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Both sides of my family have lived in Toronto, Ontario since the early 19th century, and I live there still. My professional life was spent in high schools as an English teacher (fifteen years) and a teacher-librarian (another fifteen years). The library part was largely about computers: designing and implementing a LAN, automating the catalogue and circulation, networking CD-ROMs, becoming a NetWare geek, managing a bunch of servers, programming, etc.

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Along the way I got an M.A. in liberal arts, i.e. the history of ideas, or, if you like, interdisciplinary studies.

My curiosity is pretty much boundless (well, except for professional sport), my particular interests focusing around music (mostly, but by no means only, classical), theatre, dance (I take classes in international ballroom, and ballet, and have done modern and contact improv), literature, and GLBT issues. Of course given my graduate degree, you can add on philosophy, theology, philosophy of science, and history, in which I continue to read.

Much of my youth, both at school and otherwise, I spent as a letterpress printer (totally obsolete now, and I really miss it), and after undergraduate I worked for two years doing page makeup and proofreading for a large offset newspaper jobber. In various summer jobs, I fought forest fires, dug graves, and was a janitor.

Thus far in Wikipedia, I've only tweaked a few articles that I've come across where I could see how to make improvements. But I'm mulling creating an article on Theatre in Toronto, a subject which, curiously, no one has brought together yet. There doesn't seem to be a WikiProject on theatre either, so I'd welcome input or advice from more experienced editors.