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My name is Eric. For the time being, most of my contribution to Wikipedia is through copyediting articles as I come across them. For a living, I do GIS and the occasional translation project.
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Helpful links[edit]


Discussion, notification:[edit]

{{u|username}} – handy, basic template for mentioning/notifying a user

Template:Tiny_ping alerts user(s) to a message via Wikipedia's notification system

{{Reply to|<username>}}

Template:Please see – {{subst:Please see | Talk:<article>#<talkpage section> }}

notification triggers – mentions, etc

Template:Talkback has several templates for calling the attention of other editors

{{talkback|username}} – Facilitates keeping user-to-user discussions on one talk page

Discussion move:[edit]

Templates for discussion moves (instructions at Template:Moved discussion to and Template:Moved discussion from):

Moved to <talkpage section>


Moved from <talkpage section>

Advice, warning:[edit]

Vandalism warning templates citing page name: Wikipedia:Vandalism#Warnings

Listing of template messages: Wikipedia:Template_messages/User_talk_namespace (includes multiple templates for disruptive editors)

External link spam: Wikipedia:Template_messages/User_talk_namespace/Multi-level_templates#External_links_spam

Edit summary templates, etc:[edit]

{{subst:Uw-subtle2}} (Template:Uw-subtle2) produces this:

Please explain your contributions using an edit summary. Changing information on Wikipedia (such as numbers and dates) without explanation may be confused with vandalism. Thank you.

optional parameters: {{subst:Uw-subtle2|article}} {{subst:Uw-subtle2|article|additional text (in place of "thank you")}}

Template:Edit_summary produces a much larger message

{{subst:Uw-wrongsummary|Article|Additional text}} promotes use of more accurate summaries

Well-stated talkpage post by Ammodramus promoting use of edit summaries: User_talk:WhatsUpWorld#Edit_summaries_redux (diff)

Another good one I'd like to make a template for: User_talk:Hantsheroes#Please_Preview,_Group,_Summarize


Table guidance: Help:Table – Note: "minimalist" table (no borders) omits class="wikitable"

Template:Xt – various templates for generating example text

Template:Quote – various quotation formats; remember also blockquote and block indent

This is a good one: {{Quote frame|text to quote}} generates a box that will extend up to the width of the page if necessary

{{Reflist-talk}} – place at end of talkpage section to keep any reference footnotes in a box in that section

{{od}} outdent template

Miscellaneous references[edit]






Edit summary abbreviations

Help:Show_preview - Promotes minimizing number of saves per edit session.




{{convert}} Conversion templates and parameters

{{diff}} for creating links to pages that show the differences between two versions of a wiki page

Wikipedia:Administrator_intervention_against_vandalism – Admin vandalism notification page


Grolltech's useful cheatsheet of templates: User:Grolltech/Cheetsheet

Open/re-open sockpuppet investigation: WP:SPI > How to open an investigation (show) > enter puppetmaster's name


Image stuff[edit]



Wikipedia:Extended image syntax
→see also caption help from Redrose64: Wikipedia_talk:Extended_image_syntax#Size_specification_and_caption_incompatible.3F (March 2012)

{{multiple image}} – template for boxes with multiple images

Help:Gallery_tag – gallery guide


Wikipedia:How_to_fix_bunched-up_edit_links caused by stacked images

User:Drilnoth/lefteditlinks.js/doc Drilnoth's gadget for moving section edit links over next to heading

Article sourcing[edit]


{{Cite web}} – with common parameters: <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |last= |first= |date= |website= |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>

if no author: <ref>{{cite web |url= |title= |author=<!--Not stated--> |date= |website= |publisher= |access-date= |quote=}}</ref>

{{Cite book}} – with common parameters: <ref>{{cite book |last= |first= |date= |title= |url= |location= |publisher= |page= |isbn= |author-link= }}</ref>

in a foreign language: <ref>{{cite book |last= |first= |date= |title= |trans-title= |url= |language= |location= |publisher= |isbn=}}</ref>

Linking to individual titles on Google Books – somewhat helpful article in Google's chaotic help mess for linking to Google Books titles and pages

{{reflist}} for listing references

{{Unreferenced}} for articles without any reference sources cited (see related templates on that same page)

{{Refimprovesect}} for article sections needing more sourcing

{{Fact}} to call for sourcing for a specific statement

Language stuff[edit]

User_talk:Dismas#Gentle_discouragement – discussion about problem of low-fluency editing on en.wp

Wikipedia:Contributing_to_articles_outside_your_native_language – I find this a bit too encouraging to non-fluent editors

Wikipedia:Speakers_of_other_languages – I find this far too encouraging to non-fluent editors

Wikipedia:Competence_is_required#Some_common_types – section of essay on competence required for editing

Template:Translated_page tags a page as having material translated from another language wiki

Template:Cleanup-translation (can't figure out how to make this into proper wikilink)

Wikipedia:Wikidata#Managing Interlanguage links with Wikidata



long distance footpath article on the French Wikipedia

code: [[:fr:Sentier de grande randonnée|article]]





User_talk:Ilmari_Karonen/archive14#Customizing_monobook.js - Discussion on how to customize Edittools using User:<username>/myskin.js


"Discussions" and other silliness that demonstrate the tragic side of having an encyclopedia that anyone can edit:






Wikipedia:WikiProject Numbers – Wikipedia has articles about individual integers! Hundreds of them!

Headlight flashing – This is actually an article in our encyclopedia.

Ferret-legging - according to Snopes "allegedly a 'sport' ... reported in an article ... published by Donald Katz in 1987 ... riddled with factual errors ... The Wikipedia article ... has no direct sources except for Katz's article. It has been nominated for deletion twice; both times, the votes were split fifty/fifty and the article was kept. Did Katz write a poor article on an actual sport, or did he make it up?"