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I need help!!!
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A personal appeal from

an author of 3,647,328 Wikipedia articles

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Wikimedia's servers are housed in this garden shed
From Wikipedia author Epicgenius

On Wikipedia, I’ve created 3,647,328 articles. All of them for FREE.

I’m a poverty stricken headcase from NYC systems consultant, working with very large-scale financial computer systems. If the time I’ve spent on Wikipedia were converted to money, it would add up to $9.69 ONE BILLION DOLLARS for me. I can sure use ONE BILLION DOLLARS because I need stuff like a new pair of underwear from K Mart. But money is not the incentive here. You deal in a different currency on Wikipedia, called EGOS (pronounced: E-goze). Google might have close to 3 billion servers (Holy crap!!!, that's a lot). Yahoo has something like 273,647.3 staff. Wikimedia has 6 servers in a garden shed with a leaky roof in Jim Wales backyard in Florida, and they're maintained by Luigi the gardener and Frank the paperboy.

At Wikipedia you get biased, inaccurate information, organized in a sloppy fashion, poorly-documented, usually un-referenced, and rarely up-to-date, whenever you want it, ALL FOR FREE. So why don't you stop being a greedy, selfish self-centered bastard and show a little WikiLove (whatever that is) and send some Cash.

The sooner you pony-up the cash the less time you have to spend looking at those scary-looking people at the top of the page saying I CAN HAZ MONEY? every single time you click on Wikipedia. Thank you.