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The script listing page shows the scripts you installed using this tool, along with uninstall links.
The script listing page, along with all .js pages, will now include install links.
Just click 'em. It really couldn't be simpler.
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This is the documentation page for the ScriptInstaller.js user script.

Script Installer provides simple automatic installs and uninstalls of Wikipedia customizations (user scripts) directly from the script listing page, each with just a single click.


Automated installations[edit]
  • Click the "Install" link next to a script's name in order to install it. Simple.
  • After doing that once, a list of your installed scripts displays at the top of the page (see image, up there Arrow northeast.svg ).
Automated un-installations[edit]
  • Each installed script listed has its own "Uninstall" link. Click it to uninstall. Again, simple.
  • Only scripts that were installed using ScriptInstaller will show up in this list, and only those can be uninstalled via this interface.