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Epicgenius is the name of this user who speaks of himself in the third person. He's also pretty funny.

This are among the things he does:

  • Copy editing stuff
  • Anti-vandalism work
  • Add content (though I'm not really one to create many good or featured articles)

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Featured Images ONLY!!!!
Actually, no more Featured Images here.
Actually, I'm lying.

Hello, and welcome back to my actual userpage. The funny stuff is coming in a bit.


  • Musician
  • Studying to be a doctor
  • Late teens
  • Fencing
  • Golf
  • Other identifying information here—OUCH! That hurt. (Actually, see below for a humorous but completely fictional take on my life.)
  • Doesn't spend all his time on Wikipedia, unlike some people (I mean YOU! *points finger*)

I am actually available in Freenode IRC under this username.

An actual explanation of my username

The first part of my username is "epic" from Epic Rap Battles of History, because that's so cool. The second part is "genius" from, because the lyric annotations are dope.


Guess. Who. Has. It.

Brought to you by your friend who came across this on 9gag (I mean, me):

EINSTEIN'S RIDDLE, 2015 EDITION!!! Credit from here. Oh yeah, don't bother to click on the wikilink, 'cause that just spoils it. Spoiler!

There are 5 houses in 5 different colors. In each house lives a person with a different nationality. The 5 owners drink a certain type of beverage, play on different consoles, and own a certain phone. No owners have the same phone, play on the same console, or drink the same beverage.

  1. The Brit lives in the blue house.
  2. The French owns a Galaxy S5.
  3. The German drinks Coca-Cola.
  4. The red house is next to, and left of, the white house.
  5. The red house's owner drinks coffee.
  6. The PC player owns a MS Lumia.
  7. The Xbox One player lives in the green house.
  8. The man in the center house drinks water.
  9. The American lives in the farthest house on the left.
  10. The PS4 player lives next to the one with the iPhone 6.
  11. The Xbox One player lives next to the one with the Galaxy S6 phone.
  12. The PS3 player drinks beer.
  13. The Xbox 360 player is Swedish.
  14. The American lives next to the yellow house.
  15. The PS4 player has a neighbor who drinks Pepsi.

So who owns the iPhone 5S? Einstein said that 98% of people can't solve it. Of course, he also said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity."

Carry on...

Funny tidbits

sar-N This user is a native speaker of sarcasm. Isn't that just great?
en This user is a native speaker of English.
en-hk This usah is a speakah of Hong Kong English la, but he/she think that very good in English.
yue 呢位用户嘅母语粤语/广州话
zh-5 該用戶能以專業中文進行交流。
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.
Search user languages

Welcome to the museum of epic genius (deliberately spelled that way). This is my new, and obviously pretty lame, userpage. Face-grin.svg My old, and much funnier, userpage is here. Unless you want a double entendre right now...

When I'm hungry, I want a pepperoni pizza. When they're taking too long, I want my pieprzony pizza.[1]

Some guy's comment on Reddit (for more stuff like this, see here).

As a wise man once said...

It all starts with ooga booga... ooga booga shooga dooga.

—Someone who probably didn't intend to ooga booga

Main gallery

Figure 1: A swamp in New Orleans, Louisiana. I don't live here. Nor do I want to.

We are a museum representing the great and supreme Epicgenius. On this site, you will find a series of awesome maintenance that Epicgenius has done to articles. You will be impressed. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

Comments by the subject

No, I'm not giving out any confidential information. It may blow up Wikipedia! (Very funny. Oh yeah, I live in New York City.)

So, I am (Redacted) years old, my name is (Redacted), and I live on (Redacted) Street, (Redacted). My phone number is (Redacted).

Also, for a brief etymology of my name: I edit at, and I am a contributor of epic proportions here. Ha![2]

Actually, I am more like Nikola Tesla, 100 years ahead of my time, but... no, I'm not.[3]

Figure 3: A little innocuous pelican...



Hey, knock yourself out with the safe and reasonable speed of your choosing. As long as you aren't doing 90 at night or in a truck, you're fine.

Articles significantly expanded include:

  • NYC-related articles (current project)
  • Lots of train articles (I mean lots)
  • Copyediting for errors (factual and typos), and MOS
  • Adding references and wikifying where fit
  • Anti-vandalism, using STiki, Twinkle, and Vada, and in the future, if I ever get time, Huggle


