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Hi, all. Don't have much to say, besides what can be simply bulleted:

SN: Erimus (Latin; trans., "we will be")(you and I might have passed)

Age: 27

Sex: M

Location: San Antonio, TX

Registered: Early 2006

Primary duties: Expanding stubs or other articles, and creating new ones, along with standard minor edits. Not big on heavy editing or reformatting, and prefer to add to Wikipedia.

Areas of expertise: Bachelor's in history, with a focus on late Roman and early Byzantine history. Lifelong interest in astronomy, with a particular focus on exoplanets, gas giants, open clusters, "normal" stars, and binary stars. Physical geology and oceanography also strong interests, as well as some climatology and meteorology. Minor dabbling in the social sciences--mainly basic psychology and sociology.

Why I'm here: I learned of Wikipedia through word-of-mouth. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't deeply skeptical when I first heard of it; a user-modified dictionary could only be hopelessly biased and low-quality. However, the more I used the site and the more I saw it come to be taken seriously, my attitudes changed, until now I fully believe in its idealistic goal: nothing less than the sum of all knowledge. I know it's a futile goal, but aspiring to perfection is almost as good as the real thing, in my op. There have been times that I've hazarded long trips just to research tidbits for Wikipedia, so needless to say, I take the mission statement seriously.

Means of contact: I'm probably best reached through my blog, which I check and update regularly:

Just tell 'em Erimus sent you. ;)