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I'm lazy so I don't have much here yet. In case you're curious, Eruhildo is Quenya for "God-Follower". Lately I've been learning Japanese, so my skills with the other languages I know are down a bit right now. I've just started learning Latin and I plan to learn Interlingua soon as I just discovered it and realized I can read it without much trouble. All languages in my babelbox that say I'm at 0 level on them are ones I want to learn in the near future.

Ok, about me now. I'm 20 year old guy and a sophomore in college. More importantly, I'm a native Texan. I have been translating the manga series Gunslinger Girl for the last year at Cyborg Central under the name KodokuRyuu. Because of that, I haven't been as active on Wikipedia as I use to be, but I plan on becoming more active here again soon. I am also currently translating the manga series Eden's Bowy for TJO as well as a oneshot called Blood Type V for myself.

I also have an account on the Japanese Wikipedia, but I don't use it very much. You can find me there at ja:User:Eruhildo.

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See my List of contributions to other Wikipedias for edits I've made to the Wikipedias in other languages for which I have no account. See my userbox page for the userboxes I've created.


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Normal projects[edit]

Below is a list of some of the projects I'm working on for Wikipedia. If you want to help me with the redlinked ones, drop me a line (usually they're only redlinked if they were deleted in the past, so I'm waiting until I get something together that won't be). I have a few articles I'm planning to write soon, but won't add them here until they're ready. ;P

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