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This article is a placeholder until I learn more about creating a page for myself in good Wikipedia style.

Until then, a few notes about me.

  • I attended The University of Texas, back when the football team was rather bad unfortunately. This is no longer the case.
  • I play Texas Hold 'Em poker, preferably at 10/20 limits
  • I play trombone fairly well
  • I play my 1969 Gibson ES-330TD not nearly as well as I'd like
  • My guitar heros are (roughly in order):
  • My instruments
    • '86 Bach 42B Trombone, silver, standard wrap
    • '94 Fender Mexican Stratocaster
    • '69 Gibson ES-330TD
    • '93 Seagull Acoustic
  • Guitars I'd like to own
    • Parker Fly Mojo
    • Gretsch 6120
    • National (exact model tbd)