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Comp. Sci. Anti-pattern Object-oriented programming Programming paradigm Software crisis Context-free grammar Logic Paraconsistent logic Quantum logic Hilary Putnam Class-based programming Prototype-based programming - Hidden surface determination Z-buffering Cell (microprocessor) Memory coherence Graphics processing unit Combinatory Logic Functional programming Higher-order function - Game Engine Heuristics Reflection mapping - Bus (computing) Functional Programming Ramjet Immutable object Imperative programming Declarative programming Esoteric programming language Metaprogramming Procedural programming Reflection (computer_science) Smalltalk Ruby (programming language) Windows PowerShell MOO programming language Io (programming language) Carnot heat engine Unlimited energy - Gameplay Game mechanic Rules of Play Game studies Concentration (game) Gambling Investment Speculation Data compression Multiprocessing Static random access memory Read-write memory Flash memory Computer data storage Cache Capacitor Dynamic random access memory Flip-flop (electronics) Static random access memory RAM disk Carbon nanotube SoundFont - Game complexity Complexity Chaos theory Evolution of complexity Programming complexity Unsolved problems in software engineering Software metric Computability logic Computable number Hypercomputation Busy beaver Weird number Finite automaton Deconstruction Automata theory Universal Turing machine Interactive computation Turing machine gallery Post-Turing machine Counter machine Machine nCUBE Web design Common Gateway Interface Cascading Style Sheets Visual language - Master theorem Divide and conquer algorithm Metadata - Finite state machine Quantum computer Nondeterministic finite state machine Computability theory (computer science) Church–Turing thesis Lambda calculus Recursion Dynamic programming Parsing Holographic data storage Automaton - Cellular automaton Automata theory - Game semantics Game theory Mutualism System Fictional character Interaction Emergence Complex system Complex systems Social structure Society Nonlinear system Orbitofrontal cortex Prefrontal cortex Neocortex Executive system Executive functions

Sci. Nikola Tesla Mad scientist Aeroelasticity#Flutter Wireless energy transfer Teleforce Raygun Directed-energy weapon Ion thruster Myopia Energy Hyperopia Astigmatism_(eye) Biofeedback

Lang. Lists of English words of international origin Proto-Indo-European root Anglish List of Latin words with English derivatives List of English words of Irish origin List of English words of Etruscan origin Indo-European ablaut Rune - List_of_hieroglyphs/german-Gardiner-list-translated

Lit. Leviathan Book of Giants Nuclear Holocaust Apocalypse Apocalyptic literature Five Megillot Pirke Aboth Book of Enoch Cannibalism J.D._Salinger Talk:The Catcher in the Rye#2nd most taught book in highschool Joyce Maynard Digression John Updike A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Ernest Hemingway Space colonization Song of Songs The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations Dramatic structure Tragedy Bardo Thodol

Cult. Comic Terranigma

Mus. Arnold Schoenberg Popular music Song structure (popular music) - The Men They Couldn't Hang Psychedelic rock The Beatles' instrumentation Musique concrète

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