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Coat of arms of Portugal.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Portugal.

I am a member of Wikiprojects on Portugal, Military History & Portal:Genocide.

Hi, I am Eric Rodrigues.

I specialize in World War I & II history, Portuguese history, American History, Roman history, Ancient history & cultures of all types, astronomy, anatomy, etc.

I LOVE knowledge and I spend hours upon hours reading up on historical events. I also love antiques especially Federalist & Victorian era furniture, paintings, silverware, coins & paper currency, stamps, antique books (100+ years old), and anything ele you could possibly think of. Often when I got to Europe I search the properties that I inherited for artifacts, with those items currently being on loan to the local museum there. When I was younger I can recall one summer when I read all of the "World Encyclopedia" volumes... and yes!--- from A to Z. I also remember reading books on historical acounts... mostly involving Ancient Civilizations. I am very found of research and I have written several books which I am in the process of completing of "The History of Portugal," "The Monarchies of Portugal," "The Ruins of Rome," "Sino-American relations and the Fall of Rome," and several other such titles, all of which I have had copywritten and protected.

More information to be added by me at a later date. Thanks for the interest.

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I had intended to write here something interesting but then I found the funny and colorful Wikipedia:Userboxes...

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