The results of the U.S. trying to nuke themselves.
  • Who? My initials are (Redacted) (though if you came here from Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, I will vehemently assert that my name is not what it claims to be).
  • What? A teenager at the time of registration. I am still at school. I am male.
  • When? Since November 9, 2012.
  • Where? New York City. Not Staten Island.
  • Why? I don't know. I got a life, but unfortunately no girlfriend yet. :(
  • How? Using a computer.
  • Are you fat? No, I'm not.
  • Did you get Ebola? WHAAA?
  • 你说中文吗? I'm Chinese. Are you seriously asking me if I speak Chinese?!
  • Do you speak English, then? Well, duh.
  • Do you like to move it? See this, will you?
  • How many cars do you own? Me, zero. My family, multiple.
  • Do you take the subway? Do I have a choice?
  • How good are you in...? Well, I am good at chess, music, math, writing, etc. I am smart and super-awesome. Hence my username. HAHAHA!
  • How old are you? Most people in my age range wouldn't know what a rotary telephone looks like.
  • Who what when where why how? See above.
  • Can you read upside down? Yes.
  • Can you read backward? I can do that too.
  • How about upside down backward? I can do that as well.
  • Confused now? Well, are you? I can read in five directions. I am epic a genius and epic.
On a very grave note
  • Are you a troll? No.
  • Are you here to warn me about vandalism? Wrong page.
  • Are you here to call me a dumbass? Really? Refer to below infobox and then check here.
du-0 This person does not understand dumbass (or understands it with considerable difficulties, or does not want to speak dumbass).
  • Can you stop pushing a POV? What POV?
No, seriously
  • What type of Wikipedian are you exactly? An inclusionist. I like to keep as much good content as possible and throw out all the bad text like vandalism, spam, etc.
  • How many edits do you have? Over 80, according to my edit count.
  • Need help? See village pump or reference desk.

About that...

Actually, I do have a COI with a couple BLPs and a couple articles under the purview of WP:NYC, including two under both WP:SCHOOLS and WP:NYC.

Seriously, now!

I'm about to delete this section because it is nonsense...!!

WikiProject Chimpanzee Wikipedians Epicgenius is a member of WikiProject Chimpanzee Wikipedians, a WikiProject which aims to give humans as many chimpanzee physical and behavioral qualities as possible.
Mr. Genius needs to be Monkeyfied. Please format this brainiac according to the guidelines laid out at Wikipedia:Guide to layout.

Wait, I'm a chimp??!?!??! HAHAHA!!! You just got pwned.

Image gallery

I stole this from User:EEng because it was funny.

Something about traffic lights

As of the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, this is outdated. We think.
If you cross the street against the red 'Don't walk' sign and get hit by a truck, you don't yell at the driver.
Wikipedia user Kudpung

Let's end on a good note

Some quotes:

More stuff

Insults, if you want to sound Shakespearean. Man, you are so antiquated. Credit: here

Puns. Credit: here

Pun Generator

A backward poet writes inverse.

Gallery of random funny stuff

Aww, I was hoping that the license plate said "Nikola".

Gallery of weird editing (formerly gallery of vandalism)


Epic vandalism

Funny vandalism on Wikipedia (please help me find the diffs):

Thanks to and Huffington Post (Huffington Post) for the cases of vandalism.

Awful, but still pretty epic


Note: I did not do any of these. I just found them.

(208 entries)

There's more!

Oh, just funny tags

Gallery of creepy articles

See this page for a list.

Gallery of weird articles

Didn't you know?


Didn't you see??

Adapted from User:Brandmeister~enwiki/YouTube's top fake videos.

Views Video Dislikes Notes
86,000,191 Sos Mi Vida 35 , juegos peligrosos - dangerous games English sub 6,701 Video of random persons, that pretends to be You Are the One.
60,648,211 Snake woman 16,696 Video, showing that not only mermaids may be interesting.
52,493,824 Biggest Snake of the World for Sale, 25 000 € Rate bar disabled Many love big snakes, excluding this artistic work, pretending to be the "biggest snake".
51,709,386 The Haunting : 16.12.2012 33,596 Another example of why some people do not believe in ghosts.
44,125,316 Be Careful 42,112 Indeed. Be careful and don't click this video.
40,369,687 Giant Snake Rate bar disabled Another "giant snake"...
38,001,709 Would you believe this? 16,123 Nope, we wouldn't.
30,607,949 Lucky Airlines Palm Beach 93,241 Not only airlines, but also the video is lucky... due to number of views.
19,769,431 'Ghostly shadow' filmed on live TV 8,729 Not as spooky as it may sound...
19,455,622 Titanic - 1912 Original Video Footage 2,673 Yes, many miss that sort of things...
13,814,700 Half head man is real Rate bar disabled He's real. But not in this video.
13,713,741 Demon Baby Writes A Haiku 21,555 Since (s)he can write a haiku, (s)he's definitely not that horrible.
11,857,214 Polar Bear Attack in Iceland 19,324 Many like gore, but hopefully no one suffered in this video.
11,701,355 I Am Legend 2 [OFFICIAL TRAILER HD] 52,932 Robert Neville shouldn't necessarily die to become a legend. He may also resurrect and continue to be a legend.
11,476,904 Banned Mastercard Priceless Commercial: The Milkman 9,623 Many would admit that not only Mastercard is priceless, but also the video's fake thumbnail.
10,261,967 Demon child caught on security camera 17,727 Unlike the aforementioned "demon baby", this "demon child" doesn't write haiku, which makes him less popular.
10,122,653 Оргазм в прямом эфире 7,318 Hopefully, orgasms don't look like that in reality.
9,402,817 UFO crash hits wind turbine 19,899 In this video we learn that UFOs aren't actually that advanced to dodge wind turbines.
8,472,188 Sports Injuries 12,046 Some videos say a definite no to sports injuries... despite fake thumbnails.
8,133,922 TIGER VS. PIT BULL!!! Rate bar disabled Another video, where no one suffered.
7,774,904 Real Life Exorcisms 3,631 We definitely prefer to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose instead.
7,698,042 Amazing Water Trick! How to Suspend Water Without a Cup! 3,182 After trying that trick, we learn that it's amazing only in that video.
7,546,643 Dog alive with no head! 11,801 Still ain't no match to Mike the Headless Chicken.
6,900,430 beheading of philam 13,300 Long live fake executions, down with real ones!
5,272,146 Real Shark Attack Filmed By Helicopter 11,755 No one suffered here again.
(as of 3 April 2014)
Terminator 5 Official Trailer #1 (2015) 7,601
(as of 3 April 2014)
Another faked trailer of a much-anticipated movie.
5,024,906 Britney Spears SEX TAPE 3,184 "How was I supposed to know That somethin' wasn't right here"
4,963,958 Super Cow on Steroids? 2,710 Yeah, anything that have steroids may be harmful.
4,864,971 Edward Cullen & Bella Swan (DELETED SEX SCENE)!! Rate bar disabled If only Twilight consisted entirely of that...
4,385,640 Lady ga ga Is Not a Man 1,291 ...although few people saw her vagina.
3,571,085 Удивительное и невероятное видео. Смотрите 2,409 Well, at least it's hilarious...
3,079,779 Poltergeist Levitation Caught on Tape 1,025 Every spooky thing deserves a happy end. In this case we learn that there's a rope wrapped around stomach.
2,932,005 Малахов получил в лицо на передаче Телезірка 2,399 Not all offenders are that sexy. Which is rather sad.
2,636,372 REAL Ghost In Hotel Filmed by Security Guard 3,042 Neither Ghostbusters nor Mythbusters deemed it necessary to appear in this video - the fact that speaks for itself.

