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Hi - I'm EricEnfermero! I've edited here for about three years. I have a few hundred edits on the Spanish Wikipedia as well. I once operated an alternative account here, User:EricEnfermeroMobile, for use on public computers and mobile devices. I abandoned it because I couldn't monitor the watchlist associated with my primary account.

My WP interests[edit]

  • Baseball (especially biographies from the early 20th century, 1980s players, umpires, Hall of Famers)
  • Academic biographies (especially prominent nurses, physicians and psychologists) and articles on colleges and universities
  • Small towns in Texas
  • History of medicine, especially pediatrics and neonatology
  • Medicolegal topics

I created a number of articles for past presidents of the American Psychological Association, so now all of the past presidents have an entry. I was working on bringing all of the entries of Baseball Hall of Fame inductees to at least C-class, but I have mostly stepped away from high-profile baseball players for now.


A list of Did You Know Did You Know? and Good Article Good article contributions. Other editors have helped me with several of these entries. Let me know if I can help you with article expansion, particularly in areas similar to these entries.

Articles I've created

Articles I expanded

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Wikipedia:Community portal
Wikipedia:Reference desk
Wikipedia:New contributors' help page
Wikipedia:Department of Fun
Wikipedia Teahouse, a friendly place for new editors
Articles for Creation

Editing resources[edit]

Writing a Wikipedia article about yourself
Wikipedia:Manual of Style
Wikipedia:Editing policy
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Directory of WikiProjects
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