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Canada Stop sign.svg
What are you doing here?
Your response My response
"I'm here to leave you a message!" You're in the wrong place. Go to User talk:Epicgenius and try again there.
"I'm here to vandalize your page, because you're a <censored>!" Bad idea. My page is watchlisted by many editors and administrators, and you'll be reverted, warned, and/or banhammered within seconds. Go find something better to do.
"I'm here to revert vandalism." Thank you. I may not leave a comment on your talk page, but do give yourself a {{cookie}}.
"I'm here to steal your stop sign." There are thousands of stop signs around the world, and you want to steal mine?
I'm here because your user page is cool." Thanks!
"I'm here to read your wonderfully clever edit notice." Uhh... ok. Hope you enjoyed it.