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(US$ 782,200 in 2019) (UK£ 153,000 in 2019)


:* :<u>'''REVIEW COMPLETED - The following review was completed by [[User:Esemono|Esemono]] '''</u>
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<ref name="name">{{cite web |ref=harv|date= 2019|url = HTTP |title = TITLE |publisher = PUB| accessdate = November 11, 2019 | last=LAST| first= FIRST|quote=}}</ref>

<ref name= "Scott p. ">{{harvnb|NAME|2019|p=}}</ref>
{{cite web |ref=harv|last=LAST|first=FIRST|date=2019|url = HTTP |title =TITLE |publisher = PUB| accessdate = November 11, 2019 |quote=}}

<ref name="name">{{cite news |ref=harv|title= TITLE|first= FIRST|last=LAST |authorlink= |author2= |url= |format= |newspaper= |publisher= |location= |isbn= |issn= |oclc= |bibcode= |doi= |id= |date= |page= |pages= |at= |accessdate= November 11, 2019 |language= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= }}</ref>

<ref name= "Scott p. 777">{{harvnb|NAME|{{CURRENTYEAR}}|p=777}}</ref>
{{cite news |ref=harv|title= TITLE|first= FIRST|last=LAST |authorlink= |author2= |url= |format= |newspaper= |publisher= |location= |isbn= |issn= |oclc= |bibcode= |doi= |id= |date=DATE|page= |pages= |at= |accessdate= November 11, 2019 |language= |quote= |archiveurl= |archivedate= }}

{{Refbegin|2}} {{Refend}}

{{#tag:ref|Not shown on the map as maritime borders are not displayed |group="A"}}==Annotations=={{Reflist|group="A"}}

==Bibliography== '''Notes'''{{reflist|20em}}'''References''' <ref name= "Scott p. 777">{{harvnb|NAME|YEAR|p=777}}</ref>
{{cite book |ref=harv|last=LASTNAME|first=FIRSTNAME| authorlink = AUTHORLINK | title = TITLE|year=YEAR| publisher = PUBLISHER| isbn= ISBN|language=ENGLISH }} <small>- Total pages: TOTALPAGES</small>

<ref name= "Scott- p. 777">{{harvnb|NAME|NAME2|YEAR | p=777}}</ref>
{{cite book |ref=harv|last=LASTNAME|first=FIRSTNAME| authorlink = AUTHORLINK |last2=LASTNAME2|first2=FIRSTNAME2| title = TITLE|edition=YEAR|year=YEAR| publisher = PUBLISHER| isbn= ISBN|language=ENGLISH }} <small>- Total pages: TOTALPAGES</small>

<ref name= "Scott p. 777">[[#refScott1973|Scott- 1973]], p. 777.</ref>
<cite id=refScott1973>{{cite book | last = LASTNAME| authorlink = AUTHORLINK|last2=LASTNAME2| authorlink2 =AUTHORLINK2| title = TITLE|edition= when | publisher = PUB| isbn= B0006P7UY8 |language=ENGLISH }} <small>- Total pages: 2222</small></cite>

<cite id=refScott1973>{{cite journal |last=Mellaart |first= James|authorlink= |coauthors= |year=1958 |month=January |title=TITLE |trans_title= |journal= JOURNAL|volume= vol. 62|issue=no. 1 |pages= |id= |url= |accessdate= November 11, 2019 |quote=|publisher= }}</cite>

<ref name="name">{{cite journal |last=Mellaart |first= James|authorlink= |coauthors= |date= YEAR |title=TITLE |trans_title= |journal= JOURNAL|volume= vol. 62|issue=no. 1 |pages= |id= |url= |accessdate= November 11, 2019 |quote=|publisher= }}</ref>
<ref name= "Scott p. 777">{{harvnb|NAME|YEAR|p=777}}</ref> {{cite journal |ref=harv|last=Mellaart |first= James|authorlink= |coauthors= |date= YEAR |title=TITLE |trans_title= |journal= JOURNAL|volume= vol. 62|issue=no. 1 |pages= |id= |url= |accessdate= November 11, 2019 |quote=|publisher= |issn=}}


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List of convicted computer criminals

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(US$ {{formatnum:{{Inflation|US|525000|1937|r=2}}}} in {{CURRENTYEAR}})
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|Description= text
|Source= http 
|Date= [[February 1]], [[1968]]
|Author=[[Eddie Adams (photographer)|Eddie Adams]]
|Permission=Copyright: [[Eddie Adams (photographer)|Eddie Adams]]<BR>
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{{Fair use media rationale
| username          = [[User:Esemono|Esemono]]
| title             = Tim Spicer
| deceased          = 
| Low_resolution    = The image is of significantly lower resolution than the original screenshot (copies made from it will be of inferior quality)
| other             = 
* The screenshot does not limit the copyright owners' rights to distribute the book in any way.
* The screenshot is related to, and is intended to represent, the Tim Spicer's life. Its inclusion in the article is important because it represents a significant point in the person's career that is overviewed in the article. Additionally, the image helps to illustrate the circumstances surrounding the incident.
* The screenshot is being used for informational purposes only, and its use is not believed to detract from the original book in any way. 


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