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Welcome to my page!

Who am I[edit]

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Hello, Wikiverse! My name is Shani Evenstein, I live in Israel and I'm an educator, researcher and free-knowledge advocate.

I work as an EdTech Innovation Strategist at the the NY/American Medical Program, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University [TAU],, where I focus on Curriculum Development, E-learning Strategies and Medical Education.

I lead 3 Wiki-related academic courses on campus.

I am currently a PhD candidate at the School of Education at TAU, focusing on how Semantic Web technologies (more specifically, Wikidata), are changing teaching and learning processes. I have a B.A. in English Lit and French Culture, Faculty of Humanities, TAU, and an M.A. in Education, focusing on Technology & Learning.

Am also deeply involved with Project Ben-Yehuda, which is the Hebrew equivalent of Project Gutenberg.

On my free time (which as you can imagine is almost non-existent), I enjoy learning to play the harp, which is the 6th musical instrument I've learned to play.

But most important of all -- I am the (proud) mother of Lyra, who I raise happily with my husband, Vadim.

What I'm doing in the wiki-world[edit]

My main focus contributing to our movement has always been Wiki outreach, on both the local and global levels.

After attending Wikimania Haifa, I joined the Hebrew Wikipedia community and became a member of Wikimedia Israel. Since joining, I've served as WM-IL's National GLAM Projects Coordinator, leading collaborations with the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, the National Library of Israel and the Israeli Cartoon and Caricature Museum (to name a few). I've also been been a WM-IL board member for about 2 years. On Jan 2014 I resigned both roles to focus on my M.A. My thesis focused on a new course model I've developed for implementing Wikipedia into the curriculum. I keep being involved with the chapter and supports GLAM-Wiki, EDU-Wiki, WikiWomen & Wikidata initiatives, as well as serve as a He-Wiki Admin.

Internationally, I've been involved in Wikipedia & Education, Wikipedia & Medicine, GLAM-Wiki (including initiating a collaboration with TED), Wikipedia & Libraries, WikiWomen & Wikidata. I am also a victim of the "100 Wikidays", (though I failed miserably).

I lecture about Wikipedia frequently, lead various workshops teaching Wiki-literacy and wiki-editing for newcomers, and support fellow faculty in adding Wikipedia-related assignments into their curriculum. In recent years, I've become especially interested in Wikidata and am conducing my PhD about the new learning opportunities it enables.

Special Wiki-Milestones and Official Wiki-Roles[edit]

  • On October 2013 I opened the Wiki-Med course at the Tel-Aviv University[1]. This is a for-credit elective course, the first course of its kind, which gives Med students academic credit for editing Wikipedia and its sister projects. So far, my students wrote over 210 medical-related articles that have gained over 5 million page views.
  • On October 2015, a new for-credit course focusing on contributing to Wikipedia opened at Tel Aviv University. This course is available to all B.A. students on campus from every discipline.
  • On September 2017, a new Wiki-Med elective was launched at the NY/American Medical Program at Sackler School of Medicine, where Amarican & Canadian Med students learned to contribute medical-related information to En-Wiki.
  • I am a Founding member of the Wikipedia Library User Group.
  • I am Founding member of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative since its conception, and during 2017 have initiated and worked towards this group becoming an official affiliate called "The Wikipedia & Education User Group". As of October 2018 I serve as this User Group's Chairperson.
  • I've been a board member of the WikiProject Medicine Foundation since January 2017, and as of August 2017 serve as the User Group's chairperson.
  • I served as Chair of the Program Committee for the GLAMWiki Conference 2018.

Community & Communication[edit]

If you have any question about any of the areas I'm involved with, please always feel welcome to drop me a line in my talk page or simply send an email to:

Other Interests[edit]


Music - almost all genres and forms

Art in almost all its forms, specifically Literature, Painting, Architecture, Interior Design, Cinema, Modern Dance and High Fashion.

Yoga on its various branches - specifically Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu Shastra and Tantra.

Holistic medicine, Herbalism, Iridology, Feng Shui.


Why not[edit]

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