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Trinity Academy, a Classical Christian Middle and High School in Portland, Oregon
7424 N Mississippi Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97217
United States
Coordinates 45°34′36″N 122°40′34″W / 45.576773°N 122.676023°W / 45.576773; -122.676023Coordinates: 45°34′36″N 122°40′34″W / 45.576773°N 122.676023°W / 45.576773; -122.676023
School type Classical Christian
Motto Truth, Goodness, & Beauty
Religious affiliation(s) Christian - Ecumenical
Denomination Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox
Opened 2011
Sister school Trinity Schools
Head of school Dr. Joannah Clark, Ph.D.[1]
Average class size 12
Student to teacher ratio 1:10
Classes offered Calculus, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, Music (Performance & Theory), Art History, Drama, Ancient & Medieval History, Logic and advanced Socratic Seminars in great works of Literature, Philosophy, Poetry, Theology, Catholic, and Protestant Doctrine.
Campus type Urban
Athletics Currently students participate in local public school athletics
Affiliations Trinity Schools

Trinity Academy is a private Classical Christian Middle and High School located in north central Portland, Oregon.[2] The school was founded by Roman Catholic and Protestant Christians with a stated mission "to educate young men and women in a true and integral Christian humanism," though Non-Christian students are welcome.[3] Trinity Schools licenses the Trinity School Curriculum to Trinity Academy.


Trinity Academy opened in 2011 with a ninth grade class of just five students.[4] Trinity Academy was founded by a group of Roman Catholic and Protestant Christian teachers, families, and donors associated with the family of Trinity Schools and the People of Praise Christian community.[5][6] Trinity Academy began operating at a facility owned by Northminster Presbyterian Church at 2823 N Rosa Parks Way in Portland, Oregon. In the summer of 2014, Trinity Academy relocated to a facility nearby to allow additional growth. The new location is at 7424 N Mississippi Ave., Portland, Oregon.

Trinity Schools, which licenses its curriculum to Trinity Academy, launched in 1981 and now operates three schools: in suburban Washington D.C., South Bend, IN, and suburban Minneapolis, MN.[7] All Trinity Schools have been awarded the Blue Ribbon Award by the United States Department of Education.[1] Trinity Academy works with a consulting group consisting of master teachers and leaders of Trinity Schools, which works with public charter schools and private Christian schools to train teachers in the Trinity Schools curriculum.

Curriculum summary[edit]

Trinity students follow a common curriculum that includes four years of Latin, four years of high school level mathematics (culminating in 2nd year calculus and advanced mathematical topics), four years of high school lab sciences (biology, chemistry, physics and advanced physics), music theory and performance, drama, Scripture, Catholic or Protestant doctrine, history, contemporary world issues, a modern language, and Socratic seminars in classical literary, philosophical, poetic, historical, and theological texts. Trinity Academy and its parent Trinity Schools employ MathWorks MATLAB technology in their junior and senior mathematics and advanced physics courses.

Middle School curriculum[edit]

Middle School students (6th-8th grades) follow a course of study in algebra; earth, life and space science; literature; composition; and ancient and medieval history. Students also study two years of Latin, art, and music, as well as the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

High School curriculum[edit]

High School students are introduced to primary sources of literature, history, poetry, philosophy, and theology through four years of small Socratic seminars. Trinity Academy students also study advanced mathematics, sciences, scripture, fine arts, art history, Latin, a modern language, and drama.

In the music program, all students study music theory and performance, participate in choir, and compose their own piece of music, which is then performed by a professional musician at a Trinity Fine Arts event.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

All Trinity students participate in the fine arts. Music theory, performance and choir are all integrated into the curriculum. Art history, drawing, painting, and calligraphy are also offered. Students participate in athletics at local public schools and private clubs. Trinity Academy started a media club in early 2013 offering students a creative platform to develop media skills in film, photography, social-media, and other related media platforms. Many of the students participate in summer service projects, such as the Compassion Connect sponsored Compassion North Portland at the local public Roosevelt High School. Students also have frequent field trips such as sailing on the Columbia and Willamette River as well as touring local farms and urban infrastructure projects integrated into the natural sciences program.


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