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Welcome to my user page! All you need to know about me are inside the userboxes (or -en) below.

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Right now, there's only two. More will be added later, if I have time.

  1. Milestones
  2. Sandbox

Some remarks you might need to know[edit]

I am very absorbed in what I am doing, and the straing thing is that some of these things creep into my speech writing. So, don't worry about it when I suddenly start saying writing things like "Knights", "frlRrlbK" and wierd sequences of appearently random letters, one of which is "OPBUIHRCJZ". No, that's not a cipher, that's part of my inventions. What is that? Eh, tell you what, it has something to do with the guys in the picture. Click on the link, though the name is a dead givaway.


If you know what does "OPBUIHRCJZ" means, find me in the talk page!

Anyway, sometimes I may write some Truly Random Sequences ("al;jkwf;ewj ro" and the like), but not that much, because I probably just accidentaly slammed on the keyboard.

Also, I am able to write special characters straight from the keyboard.


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