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Copypatrol list suspect edits (possible copyright violations based on User:EranBot) from articles with recent changes. If bot output is older than 3 days, please notify Eran (talk) or Lucas559 (talk). Database lives here



  • Assess the edit and determine whether or not a copyright violation has occurred. Remove copyright violations from article space and notify the editor of our copyright policy using {{uw-copyright}}, {{uw-copyright-new}}, or a personalized message. If you discover unattributed copying within Wikipedia, the editor should be notified of our attribution requirement using the template {{uw-copying}}. If you discover unattributed copying from public domain materials, notify the user using the template {{uw-plagiarism}}. All of these templates need to be substituted. If you are an administrator, please consider revision deleting the related diffs under criterion RD1.
  • Please update the status at If you fix the problem or tag the page for deletion as a copyright violation, mark it as "Page fixed". (Please consider watch-listing pages you nominate for deletion to ensure they get resolved to your satisfaction.) If you find the item is a false positive or if the page has already been deleted for reasons other than copy vio, mark it as "No action needed". Types of false positives include: properly attributed copying of licensed or PD material; properly attributed quotations; restoring material from a previous revision of the same article; addition of tables; addition of lists; addition of timelines; addition of math symbols; additions to bibliographies. Moving material around within the article can trigger a false positive, even if the move is done within the same edit. Please consider visiting meta:Talk:CopyPatrol with feedback or if you have any questions. I can help with questions as well. — Diannaa (talk) 20:43, 11 July 2016 (UTC)