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The Signpost
20 February 2018

Erebus555 (talk · contribs · count). - I've been a member of Wikipedia since early 2005 and I have seen it develop into one of the dominant forces of good on the internet in that time. Like many, I started off with my own idea of how things were run and so I'm still recovering the things I did wrong, such as uploading copyrighted images.

I was once very active on articles of a geographic nature and this developed more towards a focus on West Midlands related articles, peaking when I helped found the West Midlands WikiProject. I have now reduced the lengths of time that I spend on Wikipedia due to lack of time, but when I am about, you'll find me focussing on specific articles for long periods of time. These will usually be of West Midlands-related or architecture-related nature.

In the time I've been away, Wikipedia has grown into an even bigger, more complex beast. It's difficult to become accustomed to such changes so if you have any issues you want to discuss with me, I'm probably not the best person to come to. I am also responsible for founding the UK Housing wiki on Please join and add to it if you're interested.

User pages[edit]

Articles I have created[edit]

See /created.

Articles I have significantly contributed to[edit]

Stuff to do[edit]

This is my little to do area, so I don't lose track of where I'm going.... I am a member of WikiProject West Midlands, so I participate in the Monthly Improvement Drive (currently inactive).

Articles I want:

  • Revert all vandalism I see and I warn the editor or contributor that this is wrong and if this persists then they will be punished with what is usually a ban.
  • Add images to as many West Midlands articles as possible.
  • Add demographic data to all of Birmingham wards. Add other info if possible.
  • Create articles for all wards in the West Midlands county.
  • Update future schemes with any planning application information available.


Wiki pages[edit]

Here are some links if you need an odd bit off help.

Running MediaWiki on your own computer

MediaWiki is the software that runs Wikipedia.

MediaWiki is opensource and is available for download for free. You can use it for offline access to the Wikipedia database, or to set up a wiki of your own.

However, MediaWiki requires other software to be able to run. The prerequisite programs are Apache/IIS, MySQL4 or later (5 or later as of version 1.19) and PHP5. When bundled together, these are referred to as AMP. They are also open source and free.

The Manual Installation Guide explains how to install MediaWiki from scratch.

Note that some users may find MediaWiki software bundles and MediaWiki hosting services with 1-click installation and wiki farms to be convenient alternatives to manual installation.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}
The Moul n'ga Cirque in the Tadrart region, Southeast Algeria, with wave clouds above
The Acacus Mountains are a mountain range in western Libya, part of the Sahara. Situated east of the city of Ghat, they stretch north from the border with Algeria, about 100 kilometres (60 mi). The mountains have a large variation of landscapes, from different-coloured dunes to arches, gorges, isolated rocks and deep wadis. The area has a particularly rich array of prehistoric rock art.Photograph: Pir6mon