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OMC maps (pinched from Kelisi)

If you would like to try your hand at making maps, for Wikipedia or other purposes, I also wholeheartedly recommend this link:

I have discovered a little bug in this site. You must of course enter map coördinates – latitude and longitude – to generate your map, and instead of using the letters N, S, W and E to indicate hemisphere, you put a minus sign if you mean latitude south of the equator or longitude west of Greenwich. The trouble crops up when you want to generate a map of an area that straddles the 180th meridian. Have a look at my Fiji map up above and you'll notice that the 180th passes right through the country, but to generate the map, I had to specify an eastern limit of 182°, not -178° which I found caused an error message. But honestly, whoever heard of the 182nd meridian?! Anyway, the system does at least translate this into -178° when the map appears.

Another thing that can be annoying about OMC maps is that they are limited in size. You can make bigger maps, though, by generating 4 (or 9, or 16) maps of contiguous areas and then using Microsoft Paint, or another graphics programme, to stitch them together. However, this only works well if you use the Mercator projection, which is not always handy.


To do maps of a countries subdivions, go to the gData website, then select "administrative divisions", "roads", "railways", or anything else you want on the map, then, select a country from the list, you'll have to download a ZIP file, then, extract the file(s) with the file extension ".shp" and upload it to MapSharer where you can edit the map. When you finished, download the map as an EPS, and convert it to SVG, best using Ghostscript and GSview. Then, edit the map to meet your needs using Inkscape. See this?

Animated PNG example bouncing beach ball.png