher

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