Hall of trivia, sponsored by the Epicgenius Parent Company, Inc.

  1. Skip if you are under 18: A lot of people say that vanilla sex is called such because it is bland or without "flavor", and they normally use this term to describe the missionary position or its kin. What they probably don't know is that the word vanilla derives from a Latin word via a diminutive form of the Spanish word vaina, meaning sheath as in that's what a vanilla bean pod looks like. What they might not realize is there's another word deriving from this same Latin root, and that of course is vagina, which literally means scabbard-- i.e., the sheath one puts one's sword into. Ergo vanilla sex is etmyologically appropriate and the blandness is just a coincidence.
  2. Skip if you are color blind: It is accepted that all the world's languages have words for white and black. If that language only has two words, those are them. If they have a third one it is almost always red, if they have a fourth green, and so on. In English there are only three verbs for becoming a color: To whiten, to blacken and to redden. (Golden of course, is an adjective) This means that these words must have been in such an old form of Anglo-Saxon that dates back to when "English" only had this many color words, unlike now, when it has this many.
  3. Skip if you can't understand irony at all, like really?: A lot of people think that Utopia means a good place. This misunderstanding is from Sir Thomas More's 1516 book, which described a fictional land where everything was perfect. However, what More intended the etymology to be was u- (οὐ) meaning "not" or "non", so that it would be a place that didn't exist (-topia comes from topos (τόπος) meaning "place"), a non-place. However, modern English speakers have pronounced the word utopia not like /ˈtpiə/ with an oo sound, but as /juːˈtpiə/, where the /ju/ is similar in sound to the word you as in words like euthenasia or euphony meaning good-death or good-sounding. So? So, that means that inadverntently in Modern English we have changed the meaning of "Utopia" by misunderstanding the referent, and by further mispronouncing the word, we have actually ended up giving it the meeting previously ascribed to it, i.e. a "eutopia" which would actually mean, "good place" in Greek.

Moving on...

  1. ^ This means pepper in Polish. It also means "fuck my pizza" in Polish. So what?
  2. ^ But seriously though, I do edit at Rap Genius. And I consider myself epic. Just kidding, everyone does...
  3. ^ See here for why. He's really a genius and he is truly epic. Not me, though. However, I'm still interested in him. I even have a Tesla motor to prove it.
    I may be talking about the motor or a car from the car company, though. Take a guess. Hint: It's not what you think.

OK, we're done with the humor and epic fails here. STOP LAUGHING!!! Or, you can go to www dot 9gag dot com or www dot reddit dot com slash r slash funny for more laughs. Yeah, I'm totally advertising.


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User:Epicgenius/Userboxes (personal) (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)

Last but not least...

The End Book.png This user has been to the end of Wikipedia. Have you?
[note 3]
Antarctica Route 1.png This user is a member of the Antarctica Highways WikiProject.
[note 4]
[note 5]
END This user has no more userboxes.
[note 6]
  1. ^ Technically, maybe.
  2. ^ No, not really.
  3. ^ Have you?
  4. ^ Yeah. WP:ANTHWY really exists. Please join! We are currently writing articles about penguin highways and rush hour in Antarctica.
  6. ^ Hooray for the end of userboxes!


User:Epicgenius/guestbook (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs)

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