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Hello you all,

I am a passionate Wikipidian that focuses on technology, economics and politics. I try to update Wikipedia with relevant information from Europe. My latest project is updating all the Ministers of Finance of Cyprus. Any input, references and adjustments on data are more than welcome and necessary.

  • I believe Wikipedia is the most reliable resource on the planet at the moment and we need to both protect and expand it as much as possible. Everyone needs to help.
  • Objectivity is essential to Wikipedia's project sustainability.
  • History is written here without prejudice or bias. This is how we grow and mature as individuals and as society.
  • I don't particularly appreciate simply tagging articles without making the necessary adjustments. Its the same effort!

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Cheers and have a great Day!

Wikipedia has changed in the last couple of years[edit]

Numbers suggest that life behind the scenes at Wikipedia has changed drastically in the last couple of years.[1] There are some really good numbers from, who do an amazing job of providing information despite the vast size of the database we are dealing with.

Who writes Wikipedia?


You do! Anyone can be bold and edit an existing article or create a new one, and volunteers do not need to have any formal training. The people who create and edit articles in Wikipedia come from countries all around the world and have a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Any contributor to this encyclopedia, unregistered and registered alike, is called a "Wikipedian," or more formally an "editor."

When a large group of people work to compile information on a given topic, disputes may arise. A useful feature of Wikipedia is the ability to tag an article, or a section of the article, as subject of a dispute about a neutral point of view. This feature is especially popular for controversial topics, topics subject to changing current events or other topics where divergent opinions exist. To resolve the dispute, the interested editors will share their points of view on the article's talk page. They will attempt to reach consensus so that all valid perspectives can be fairly represented. This allows Wikipedia to be a place not only of information but of collaboration.

Many users of Wikipedia consult the page history of an article in order to assess the number, and the perspective, of people who contributed to the article. You may also consult the talk page of any article to see what other readers and editors have to say about it.

Our best articles are highlighted in the list of featured articles. These articles were granted "featured" status because they were judged to be of high quality by other editors. (If later edits reduce the quality of a featured article, a user can nominate an article for removal from the list.)

How to improve articles[edit]

When an article is incomplete or inaccurate, you can edit the article to be more accurate and/or useful. Someone may place a notice at the top of the article indicating that it needs to be cleaned up. It is also possible to create a new article to share information that is not yet in Wikipedia.

The best way to decide whether a particular statement is accurate is to find independent reliable sources to affirm that statement, such as books, magazine articles, television news stories, trade journals, or other websites. For more guidance on evaluating the accuracy of Wikipedia articles, see Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia. It is Wikipedia's policy to add to the encyclopedia only statements that are verifiable, and not to add original research. The Wikipedia style guide encourages editors to cite sources. Detailed citations allow readers of the article to easily verify the content in question.

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