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This is the documentation page for the ToggleEditNotices.js user script.

ToggleEditNotices allows you to toggle the display of edit notices that appear at the top of many pages during editing. A link is displayed during editing that dynamically hides or displays the page's edit notices.

Note that the toggle link is displayed whether or not a page actually has an edit notice. If you click the toggle link and nothing happens, it is likely because the page you are editing does not have an edit notice.

To use this script: Copy the line below, then click here, paste the line, and hit the save button.

importScript('User:Equazcion/ToggleEditNotices.js'); //Linkback: [[User:Equazcion/ToggleEditNotices]]

The default state is to display edit notices. To change the default to hidden, use the following code instead:

var HideEditNotices = true;
importScript('User:Equazcion/ToggleEditNotices.js'); //Linkback: [[User:Equazcion/ToggleEditNotices]]
Attention niels epting.svg
Caution: The default-hidden setting is only intended for highly experienced editors.

Edit notices often contain extremely important information that the average editor will need to read prior to making edits, including when adding discussion comments.
Even experienced editors should use caution when edit notices are hidden by default, and display them often to check for possible changes to a page's rules or circumstances.