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Hello, I am a student at University of Washington. Some topics that I am studying over there include Interaction design, Industrial design, and the like.

I am also a gamer that plays abandonware games, in particular Outpost 2, Silencer, Creatures, Castle Infinity, Subspace, and others. Aside from abandonware, I also play Team Fortress 2, BioShock, and the Half-Life series.

Moreover than games, I am deeply in love with music. The majority of what I listen to often falls in categories like indie rock (Beirut, Vampire Weekend, Sufjan Stevens, Guster), soft electronica (Orbital, Maps), ambient music (Brian Eno, Ulrich Schnauss) , modern folk (José González, Andrew Bird), and so on. Basically, I like most everything on KEXP in the morning.

Asahiflex600.jpg This user enjoys photography.

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