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Name Joseph Estaling
Education and employment
Education B.B.A. in Accounting
M.S. in Applied Economics
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My name is Joseph Estaling. I am a native of Tampa, Florida but current resident of Statesboro, Georgia, and a graduate student in Georgia Southern University's Master of Science in Applied Economics program. I have one more online course to complete in the spring semester, and anticipate graduating in May 2014.

Current Projects[edit]

Although I am a long-time user of Wikipedia, I am relatively new to contributing, having only joined the team in October 2013. While I do make the occasional random edit, my main focus thus far has been on expanding and improving articles related to regional economics.

Shift-Share Analysis[edit]

This was originally a fairly brief article, and I have some experience performing shift-share analyses, so I decided to help expand the article. I added to the coverage of the traditional analysis model, and added sections for three more models, along with several more sources.

Economic Impact Analysis[edit]

This article was originally tagged with multiple issues, including concerns about its readability and primary sources. I am in the process of trying to address these concerns, and hopefully expand the article along the way.

New Articles[edit]

I have so far created one article, Derek F. Abell.