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de Dieser Benutzer spricht Deutsch als Muttersprache.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.
la-2 Hic usor media latinitate contribuere potest.
sv-1 Denna användare har grundläggande kunskaper i svenska.
no-1 Denne brukeren/brukaren kan litt norsk.
Flag of Europe.svg This user lives in the
European Union.
Flag of Germany.svg This user comes from Germany.
Coat of arms of Saxony.svg This user comes from Saxony.
Coat of arms of Leipzig.svg This user lives in Leipzig.
NewTux.svg This user contributes using Linux.
OpenSUSE Logo.svg This user contributes with openSUSE.
Equation.png This user is an advanced mathematician.
Answer to Life.png This user knows the Ultimate Answer.
The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg This user is a geoscientist or is specializing in geoscience.
Litecones.png This user is a physicist.
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geophysicist & satellite developer