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Coordinates: 40°43′28.07″N 73°58′42.78″W / 40.7244639°N 73.9785500°W / 40.7244639; -73.9785500

Pitt Street
North end Houston Street, Avenue C (Manhattan)
South end South Street, FDR Drive
North Avenue C
East Avenue D
South FDR Drive
West Avenue B

Pitt Street is a street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City. It runs north-south parallel to Essex Street, six blocks away, for most of its length.

Pitt Street begins as Avenue C, which runs for 20 blocks from 23rd Street to Houston Street. South of Houston Street, Pitt Street is a one-way street northbound which runs five blocks to Grand Street, where it then becomes Samuel Dickstein Plaza, a two-way avenue. South of Henry Street, it again changes names to Montgomery Street, which continues to its southern terminus at South Street/FDR Drive.[1]


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