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Etimodnar is a Christianwoman in her early twenties studying at a Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. She considers herself to be a half geek in that she's half savvy with most things considered geeky. The name Etimodnar came from reverse spelling the word randomite when she was in year 12. The upshot of this is that she doesn't receive quite as much junk mail and there's a very low possibility of someone else taking her pseudonym when she creates a new account on a new website. Most of her edits on various pages are grammatical or spelling errors being corrected. Though, she had made the odd deletion of incorrect information. She's also enjoying writing about herself in the third person and is having trouble getting an outside picture to show up on this page. She used to wish she could have one of those cool pimped out pages like others do, but now thinks that she finally has one. Go her!


She was born sometime in the 80s and lived in rural mining towns in Western Australia until her parents moved to Perth in the 90s when she started high school. She attended St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, but finished high school at Swan Christian College and boarded at Swanleigh in Middle Swan.

She grew up in a Christian home and has taken on Christianity for herself, by committing her life to Jesus and trusting in his sacrifice on the cross as a sufficient penalty for her sins.

Present Day[edit]

Etimodnar lives and works with her husband in the Kimberly at a school. It's hard work, but she really enjoys it and find it quite rewarding.

Pages She's Worked On[edit]

This list of pages includes only those she's had significant dealing with.

  • Radical Face - Expanding the article, still a work in progress. Radical Face is one of her favourite artists, so she's keen to see this page grow.
  • Jam skating - She knows nothing about it, but randomly stubbled across it and was appalled at the quality. She spent the next couple of hours cleaning it up and still keeps her eye on it.
  • Chocolate pudding - This page suffers from vandalism a fair bit. As she's a big fan of the Australian kind of chocolate pudding, she corrects some of the mistakes and bad information.

List of Websites[edit]








No active sandbox projects. The one she had running turned out to been made into a page in her wikipedia absence. The other one was mildly not allowed *cough* ;)

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